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Qatar flag QATAR
Quebec City, Canada flag Quebec City
Red Cross flag Red Cross
Reunion Island flag Reunion Island
Rhodesia (1964-68) flag Rhodesia (1964)
Rhodesia (1968-79) flag Rhodesia (1968)
Northern Rhodesia flag Rhodesia,
Southern Rhodesia flag Rhodesia,
Rincon, Puerto Rico flag Rincon
Romani People flag Romani People
Romania flag ROMANIA
Roscommon, Ireland flag Roscommon
Russia flag + RUSSIA
Ruthenian flag Ruthenian
Rwanda flag RWANDA
Rwanda Blue Ensign flag Rwanda Blue Ensign
Saba flag Saba
Saluzzo, Italy flag Saluzzo
Sami People flag Sami People
San Marino flag SAN MARINO
San Juan, Puerto Rico flag San Juan
Santa Ana, El Salvador flag Santa Ana
Sao Tome and Principe flag SAO TOME & PRINCIPE
Sardinia flag Sardinia
Sark flag Sark
Saudi Arabia flag SAUDI ARABIA

Scotland St Andrew's Cross flag + Scotland -
Cross (new)
Scotland St Andrew's Cross flag + Scotland -
Cross (old)
Scotland Lion flag + Scotland -
Senegal flag SENEGAL
Serbia flag SERBIA
Seville, Spain flag Seville
Seychelles flag SEYCHELLES
Shetland flag Shetland
Sicily flag Sicily
Sierra Leone flag SIERRA LEONE
Sierra Leone 1916 flag Sierra Leone
Singapore flag SINGAPORE
Singapore 1946-1959 flag Singapore
Slovakia flag SLOVAKIA
Slovene Home Guard flag Slovene Home Guard
Slovenia flag SLOVENIA
SMOM State flag SMOM - State
SMOM Order's Works flag SMOM - Works
Soissonais Regiment flag Soissonais
Solidarity flag Solidarity
Solomon Islands flag SOLOMON ISLANDS
Solomon Islands (1906) flag Solomon Islands (1906)
Solomon Islands (1966) flag Solomon Islands (1966)
Somalia flag SOMALIA
Somaliland flag Somaliland
Somaliland (1903) flag Somaliland
Somaliland (1952) flag Somaliland
Somaliland (1991) flag Somaliland

Soria Province, Spain flag Soria
South Africa flag + SOUTH AFRICA
South Africa (1910) page South Africa
South Africa 1928 flag South Africa (1928-1994)
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands flag South Georgia
Sandwich Islands
South Korea flag SOUTH KOREA
South Ossetia flag South Ossetia
South Vietnam flag South Vietnam
Ambazonia Federal flag Southern Cameroons
Southern Rhodesia flag Southern Rhodesia
Spain flag + SPAIN
Sri Lanka flag SRI LANKA
St Barth flag St Barth
St Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla 1967 flag St Chris-Nevis-Anguilla (1967-69)
St David's Cross flag St David's Cross
St Edward's Cross flag St Edward's Cross
Sint Eustatius flag St Eustatius
England St. George's Cross flag St George's
St. George's, Bermuda flag St George's
St Helena flag St Helena
St Kitts-Nevis flag ST KITTS-NEVIS
St Lucia flag ST LUCIA
St Maarten flag St Maarten
St Patrick's Cross flag St Patrick's Cross
St Pierre & Miquelon flag St Pierre & Miquelon
St Vincent & Grenadines flag ST VINCENT & GRENADINES

Sudan flag SUDAN
Southern Sudan flag Sudan,
Sudetenland flag Sudetenland
Suriname flag SURINAME
Swaziland flag SWAZILAND
Sweden flag SWEDEN
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2002 flag Swiss Guard
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2005 flag Swiss Guard
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2008 flag Swiss Guard
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2013 flag Swiss Guard
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2015 flag Swiss Guard
Switzerland flag + SWITZERLAND
Syria flag SYRIA
Syria (1932-58) flag Syria

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