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Dictionary of Vexillology: Corrections and Updates - 2008

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This page documents changes in the original text as released by the editors of the Dictionary of Vexillology based upon comments received by them to the presentation. Updates are listed from the most current to the oldest.

Correction/Update Date Changes
Editorial Change 13 6 December 2008 Pages for letter "S" were resequenced to allow for future page splits.
Update No. 72 Added: Abeyance, American war mothers flag, Clawed, Cottice, Decorated, Forcené, Heraldic lily, In abeyance, Leach, Orthodox cross, Papal cross, Pennone, Taloned, Tongued, Triple-armed cross, Remembrance flag; Updated: Broad pennant, Cotticed, Cross of Lorraine, Displayed, Ensign, Fimbriation, Funeral flags, Gaff, Guidon, Peak, Pennon, Pinsel, Rank flag, Schwenkel, Service flag, Sons in Service flag, Two-and-a-half armed cross, Appendix V; Renaming only: Cloven to Cloven descate
Update No. 71 Added: Antlers, Antlered, Centred cross, Cornsheaf, 'E" Cross, 'F' Cross, Gonfaloni scalinati, Horned, One-and-a-half armed cross, Surtout, Two-and-a-half armed cross, Wheatsheaf; Updated: Addorsed, Banner, Command pennant, Cross, Crossbar, Cross of Lorraine, Distinguishing vane, Endorsed, Frame, Garbe, Grand Quarter, Headstick, Inescutcheon, Off-set, Overall, St. George's Ensign, Streamer, Surmounted by, Vane, Appendix V
Update No. 70 Added: Bow flag, Cavalier cross, Colonial jack, Distinguishing jack, Horsetail jack, Lozenge-voided. Mascle, Per chevron, Priapic in virility, Sautant, Voided-lozenge; Updated: Affrontant, Chevron, Colonial flags/ensigns, Counter-, Counter-compony, Counterchanged, Cross counterchanged, Cross of the Order of the Knights of Christ, Gyronny, Horsetail, Jack, Lozenge, Pile, Radiant, Rayonné, Toug, Tugh, Voided, Appendix V, Appendix VIII
Update No. 69 Added: Accolé, Aircraft markings, Collared, Gorged, Handled, Hafted, Hilted, Honour banner, Jagiellonian, Jagiellonian cross, Jagiellonian eagle, Pommed, Rectangle; Updated: Aircraft insignia, Armed, Attired, Award flag, Barbed, Beaked, Core flag, Cross of Lorraine, Dhvaga, Dimensions, Fin flash, Flag family, Fuselage markings, Garnished, Jelloped, Pan-African colours, Pan-Arab colours, Pan-Slavic colours, Proportions, Roundel
Update No. 68 Added: Attire, Attired, Cross of Calatrava, Flamed, Iberian cross, Triangle throughout; Updated: Armed, Augmentation of honour, Banner, Banner of Victory, Bannerman, Beaked, Belaying pin, Ceremonial ensign/flag, Civic flag, Cleat, Colour, Colours, Ensign, Flying line, Impale by dimidation, Inflamed, Langued, Membered, Official flag, Pile, Shamrock, Sovereign's banner, Unequal triband, Unequal tricolour, Wavy, Appendix V, Appendix VIII
Editorial Change 12 22 November 2008 Split of page M into two pages; Additional split of page definitions for F (Flag - Flagship). See Table of Contents for specifics.
Update No. 67 Added: Erect, Festive banner, Flag sail, Jelloped, Official flag; Updated: Armorial sail, Ascending diagonal, Blue ensign, Ceremonial ensign, Civic crown, Civil flag, Crown, Descending diagonal, Flag law, Institutional flag, Masthead pennant, Mural crown, Red ensign, State service flag, Sub-national flag, Two-sided, Type flag, Wattled, Appendix V, Appendix VI, Appendix VIII
Update No. 66 Added: Rounded swallowtail, Topped, Transposed, Vexillohobbyist, Vexillonaire; Updated: Boat-tailed, Border, Daimyo flags, Descate, Ensign (and subordinate entries), Ensigned, Hato-Sashimono, Hinomaru, Hussar Cut, Jack (and subordinate entries), Mon, Norobi, Off-centred, Panel, Plain, Reversed, Sashimono, Serrated, Vexillophile, Wavy, Yacht ensign, Zigzag, Appendix V
Update No. 65 Added: Burial Flag, Flapping flag, Graduated stripes, Rhombus, Schwebendes tatzenkreutz, Smaller arms, Spanish-style, Tatzenkreutz, Transfixed; Updated: Battle flag, British-style ensign, Checky, Counter-compony, Double-pointed, Engrailed fly, Lanceolate, Lozenge, Maltese cross, Mourning ribbon, Ovigal, Optical proportions, Organizational flag, Pall flag, Parade flag, Pierced, Quatrefoil, Star, Triple-tailed, Vambraced, Vertically hoisted flag, Veterans flag, Voided, War flag, White ensign
Editorial Change 11 15 November 2008 Split of definitions E and G into two pages each; Additional split of D (Dhvaja - Drum Banner) into two pages. See Table of Contents for specifics.
