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Dictionary of Vexillology: Corrections and Updates

Last modified: 2017-11-11 by rob raeside
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This page documents changes in the original text as released by the editors of the Dictionary of Vexillology based upon comments received by them to the presentation. Updates are listed from the most current to the oldest.

Correction/Update Date Changes
Update No. 144 August 2012 Added: Lorraine Cross, Vertical flag; Updated: Ancient, Banner, Bannerhaupt, Burgee, Cockade, Cotticed, Cross-counterchanged, Cross of St. James, Cross of St John of Jerusalem, Cross throughout, Encroaching upon, Expanding stripes, Eye of God, Fortress flag, Hanging flag, House flag, Impale, Leaved, Lozenge, Lozenge-througout, Mediated, Mon, Mount, Mount of Coupeau, Municipal crown, Orb, Orthogonal, Staff of Asclepius, Taloned, Torteau, Shark's teeth, Slipped, Wheatsheaf, Appendix V, Appendix VII.
Update No. 143 Added: Disc voided; Updated: Bannerhead, Clawed, Cloverstem Coupeau, Crenelled, Decorated, Disk, F cross, Fesswise, Flagoid, Fretty, Fructed, Gorged, Gyronny cross, Hoist diagonal, Invected, Inverted pile, Issuant, Maltese cross, Martlet, Masoned, Multi-tailed, Nimbed, Nimbus, Open lozenge, Outer edges, Personal flag, Ring, Seeded, Statant, Tails, West-east diagonal, West-south diagonal.
Update No. 142 Added: Croatian wattle, Flag of war, Flamant, Flying at the leach; Updated: Afro-American flag, Arch-ducal bonnet, Arrondissement flags, Badge, Coward, Emblem, Harnysed, In bend, In bend sinister, Inflamed, Jack, Logo, Mail flag, Matricular flags, National colour, National ornament, Per bend, Per bend sinister, Post flag, Post pennant, Postal flag, Presidential colour, Registration flags, Seal of Solomon, Shahada, Square lozenge, Tapered swallowtail, Trianguar swallowtail, Unequal triband, Unequal tricolour, War ensign, War flag, Wattled.
Update No. 141 Updated: Addorsed, Allegory, Augmentation of honour, Bicolour, Border, Brance of service flag, Colour, Command pennant, Converging stripes, Crown, Dipping, Dress ship, Endorsed, Gun salute, Hanseatic cross, Honorary distinction, Inclined fly, International code of signals, Iron cross, Inverted, Moon, Parade flag, Pennant, Religious flag, Roped cross, Sash, Seal, Seal flag, Semeion, Signum, Stand of colours, Standard, Stepped fly, Surmounted by, Tower towered, Trefoil, Tricolour, Triskelion, Union flag, Vane, Waning or waxing moon, War flag.
Update No. 140 Added: Grapevine cross, St. Nino's cross; Updated: Anchor flag, Bar, Barry, Bendy, Canadian Pale, Cap of liberty, Car flag, Chevron, Civic flag, Clothed, Coat of arms, Cross, Daimyo flags, De facto, De jure, Demi, Disc, Dhvaja, Diagonal triband, Diagonal tricolour, Engrailed fly, Ensign-banner, Escutcheon, Flag captain, Flag of distress, Fuselage marking, Gaff, Garbe, Jolly Roger, Layered cross, Layered saltire, Masthead pennant, Morse code signalling with flags, Official flag, Orthodox cross, Pallia, Pan-African colours, Pan-Arab colours, Pan-Slavic/Slav colours, Peak, Presidential standard, Rank plate, Red ensign, Red flag, St. George's cross, Sub-national flag, Upright, Wolfteeth, Appendix VIII.
Update No. 139 Added: Arrow cross, barry wavy; Updated: Active, Barry, Bendy, Bendy sinister, Celtic cross, Cog-wheel, Collar, Covering, Diagonal multi-stripe, Defaced, Engrailed, Fess, Grand quarter, Gubernatorial flag, Horizontal multi-stripe, Inactive, Indoor flag, Multi-stripe, National flag, Organization flag, Paly, Plain, Quarter-field canton, Rogacina, Southern cross, Sun cross, Swastika, Triband, Tricolour, Vertical multi-stripe, Wavy, Appencix VI.
