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Dictionary of Vexillology: Corrections and Updates - 2007

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This page documents changes in the original text as released by the editors of the Dictionary of Vexillology based upon comments received by them to the presentation.  Updates are listed from the most current to the oldest.

Correction/Update Date Changes
Update No. 49 18 August 2007 Added: Blue star banner, Camp silk, Complete achievement, POW-MIA flag, Regular cross, Royal air mail pennant, Royal mail pennant, Service of consecration, Tower towered; Updated: Annulet, Armorial banner, Breadth, Checky, Civic crown, Civil air ensign, Counterchanged, Cross, Distinguishing mark, Embattled, Flag of honour, Flag of protection, Honour flag, Mail pennant, Memorial flag, Mural crown, Service flag, Tripartite
Update No. 48 12 August 2007 Added: Automobile plate, Cross potent, Distinguishing plate, Hanseatic cross, Jerusalem cross, Princeflag, Rank plate, Star plate, Triple-prince; Updated: Charge, Cross, Cross Pattée, Double-Prince, Driekleur, Flag of Command, Iron Cross, Rank flag, Simple bicolour, Simple triband, Simple tricolour, Sinsiter hoist, Square cross, Tricolour, Unequal triband, Unequal tricolour, Voided
Update No. 47 12 August 2007 Added: Caterfoil, Checkered flag, Commendation Banner, Designating (of Headquarters) flag, Flag arms, Greater arms, Language flags, Lesser arms, Linguistic flags, Middle arms, National arms, Pierced, Quatrefoil, Shamrock, State arms, Trefoil; Updated: Armorial bearings; Arms, Coat of Arms, Headquarters flag, Jack, Livery colours, Star
Update No. 46 14 July 2007 Added: British-style ensign, faceted, Diagonal cross, Flag of tolerance, Gore, Gul, Honour ensign, Off-centered cross, St. Andrews ensign, St. George-type cross, St. George's ensign, Scandinavian-type cross, Upright centered cross; Updated: Blue Ensign, Counterchanged, Cross, Ensign of honour, Flag of Protection, Four freedoms flag, Headquarters flag, Red ensign, St. Andrews cross, St. George's cross, Saltire, Scandinavian cross, Sunday ensign, Torse, White ensign; Retitled: Kent bob-fly becomes Kent vane-fly
Update No. 45 7 July 2007 Added: Cinquefoil, Dressing overall, Dressing ship, Parti-coloured, Quinterfoil, Spiral decoration, Starboard outer, Transversant, Venn, Voided; Updated: Armorial Flag, Counterchanged. County flag, Double-pointed, Dress ship, Dressing lines, Ensign-banner, False flag, Full dressing, Gaff, Postal pennant, Safe conduct flag, Saltire, Shark alert flag, Stand of colours, Yard, Yardarm
Update No. 44 16 June 2007 Added: Action Pennant, Armorial Ensign, Daimo Flags, Double Pavon, Gyron(s), Hata-Sashimomo, Nobobi, Nationally-cantoned Flag, Portolano, Sashimono; Updated: Archivexillum, Blue Ensign, Canton Flag, Gyronny, Jolly Roger, Hinomaru, House Flag, Housewimple, Jack (Civil Jack, Government Service Jack, Naval Jack), Mon, Pavon, Paying Off Pennant, Pennant, Radiating, Red Ensign
Editorial Change 8 Page split for "A"; Additional split of pages "C" and "S"
Update No. 43 5 May 2007 Added: Armorial flag, Distinguishing vane, Escutcheon of pretence, Insignia banner, Pilgrimage pennant, Sailor's mast, Seal flag, Selvedge, Weather vane, Wind vane; Updated: Anti-heraldry, Banner, Banner of Victory, Ensign banner, Gaff, Impale, Logo on a bedsheet, Mast, Stayed mast, Vane, Yard
Update No. 42 Added: Archiepiscopal cross, Cross formée, Cross of Anjou, Cross patriarchal, Cross patée, Frame, Gardant, Iron cross, Sinister hoist, Sledge flags; Updated: Banner, Boat Ensign, Boat Flag. Canadian pale, Colour Sergeant, Cross, Cross of Lorrainne, Embattled, Framed flag, Lance flag, Maltese cross, Menorah, Obverse, Quartering, Square cross, Storm flag, Supporters, Wigwag, Appendix V
Update No. 41 Added: City flag, False flag, Gridiron flag, Imperial dragon flag, Protest flag; Updated; Advertising banner, Banner, Blue Ensign, Chief, Christian flag, Church flag, Civic flag, Civic banner, Continental Colors, Corporate flag, Dragon flag, Fake flag, False colours, Fictitious flag, House flag, International flag, Logo, Merchant flag, Municipal flag, Political flag, Protest banner, Red ensign, Religious flag, Souvenir flag, Sports flag, Triple-tailed, White ensign; Renamed and updated: Civil Air Flag to Civil Air Ensign
Update No. 40 Added: Active and inactive, Ceremonial standard, Ceremonial state ensign, Commemorative flag, Three-striped flag; Updated: Active, Broad pennant, Ceremonial ensign, Consular flag, Dannebrog, Ensign of honour, Ensigned, Escutcheon, Fictional flag, Fictitious flag, Inactive, Occasional flag, Officer's flags, Organizational flag, Swallowtail and tongue, Tricolour, Triband, Triple-tailed, Yacht officers flag
Update No. 39 Added: Battled, Crenelled, Flag of Protection, Flying angel flag, Ingrailed, Kernelled. Simple bicolour, Torus; Updated: Banner, Bethel flag, Boat flag, Church pennant, Embattled, Engrailed, Envected, Flag Law, Invected, Ring, Safe conduct flag; Shield; Shield-shaped, Stand of colours, Trophy flag, Vessel flag
Editorial change 7 Banner split into a subpage of it's parent page.