Update No. 64 Added: Bannerhaupt, Bannerhead, Compony, Compony counter-compony, Counter-compony, Cross-clechée, Cross-fusilly, Cross-lozengy, Fesslet, Flag pin, Flaglet, Gobony, Head, Mediated, Teutonic cross; Updated: Banner, Bannerette, Cotticed, Counter-, Cross of Lorainne, Fane, Fretty, Handwaver, Hanging flag, Heading, Hoist, Lapel pin, Table flag, Appendix VI, Appendix VII
Update No. 63 Added: Addorned, Armoured, Boat-tailed, Cross trefoil, Double-swallowtail, Enflamed, Flamully, Raised, Zigzag, Zulfikar; Updated: Arch-ducal bonnet, Archivexillifiler, Archivexillum, Armed, Armorial flag, Armorial sail, Arms, Award flag, Double-armed cross, Enhanced, Flammule, Flammulets, Harnysed, Ogival, Outrigger flag, Proportions, Serrated, Shahada, Shield-shaped, Swallowtail-and-tongue, Takbir
Update No. 62 Added: Christ's knight's cross, Cloverleaf, Cloverstem, Cross of the Order of the Knights of Christ, East-south diagonal, Kleestengel, North-east diagonal, Shell, West-south diagonal; Updated: Absence pennant, Active, Airfield safety flag, Air force flag, Aircraft insignia, Allegory, Ascending diagonal, Descending diagonal, East-west diagonal, Engrailed, Escallop, Fracted, Inactive, Invected, North-south diagonal, Off-centred cross, Pile, Saltire, South-north diagonal, Trefoil, Wavy, West-east diagonal, Appendix VI; Deprecated: Airfield flag
Update No. 61 1 November 2008 Added: Affronty, Dexter edge, Displayed, In chief, Inner edge, Leading edge, Natant, Outer edge, Rising, Salient, Sinister edge, Superimposed, Trailing edge, Urinant, Volant; Updated: Banner, Base, Flag on flag, Gonfalon, Hanging flag, In base, Lined, Lower fly, Vol, Appendix V
Update No. 60 Added: Barbed, Beaked, Beef flag, Coupeau of three, Cross Raguly, Double-armed cross, Flags and funnels, Fly-diagonal, Gouttes, Gutté, Larmes, Legged, Membered, Natural, Threemound, Triple-mount; Updated: Addorsed, Armed, Bullock pennant, Couped, Cross of Lorraine, Ensigned, Erased, House flag, Langued, Pensil, Proper, Raguly, Surmounted by, Appendix V
Update No. 59 Added: Bracelet, Coward, Cowed, Double queued, Filet, Fleury, Fracted, Indentation(s), Party, Queue fourché. Queued, Sectored; Updated: Barrulet, Ceremonial ensign/flag, Faceted, Flag of Ceremony, Fleur-de-lys, Gonfalon, Hussar Cut, Indoor flag, Palm, Per bend, Per bend sinister, Per fess, Per pale, Per saltire, State service flag, Swallow-tail(ed), Swallowtail and tongue, Appendix V, Appendix VI, Appendix VIII
Editorial Change 10 27 September 2008 Definitions beginning with letter "T" split into two pages. See Table of Contents for specifics. Split of index pages to allow for future growth to the dictionary.
