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California flag California
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Alvarado flag Alvarado

California Republic flag California Republic

State of Jefferson flag State of

Native Americans

Chemehuevi page Chemehuevi

Karuk Tribe flag Karuk Tribe

Cities and Counties etc...

Fresno, California flag Fresno
Los Angeles, California flag Los Angeles
Monrovia, California flag Monrovia

National City, California flag National City
Newport Beach, California flag Newport Beach
Oakland, California flag Oakland

Pomona, California flag Pomona
Riverside, California flag Riverside
City of Sacramento, California flag Sacramento City

Sacramento County, California flag Sacramento Co.
San Francisco flag San Francisco
Sonoma, California flag Sonoma
Colleges and Sports Teams

University of California Berkeley flag California Berkeley
Anaheim Ducks flag Anaheim Ducks
Los Angeles Galaxy flag Los Angeles
Oakland Raiders flag Oakland Raiders
San Diego Padres flag San Diego

California USC flag USC
Golden State Warriors flag Golden State
Los Angeles Kings flag Los Angeles Kings
Sacramento Kings flag Sacramento Kings
San Francisco 49ers flag San Francisco

University of California Los Angeles flag UCLA
Los Angeles Clippers flag Los Angeles
Los Angeles Lakers flag Los Angeles
San Francisco Giants flag San Francisco Giants
Anaheim Angels flag Anaheim Angels

Los Angeles Dodgers flag Los Angeles
Oakland Athletics flag Oakland Athletics
San Diego Chargers flag San Diego
San Jose Earthquakes flag San Jose

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