Update No. 38 10 March 2007 Added: Anti-heraldry, Arch-ducal bonnet, Army ensign, Bandera de ceremonia, Bandera de guerra, Bathing flag, Beef flag, Bullock pennant, Cambridge flag, Construction sheet, Crew's Meal Pennant, Ecclesiastic flag, Electoral cap, Flag Design, Flag Proposal, Flamme de boeuf, Flamme de guerre, Franklin flag, Guest on board flag, Kent bob-fly, Kommandowimple, Official proportions, Owner absent flag, Pennant of Command, Princely bonnet, Reichkriegsflagge, Ribbon scroll, Serapis flag, Service pennant, Shark alert flag, Shark attack flag, Sons in service flag, Specification sheet, Stainless banner, Stars and bars, Surfing flag, Wind danger flag; Changes to: Absence Pennant, Air Force Flag, Ausflag, Banner, Bannerman, Battle flag, Betsy Ross flag, Bicolour, Blue ensign, Bob, Broad pennant, Ceremonial ensign, Christian flag, Command pennant, Continental colors, Coronet, Crown, De jure, Dimensions, Dinner flag, Double pointed, Emblem, Federal Service Flag, Fimbriation, Flag law, Flag of ceremony, flag of defiance, Gubernatorial flag, Heraldry, Inescutcheon, Jolly Roger, King's Colour, Masthead pennant, Meal Pennant, Old Glory, Pre-heraldic, Proportions, Pulldown, Queen's Colour, Quincunx, Red flag, Scroll, Seal, Service flag, Shipping house flag, Southern cross, Specification, Splitflag, Star-spangled banner, Stars and stripes, State flag, Storm warning flag, Type flag, Union (the), War flag, War pennant, Yacht flag
Update No. 37
Update No. 36
Update No. 35
Editorial Change 6 Split (or resplit) of pages B, C, D, R
Update No. 34 17 February 2007 Added: Advertising Pulldown, Arrondissement flags, Ausleggerflagge, Banderium, Banner of Victory, Betsy Ross flag, Cantonal flag, Colonial flag, Company flag, Conventional flag, County flag, Ensign (the), Flag of Honour, FNLF Jack, Four Freedoms flag, Gin Pennant, Hissflagge, Hochflagge, Hoisted flag, Honour flag, Knatterflagge, Orthogonal, Panicles, Pushpit flag staff, Registration flags/pennants, Sector flags/pennants, Triangular-ended, Tribal flag, Unequal (or uneven) tricolour, Vertically hoisted flag, Weighted fly; Changes to: Archivexillum, Badge, Banner, Banneret, Bauceant, Blue Ensign, Canton flag, Cross of Lorraine, Crutch, Navy Ensign (under Ensign); Gonfalon, Hanging flag, National flag, Old Glory, Outrigger flag, Per saltire, Political flag, Pulldown, Quincunx, Red flag, Saltire, Star-Spangled Banner, Stars and Stripes, Subnational flag, Sunset, Swallow-tail(ed), Swallowtail and tongue, Swastika, Tangle rod, Ties, Toggle, Triangular-ended tails, Triband, Tricolour, Union flag, Vexillation, War Pennant, Wreath
Update No. 33
Update No. 32
Update No. 31 20 January 2007 Added: Depth, Flag book, Flag chart, Flag plate, Military banner, National banner, Shipping house flag, Sovereign's Banner, Triangular-Ended Tails; Changes to: Banner, Gonfalon, Regimental Colours, Square-Tongued, Stumpmast, Tongues, Vexillum, miscellaneous typographical changes
Update No. 30 Added: Plain; Changes to Bicolour, Border, Multi-Stripe, Red Flag, Royal Standard, Sport flag, Tricolour, miscellaneous typographical changes
Update No. 29 Added: Ambassadorial flags, Diplomatic flags, Great Union, Symbol, Three-Tongued, Undefaced, Union Flag; Changes to National flag, Union Jack, Union Mark; miscellaneous typographical changes
Update No. 28 6 January 2007 Added: Inverted, Stickpin, Square-tailed, Upright and editorial policies (main page of this presentation); Changes to: Chevron, Flammula, Furl, Gonfanon, Gonfalon, Government service jack (under Jack), Pall, Pile, Reversed; Miscellaneous typographical changes.
Update No. 27 Added: Fire Alert Flag, Memorial flag; Changes to: Flag discrimination, Red flag, Pallet in Appendix VI, Souvenir flags, Sports flag; Deprecated: Grave decoration flag; Miscellaneous typographical changes