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Asian Football Confederation


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[The flag of Asian Football Confederation]
image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 04 June 2011
Emblem by Asian Football Confederation

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AFC member associations

The current AFC football association members are:

Codes from FIFA 

AFC Full members (45)

Country                                     ABREVIATION     FIFA MEMBER     FOUNDED
AFGHANISTAN                                  AFG		1948		1933
BAHRAIN                                      BAH		1966		1957
BANGLADESH                                   BGD		1972		1974
BHUTAN                                       BHU		2000		1983
BRUNEI DARUSSALAM                            BRU		1969		1959
CAMBODIA                                     CAM		1953		1933
CHINA                                        CHN		1934		1924
CHINESE TAIPEI                               TPE		1954		1936
DEM. PEO. REP. OF KOREA                      PRK		1958		1945
GUAM                       		     GUM		1996		1976
HONG KONG                                    HKG		1954		1914
INDIA                                  	     IND		1948		1937
INDONESIA                                    IDN		1952		1930
IRAQ                                         IRQ		1950		1948
ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN                     IRN		1945		1920
JAPAN                                        JPN		1929		1921
JORDAN                                       JOR		1958		1949
KOREA                                        KOR		1948		1928
KUWAIT                       		     KUW		1962		1952
KYRGYZSTAN                                   KGZ		1994		1992
LAO PEO. DEM. REP.                           LAO		1952		1951
LEBANON                                      LIB		1935		1935
MACAO                                 	     MAC		1976		1939
MALAYSIA                                     MAS		1956		1933
MALDIVES                                     MDV		1986		1982
MONGOLIA                                     MGL		1998		1959
MYANMAR                                      MYA		1957		1947
NEPAL                                        NEP		1970		1951
OMAN                                         OMA		1980		1978
PAKISTAN                                     PAK		1948		1947
PALESTINE                       	     PAL		1998		1928
PHILIPPINES                                  PHI		1928		1907
QATAR                                  	     QAT		1970		1960
SAUDI ARABIA                                 KSA		1959		1959
SINGAPORE                                    SIN		1952		1892
SRI LANKA                                    SRI		1950		1939
SYRIA                                        SYR		1937		1936
TAJIKISTAN                                   TJK		1994		1936
THAILAND                                     THA		1925		1916
TIMOR-LESTE (EAST TIMOR)                     TLS		2005		2002
TURKMENISTAN                                 TKM		1994		1992
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES                         UAE		1972		1971
UZBEKISTAN                                   UZB		1994		1946
VIETNAM                                      VIE		1964		1962
YEMEN                       	             YEM		1980		1962

Current AFC flag and emblem

The 61st FIFA congress was held at Hellenstadion in Zurich, Switzerland on 31 May - 01 June 2011 ( Flags of the 208 member associations plus those of FIFA six continental confederations, International Olympic Committee, United Nations and FIFA itself were hoisted on the ceiling of Hellenstadion convention center.
Out of the photo gallery published by FIFA in its official website, I share the following notes:
- Chinese Taipei flag was a blue one with old association's emblem: plum blosoom with sun, ying-yang and footballs.
- The Curazao flag (blue with yellow stripe and white stars) is already hoisted, there is no flag for the defunc Netherlands Antilles.
- The Somalia flag was hoisted upside-down, e.g. downwar five-pointed star.
- The OFC flag is white withe the new emblem and abbreviation.
- The AFC flag is white.
- The UEFA flag is blue with the confederation's emblem
- The CONCACAF is white.
- The CAF flag bears the new logo on white background.
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 04 June 2011

Previous AFC flag

The first and oldest emblem of the Assian Fooball Association was in since 1954, and replaced in October 2001. The emblem consiste of a shield bearing the initial of the body: AFC above a football-ball and beneath a scroll that read "Asia".
The emblem used to be employed on yellow or green clothes.
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, February 24, 2003.

AFC old flag: yellow variant

[AFC old flag, yellow variant]
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán
Emblem by Bülent Bekir Kurhan, from High Quality Football Logos

AFC old flag: green variant

[AFC old flag, green variant]
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán
Emblem by Bülent Bekir Kurhan, from High Quality Football Logos

AFC old flag: new logo on blue variant

[The flag of Asian Football Confederation]
Flag by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, July 2005.
Emblem by Asian Football Confederation

A new flag of the Asian Football Confederation -AFC-, adopted in October 2001.
This is a blue field (like FIFA's) with the new AFC's logo. The motto reads: The future is Asia.
The flag was seen during the Preliminary Draw of the AFC Nations Cup to be held by the People's Republic of China in 2004.
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, February 24, 2003.

AFC Fair Play flag

[International Volleyball Federation flag]
image by Zoltan Horvath, 05 January 2014

There seems to be an AFC fair play flag. In the following pictures a picture taken on March 15, 2011.
Source: and,
a picture taken on October 31, 2012
they show the AFC fair play logo on a blue flag, vindicating the same fair play principles as FIFA's. These images were taken during the AFC Champions league competition, the most important club competition organized by the AFC.
Esteban Rivera,