Update No. 58 Added: Bendwise, Demi, Dentelé, Emphasized. Escallop, Fesswise, Fretty, Fusil, Fusilly, Garnished, In Chief, Incensed, Inflamed, Lined, Palewise, Pascal Lamb, Radiated, Saltirewise, Scallop shell, Semi, Standant; Updated: Dancetty, Dimidiated, Edging, Indented, Lozenge, Lozengy, Mourning flag, Privateer, Radiant, Radiating, Serrated
Update No. 57 Added: Debruised, Decrescent, Fortress Flag, Full Moon, Grand Quarter, Haurient, In Bend, In Fess, In Pale, In Saltire, Increscent, Lower fly, Lower Hoist, Moon, Nebuly, Per complement, Sun-in-splendor, Surmounted by, Upper fly, Upper hoist; Updated: Active and Inactive; Canton, Complement, Crescent, Overall, Pinsel, Quarter, Quartered, Quartering, Quarterly, Reversed, Undy, Wavy, Appendix 5
Update No. 56 Added: Champagne, Coupeau, Embowed, Entrelacé, Eradicated, Fructed, Garbe, Geronny, Gironné, Giron, Issuant, Joinant, Masoned, Mount, Mount of Copeau, Naissant, Slipped, Triple-Mounted, Vol; Updated: Base, Canton Flag, Cockade, Compartment, Conjoined, Couped, Cravat, Dimidiated, Gyronny, Interlaced, Pointed, Reconstruction, Wigwag
Update No. 55 Added: Addorsed, Affrontant, Caboshed, Combatant, Diagonal bicolour, Endorsed, Fly-diagonal, Hoist-diagonal, Horizontal Bicolour, Naiant, Per Bend Sinister, Per Fess, Per Pale, Respectant, Tiercé, Trippant, Vertical bicolour; Updated: Ascending diagonal, Bicolour, Per Bend, Per Saltire, Triband, Tricolour, Appendix V
Update No. 54 Added: Agnus Dei, Banner of the Realm, Cabled, Coronation flags, Counter-, Double Tressure, Fouled Anchor, Harnysed, Holy Lamb, Inset Border, Lamb of God, Lowered, Off-centred, Off-set, Orle, Riksbanner, Royal Tressure, Stepped Gonfalon, Tressure; Updated: Abased, Armed, Border, Fleur-de-lis, Garland, Gonfalon, Pennant, Sovereign's Standard, Stepped Fly, Trapezoid, Tripartite, Vambraced
Update No. 53 Added: Avis cross, Calvary cross, Cantoned cross, Celtic cross, Cross Botonny, Cross cantonée, Cross crosslet, Cross fleury, Cross fitchy, Cross humetty, Cross Maltese, Cross of Calvary, Cross of St. James, Cross of Santiago, Cross Tau,  Fleur-de-lis cross, Latin cross, Long cross, Moline cross, St. James cross, Tau cross, Trefoil cross, Voided Cross, Appendix 8; Updated: Couped, Cross, Cross couped, Cross formée, Cross pattée, Cross potent, Fleur-de-lis, Greek cross, Hanseatic cross, Iron cross, Jerusalem cross, Maltese cross, Trefoil, Voided
Update No. 52 Added: Balls of difference, Bezant, Billet, Plates, Quinas; Updated: Disc, Edging, Fimbriation, Flag officer, Flag of command, Roundel, Unequal Tricolour, Appendix III
Update No. 51 20 September 2008 Added: Airfield Safety Flag, Ancient Crown, Galhardete, Layered Cross, Layered Saltire, Naval flag/pennant, Ogival, Plantagenet crown, Pumpout flag Spanish-style triband, Trinitarian cross, Whiptail; Updated: Airfield Flag, Antique Crown, Battle flag, Bendy, Canadian Pale, Cross, Dancetty, Invected, Logo, Logo on a bedsheet, Saltire, Serrated, Shield-shaped, Unequal triband, Wolfteeth, Appendix II, Appendix VI
Update No. 50 Added: Alternative flag/ensign, Double-sided, Flammuletes, Hooch flag, Jack Pin, Quarter-field canton, Quartered, Reconstruction, Tack, Tack pin, Two-sided, Variant; Updated: Abased, Allegory, Belaying pin, Border, Canton, Deface, De Facto, De Jure, Fimbriation, Flammule, Grommets, Hansiatic Cross, Iron Cross, Obverse, Privateer Jack, Quarter, Quartering, Quarterly, Reverse, Ring, St. George's Cross, Takbir, Tack line, Wolfteeth
Editorial Change 9 6 January 2007 Additional navigation added to pages

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