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Merchant and Marine

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Maine Merchant/Marine
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Size 12x18" 2x3' 3x5' 4x6' 5x8' 6x10'
Dyed $30.00
2 available
$44.00 $77.00 $97.00 $155.00 $255.00
From FOTW: On March 16, 1939 a design by Marshall S. Campbell of Waterville was adopted by the 89th Legislature with the following language:
"The flag to be known as the merchant and marine flag of the state shall be of white, at the top of which in blue letters shall be the motto 'Dirigo'; beneath the motto shall be the representation of a pine tree in green color, the trunk of which shall be entwined with the representation of an anchor in blue color; beneath the tree and anchor shall be the name 'Maine' in blue color."


Maine Merchant Desk Flags
4x6" $9.00
Holders for Desk and Stick Flags

Maine Merchant
Indoor Flag Set

Flag Only
Size Pole Hem
Pole Hem
& Fringe
3x5' $97.00 $114.00
For larger indoor flags, see chart.
Note: larger flags require longer poles
Flag Spreader
Flag Spreader - $26.00 each

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