Update No. 138 Added: Imperial flag, Imperial standard; Updated: Aircraft marking, Attire, Billet, Billetty, Cadency mark of, Cinquefoil, Difference, Edging, Flag mast, Flag pole, Flag staff, Flamed gyronny, Flammes, Hoist-triangle, Impaled by dimidiation, In fess, In pale, In saltire, Jack, Label, Membered, Naissant, Overall, Pale, Pallet, Paly, Pile, Pile wavy, Royal flag, Royal standard, Variant, Wavy flame.
Update No. 137 Added: Display mast, Proto-flag, Prototype flag; Updated: Admiralty crown, Anchor flag, Armorial banner, Burgundy cross, Cadency Mark of, Chief, Christian flag, Church flag, Cross of Burgundy, Cross raguly, Eagle, Ecclesiastic flag, Heraldic banner, Inescutcheon, International flag, Label, Livery banner, Livery colours, Logo on a bedsheet, Loops, Marian flag, Military crest, Model flag, Proper, Ragged cross, Raguly, Royal standard, Saltire, Simple bicolour, Simple triband, Simple tricolour, Triband, Tricolour, Vexilloid, Wreath.
Update No. 136 Added: Athletics cross, Admiralty crown, Border of triangles, Cross of athletics, Cross of St. George, Four colour printing system, National pennant, Pretentious flag, Replica flag; Updated: Bedsheet flag, Broad command pennant, Building site flag, Burgee command pennant, Cabled, Cross of St. John of Jerusalem, Cross of the Order of Knights of Christ, Defaced, Fictitious flag, Flag of pretence, Fleur-de-lis, Football flag, Gothic shield, Indoor flag, Naval crown, Ogival, St. George's cross, Scarf, Spanish-style shield, Sports flag, Symbol, Vested, Vexilloid, Winpel, Wolfteeth, Appendix VIII.
Update No. 135 Added: Above, Diamond throughout, Lozenge throughout, State emblem; Updated: Airfield safety flag, Ancient crown, Antique crown, Arm flash, Army ensign, Army flag, Badge, Banner of the realm, Bleu celeste, Battle flag, Coronation flags, Cross of Lorraine, Diamond, Draping, East-south diagonal, Electoral cap, Fimbriation, Half mast a flag, Hilted, Jack staff, Lozenge, Mural crown, Murrey, North-south diagonal, Papal cross, Pavilion, Plantagenet crown, Princely bonnet, Quartered diagonally, Royal banner, Royal standard, Sanguin, Square lozenge, Vambraced, Wreath.
Update No. 134 Added: Arab liberation colours, Flag emblem, Hamburgian coronet, Sharifian flag; Updated: Air force flag, Alternative flag/ensign, Appointment flag, Bannerole, Camp flag, Church pennant, Colours, Driekleur, East-west diagonal, Emblem, Entire, Fin flash, Flag arms, Fuselage marking, Gorged, Gothic shield, Heading, Heraldic beasts, Inner border, Inset border, Late-Gothic shield, Mural crown, Paying off pennant, Pan-African colours, Pan-Arab colours, Pan-Slavic colours, Ring, Supporters, Supra-national flag, Triangular-ended, Triangular-tongued, Undefaced, Unicoloured, Warrant, Wing markings.
Update No. 133 Added: First canton, Fourth canton, Flag height, Mark of cadency, Second canton, State symbols, Third canton; Updated: Aircraft markings, Border, Cravat, Crown, Dimidiated, Difference, Distance line, Edging, Emblem, Fesslet, Flag book, Flag chart, Flag rank, Flagheight, Gyron, Honour banner, Lower fly, Lower hoist, Masthead pennant, Memorial flag, National colours, National symbols, Original flag, Remembrance flag, Spur rowel, Star, Stripe, Striped, Upper fly, Upper hoist.
Update No. 132 July 2012 Added: Antenna flag, Commemorative flag case, Flag case, Flag folding, Flag spreader, Flames, Mourning bunting, Roped heading; Updated: Admiralty flag, Bunting, Case, Casket flag, Company colours, Ensign, Fan, Flag design competition, Flag proposal, Hearldic beasts, Indoor flag, Inverted, Pall flag, Race signals, Royal flag, Running eye and toggle, Service flag, Sport supporter's flag, Standard, State ensign, State flag, Supporters, Supporter's flag, Tangle rod, Venn.
