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U.N. Members are CAPITALIZED in BLUE
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Desk Flags

Haiti flag HAITI
Havana, Cuba flag Havana
Heidelberg, Germany flag Heidelberg
Herzel, Switzerland flag Herzel
Hispanic People flag Hispanic People
Honduras flag HONDURAS
Hong Kong flag Hong Kong
Hong Kong 1959 flag Hong Kong
Four Freedoms flag Honor Flag
Hungary flag HUNGARY
Hungary 1915 flag Hungary
Hungary 1921 flag Hungary
Ibiza flag Ibiza
Iceland flag ICELAND
Iggelheim Village, Germany flag Iggelheim Village
India flag + INDIA
India 1858-1947 blue India 1858
India 1858-1947 red India 1858

Ingushetia, Russia page Ingushetia
Indonesia flag INDONESIA
Iran flag IRAN
Iran 1964 flag Iran (1964-1980)
Iraq flag IRAQ
Ireland flag + IRELAND
Northern Ireland flag Ireland,
Irish Erin-Go-Bragh flag Irish
Napoleon's Irish Legion flag Irish Legion
Irish Republic 1916 Easter Rising (Ireland) flag Irish Republic (1916)
Isle Of Man flag Isle of Man
Israel flag + ISRAEL

Italy flag + ITALY
Italy Naval flag Italy
Italy 1861 flag Italy
Ivory Coast flag IVORY COAST
Jalisco, Mexico flag Jalisco
Jamaica flag JAMAICA
Jamaica 1962 Jamaica (1962)
Jammu & Kashmir (India) flag Jammu/Kashmir
Jammu & Kashmir (Pakistan) flag Jammu/Kashmir

Japan flag + JAPAN
Japan Naval flag Japan
Jersey flag Jersey
Jerusalem, Israel flag Jerusalem
Jerusalem Cross Blue flag Jerusalem
Cross Blue
Jerusalem Cross flag Jerusalem
Cross White
Kingdom of Jerusalem flag Jerusalem,
Johannesburg, South Africa flag Johannesburg
Johnston Atoll flag Johnston Atoll
Jordan flag JORDAN
Juncos, Puerto Rico flag Juncos

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