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U.N. Members are CAPITALIZED in BLUE
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Desk Flags

Aaland Islands flag Aaland Islands
Abu Dhabi flag Abu Dhabi
Aberdeen flag Aberdeen
Abkhazia flag Abkhazia
Acadia flag Acadia
Acadiana flag Acadiana
Aden Colony 1937-1963 flag Aden Colony
Adygea, Russia page Adygea
Afghanistan flag AFGHANISTAN
African Union flag African Union
Afro American flag Afro American
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico flag Aguadilla
Albania flag ALBANIA

Alderney flag Alderney
Algeria flag ALGERIA
Alsace, France flag Alsace
Ambazonia Federal flag Ambazonia-
American Samoa flag American Samoa
Amsterdam flag Amsterdam
Andalusia, Spain flag Andalusia
Andorra flag ANDORRA
Angola flag ANGOLA
Anguilla flag Anguilla
Anjouan flag Anjouan

Antarctica flag Antarctica
Antigua and Barbuda flag ANTIGUA & BARBUDA
Appin Stewart Regiment, Scotland page Appin Stewart Regt.
Aragon, Spain flag Aragon
Arab League flag Arab League
Argentina flag ARGENTINA
Armenia flag ARMENIA
Arroyo, Puerto Rico flag Arroyo
Artsakh flag Artsakh
Aruba flag Aruba
Ascension Island flag Ascension Island
ASEAN flag a.s.e.a.n.

Asturias, Spain flag Asturias
Australia flag + AUSTRALIA
Royal Australian Air Force flag Australia Air Force
Austria flag + AUSTRIA
Austria w/ Eagle flag Austria w/Eagle
Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary
Azerbaijan flag AZERBAIJAN
Azores flag Azores

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