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Lebanon Greys flag Lebanon Greys
Lexington flag Lexington
Liberty Pole Pennant Liberty Pennant
Liberty Tree flag Liberty Tree
Lighthouse Service page Lighthouse
33 Star Lincoln 1861 Election U.S. flag Lincoln 1861 Election
36 Star Lincoln Mourning U.S. flag Lincoln Mourning
Long's Filibusters flag Long's Filibusters
Lord Baltimore flag Lord Baltimore
January 1861 Louisiana flag Louisiana
1861 Jan.
Republic of Louisiana flag Louisiana
13 star Lyra U.S. flag Lyra

Maine (1901) flag Maine

Maine Merchant and Marine flag Maine
Maine 20th Volunteer Infantry Regiment Flag Maine
20th Inf.
Manhattoes Beaver Flag Manhattoes Beaver
Maryland 1861 Blue flag Maryland
1861 Blue
Maryland 1861 White flag Maryland
1861 White
Maryland 1st Infantry National My Maryland flag MD 1st Infantry
My Maryland
Maryland 1st Infantry Regimental Bucktail flag MD 1st Infantry
Maryland 2nd Infantry National flag MD 2nd Infantry
Maryland 2nd Infantry Regimental flag MD 2nd Infantry
Maryland Winder Cavalry flag Maryland
Winder Cavalry
Endicott flag of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Massachusetts Bay Colony
Mississippi (1861) Magnolia flag Mississippi
Mississippi (1862) Magnolia flag Mississippi
Mississippi (1894) flag Mississippi
Mississippi 2001 Proposal flag Mississippi
2001 Proposal
Missouri Battle flag Missouri
Battle Flag
Missouri State Guard flag Missouri
State Guard

Mormon Battalion flag Mormon Battalion
34 star Mozart U.S. flag Mozart
Muscogee CSA flag Muscogee
13 star Nellie Powell U.S. flag Nellie Powell
Nevada 1905 flag Nevada 1905
New England flag New England
New Hampshire 2nd Infantry - Buff flag NH 2nd Infantry
New Orleans Greys flag New Orleans Greys
New York (1779-1901) flag New York
New York 20th Cavalry flag New York
20th Cavalry
New York 52nd Infantry flag New York
52nd Infantry
New York Black Beaver (1775) flag New York
Black Beaver
Newbury Militia flag Newbury Militia
Newburyport Company flag Newburyport Company
North Carolina 1861 flag North Carolina
North Carolina Hornets Nest flag North Carolina
Hornets Nest
North West Company page North West

Ohio 7th Infantry flag Ohio
7th Infantry
Oklahoma (1911) flag Oklahoma
Oklahoma (1925) flag Oklahoma
1st Kentucky Orphan Brigade flag Orphan Brigade
Palmetto Guard flag Palmetto Guard
Pavonia Oyster flag Pavonia Oyster
44 star Peace U.S. flag Peace Flag
U.S. 44 Star
Pennsylvania Navy flag Pennsylvania Navy
Philadelphia Lighthorse flag Philadelphia
Light Horse
Pine Tree flag Pine Tree
13 star Prisoner's U.S. flag Prisoner's
Polks Corps flag Polks Corps
Princess Anne Cavalry flag Princess Anne Cavalry
Privateer flag Privateer
Col. John Proctor's Independent Battalion of Westmoreland County Provincials flag Proctor's Brigade
Pulaski's Legion flag Pulaski's Legion

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