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Desk Flags

Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia page Kabardino-Balkaria
Karachay-Cherkess, Russia page Karachay-Cherkess
Karen People flag Karen People
Kazakhstan flag KAZAKHSTAN
Kenya flag KENYA
Kenya (1895-1963) page Kenya (1895)
Kenya (1895-1963) Governor page Kenya (1895)
Kildare, Ireland flag Kildare
Kiribati flag KIRIBATI
North Korea flag KOREA, NORTH
South Korea flag KOREA, SOUTH
Kosovo flag Kosovo
Kosrae, Micronesia flag Kosrae
Krakow, Poland flag Krakow
Kurdistan flag Kurdistan
Kuwait flag KUWAIT
Kyrgyzstan flag KYRGYZSTAN

La Reine Regiment flag La Reine
Labrador, Canada flag Labrador
Laos flag LAOS
Laurenzana, Italy flag Laurenzana
Latvia flag LATVIA
Lebanon flag LEBANON
France - Les Baux-de-Provence page Les Baux-de-Provence
Lesotho flag LESOTHO
Liberia flag LIBERIA
Libya flag LIBYA
Libya (1977-2011) flag Libya (1977)
Liechtenstein flag LIECHTENSTEIN
Lille, France page Lille
Lincoln, England page Lincoln
Lincolnshire, England page Lincolnshire
Lisbon, Portugal flag Lisbon
Lithuania flag LITHUANIA
London, England flag London
Lupa, Italy flag Lupa
Luxembourg flag LUXEMBOURG
Luxembourg Civil Ensign flag Luxembourg
Civil Ensign
France - Lyon page Lyon

Macao flag Macao
Macedonia flag MACEDONIA
Madagascar flag MADAGASCAR
Madeira flag Madeira
Madrid, Spain flag Madrid
Majorca, Spain flag Majorca
Malawi flag MALAWI
Malaysia flag MALAYSIA
Maldives flag MALDIVES
Mali flag MALI
Mali 1890 flag Mali (1890)
Malta flag + MALTA
Malta 1898 flag Malta (1898)
Mandela City, South Africa flag Mandela City
Maori People flag Maori People
Marshall Islands flag Marshall Islands
Martinique flag Martinique
Maryland, Liberia flag Maryland
Mauritania flag MAURITANIA

Mauritius flag MAURITIUS
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico flag Mayaguez
Mayotte flag Mayotte
Meaux, France flag Meaux
Mexico flag + MEXICO
Mexico City flag Mexico City
Micronesia flag + MICRONESIA
Midway Island flag Midway Island
Moldova flag MOLDOVA
Monaco flag MONACO
Mongolia flag MONGOLIA
Montenegro flag MONTENEGRO
Montreal, Canada flag Montreal
Montserrat flag Montserrat
Morocco flag MOROCCO
Moscow, Russia page Moscow
Mozambique flag MOZAMBIQUE
Munich, Germany flag Munich
Myanmar flag MYANMAR

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