Update No. 131 Added: Cross of victory, Indented edge, Open lozenge, Potent cross, Powdered, Snakehead cross, Vehicular flag, Weather flag; Updated: Air recognition device, Beach flag, Car flag, Civic sash, Convoy flag, Distinction pendant, Engrailed fly, Fanion, Flag, Flags and funnels, International code of signals, Marryat's code, Mascle, National flag, National ornament, Pennant, Per bend, Per bend sinister, Pilot jack, Preparative, Sash, Scalloped, Schwenkel, Semé, Signal flag, Spanish-style shield, Stepped fly, Storm warning flag, Two-sided, Appendix VIII, Appendix IX.
Update No. 130 Added: Afro-American flag, Black liberation flag, Dominican cross, Left diagonal, Marian flag, Pentagram, Right diagonal; Updated: Agnus Dei, Ascending diagonal, Christian flag, Club pennant, Danger flag, Descending diagonal, Flag officer, Garvey colours, Guidon, Hussar cut, International flag, Magen David, Millrind, Mullet, Palio, Pensil, Pinsil, Religious flag, Rounded swallow-tail, Seal of Solomon, Splitflag, Substitute, Swallow-tail, Wolfteeth, Appendix VIII.
Update No. 129 Added: Anticipatory flag, Clan standard, Cross of St. John of Jerusalem, Departmental pennant, Fantasy flag, Flag of pretence, Globus cruciger, Orb, Sceptre; Updated: Aspect ratio, Battle standard, Caduceus, Chessboard, Crown, Embroider, Ensign, Escutcheon of pretence, Estoile, False flag, Fictional flag, Fictitious flag, Flag of tolerance, Flagpole pennant, Grand-ducal bonnet, Great standard, Inescutcheon, Maltese cross, Meridian. Pageant standard, Pavilion, Pinsel, Ratio, Ribbon scroll, Service pennant, Spiral decoration, Trapezoid
Update No. 128 Added: Buddhist flag, Corps flag, Dharma chakra, Mirror image, Model flag, Regimental colour, Sword-cross; Updated: Anshent, Arm flash, Auncient, Bannerette, Battle honour, Chakra, Christian flag, Colour, Double-sided, Etalon flag, Flag lieutenant, Grindstone, Landesfarben, Layered cross, Millstone, National colours, Obverse, Pennant, Pipe banner, Prayer flag, Regimental colours, Regimental flag, Religious flag, Reverse, Rhombus, Sleeve, Thangka, Two-sided, Type flag, Unit flag.
Update No. 127 Added: Caltrap, Cheval-trap, Erroneous flag, Galtrap, Padded emblem, Raised detail, Stamened, Toothed wheel, Wavy flame; Updated: Aiguillette, Cog-wheel, Colour, Colours, Device, Dexter, Embroider, Faceted, Fan, Flammes, Flammule, Fourrangère, Gaff, Housewimpel, Lanyard, Military colours, National banner, Padding the sleeve, Seeded, Semi-circular shield, Sinister, Stand, Swag, Venn.
Update No. 126 Added: Aiguillette, Antique ship, Flag act, Proclamation, Royal proclamation, Shield of David, Star of David, US executive order; Updated: Ancient ship, Auslegerflagge, Cords, Coupeau, Coupeau of three, Double-fimbriated, Dress knot, Ensign, Executive order, Flag adjutant, Flag law, Gore, Headstick, Height, Joinant, Layered cross, Loop, Magen David, Order in council, Presidential decree, Royal order in council, Schellenbaum, Segmented, Semé, Silks, Surtout, Triple-fimbriated, Vane, Warrant.
Update No. 125 Added: Civic sash, Flag captain, Nobobi; Updated: Admiralty warrant, Ancient crown, Antique crown, Arms, Battle banner, Cartel flag, Designating flag, Fess-point, Fesslet, Flag lieutenant, Flag officer, Flagship, Flying at the peak, Hissflagge, Honour point, Horned, In abeyance, Internal proportions, Mantling, National colours, Political flag, Political sash, Proportions, Royal warrant, Sash, Sashimono, Tabard, Una-jirushi, Width across, White flag, Wings.
