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International Flags
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Desk Flags

Bahamas flag BAHAMAS
Bahamas Red Merchant flag Bahamas Red
Bahamas 1953 flag Bahamas 1953
Bahrain flag BAHRAIN
Balearic Islands, Spain flag Balearic Islands
Bangladesh flag BANGLADESH
Barbados flag BARBADOS
Barbados 1870 flag Barbados
Barcelona, Spain flag Barcelona
Basilicata, Italy flag Basilicata
Basque flag Basque
Germany - Bavaria flag Bavaria
Bavaria Royal Standard 1806 flag Bavaria 1806
Royal Standard
Belarus flag BELARUS
Belfast, Ireland flag Belfast
Belfort, France flag Belfort

Belgium flag + BELGIUM
Belize flag BELIZE
Belize (1919) page Belize (1919)
Benin flag BENIN
Berlin, Germany flag Berlin
Bermuda flag Bermuda
Bermuda Blue Ensign flag Bermuda
Bern, Switzerland flag Bern
Bhutan flag BHUTAN
Biafra flag Biafra
Bolivia flag BOLIVIA
Bonaire flag Bonaire
Bophuthatswana, South Africa flag Bophuthatswana
North Borneo page Borneo, North
Bora Bora page Bora Bora

Bosnia-Herzegovina flag BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA
Botswana flag BOTSWANA
Bougainville flag Bougainville
Bourbonnais Regiment flag Bourbonnais
Brazil flag BRAZIL
Empire of Brazil 1870 flag Brazil 1870
Breda, Netherlands flag Breda
Bremen, Germany flag Bremen
British Antarctic Territory flag British Antarctic Territory
British Cameroons flag British Cameroons
British East Africa Navy flag British East Africa Navy
British Empire Britannia 1887 flag British Empire Britannia 1887
British Honduras flag British Honduras
British Indian Ocean Territory flag British Indian Ocean Territory
British Leeward Islands 1871 flag British Leeward Islands 1871
British Red Ensign page British
Red Ensign
British South Africa Company flag British South Africa Company
British Straits Settlements 1874 flag British Straits Settlements 1874
British Virgin Islands flag British Virgin Islands
British Windward Islands 1953 flag British Windward Islands 1953
France - Brittany page Brittany

Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre flag Brotherhood
Holy Sepulchre
Brunei flag BRUNEI
Brussels, Belgium flag Brussels
Budapest flag Budapest
Bulgaria flag BULGARIA
Burkina flag BURKINA
Burundi flag BURUNDI
Byzantine Empire flag Byzantine Empire

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