Update No. 124 Added: Balk cross, Balkan cross, Balkenkreuz, Bar cross, Beam cross, Dressed, Left-hoisted, Main ordinaries, Martlet, Median, Merelette, Right-hoisted; Updated: Addorsed, Angled pole, Banner, Boat tailed, Bow pennant, Chaplet of rue, Commendation banner, Crown, Crowned, Dexter hoist, Flag of distress, Greek cross, Honourable ordinaries, Horizontal meridian, Iron cross, Lance pennon, Meridian Outrigger pole, Party, Signal host, Sinister hoist, Standard, Tack pin, Taloned, Vertical meridian, Waning or waxing moon
Update No. 123 Added: Amalgam, Clip, Clip and grommet, Combined flag, Cross engrailed, Grommet and clip, Patchwork flag, S pennant; Updated: Allegory, Anti-heraldry, Award flag, Bandera de ceremonia, Banner, Battle banner, Cross of the Order of the Knights of Christ, Desk flag, Emblem, Engrailed cross, Eye of God, Flag of ceremony, Garvey colours, God's eye, Grommet, Hanging flag, Hochflagge, Hoisted flag, Inglefield clip, Jack pin, Knatterflagge, Linguistic flags, Masthead streamer, Mediated, Open crown, Outrigger flag, Potent, Rayonné, Riksbanner, Running eye and toggle, Supra-national flag, Tack, Tack pin, Vertically hoisted flag, Appendix VIIIs
Update No. 122 Added: Aflame, Bayeux tapestry, Dislodging, Grindstone, Honorary distinctions, Kamon, Lodging, Lowering in salute, Millstone, Presentation; Updated: Augmentation of honour, Badge pennon, Battle honour, Cable number, Case, Colour, Colours, Crest, Draconarius, Dress knot, Ensign, Flag officer's broad pennant, Lance pennon, Language flags, Millrind, Mon, Mondokoro, Officer's broad pennant, Officer's pennants, Pallia, Petra Sancta method, Port epee, Rope grommet, Schwebendes Tatzenkreuz, Sons in service flag, Sword knot, Uncase, Yacht officer's broad pennant, Yacht officer's pennant.
Update No. 121 Added: Admiral's flag, Armistice day flag, Cornucopia, Diagonal display design, Flag for slanted display, Horn of plenty, Oblique display design, Rotated, RYA crown, Slanted display design, Tilted flag, Yachting crown; Updated: American war mothers flag, Bordure, Cipher, Civil air ensign, Draco, Flapping flag, Hanging flag, Jolly Roger, Kleestengel, Knatterflagge, Loops, Mortared, Motto, National colours, Naval crown, Pre-heraldic, Radiant, Radiating, Rectangular-tailed, Remembrance flag, Shifted towards, Ties, Touring flag, Vertically hoisted flag,
Update No. 120 Added: Amaranth, Aqua, Bleu Celeste, Carnation, Cendrée, Chaplet of rue, Murrey, Over, Sanguin, Stains, Terry, Uprooted; Updated: Admiralty flag, Bannerhuapt, Chaplet, Church banner, Clawed, Conjoined, Cypher, Enamels, Flag arms, Fouled anchor, Furs, Hatching, Horizontal bicolor, International colour code, Metals, Proper, Shades of tincture, Table flag, Tinctures, Voided lozenge, Appendix II, Appendix V.
Update No. 119 Added: Buntine, Common pendant, Point, Running eye, Splice, Sun disc, Toggle and becket, Tricolour pendant, Wheft; Updated: Air recognition device, Auxiliary colours, Becket, Blue ensign, Bunting, Ceremonial flag, Complete achievement, Cord, Cords and tassels, Dress flag, Eye splice, Ferrule, In base, Livery colours, Man o'war pendant, Memorial flag, Mixed tinctures, Orthogonal, Pendant, Red ensign, Rounded fly, Rounded swallowtail, Schwenkel, Solar disc, Tassels, Toggle, Torus, Tribar, Tricolour, Waft, White ensign.
Update No. 118 Added: Andreevski I, Gardamano, Handguard, Litten, Race signals; Updated: Bendlet, Cartouche, Colour belt, Commemorative flag, Compartment, Converging Stripes, Cornet, Expanding stripes, Flag belt, Flag sling, Hatchment, Individual flag, Indoor flag,  Lowered, Marching flag, Occasional flag, Preparatory flag, Prize flag, Pseudo-flag, Racing flag, Rank flag, Red cross flag, Red duster, Royal banner, St. Andrew's cross, Seal, Seal flag, Selvedge, Serrated, Touring flag, Waft, Wanderfahne.

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    2. Updated definitions which may make minor changes to term nomenclature, additions or deletions of definitions for a keyword, corrections to typographical errors, additions or changes to references to related keywords;
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