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Dictionary of Vexillology: Corrections and Updates

Last modified: 2013-05-25 by rob raeside
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This page documents changes in the original text as released by the editors of the Dictionary of Vexillology based upon comments received by them to the presentation. Updates are listed from the most current to the oldest.

Correction/Update Date Changes
Editorial Change 14 2 January 2010 Letter C resequenced.  Letter I split into two pages. Letters C, P, S split into additional pages. Appendix pages resequenced to allow for future expansion.
Update No. 81 Added: Appendix ix, Air mail flag, Arm flash, Cap badge, Flag of the state of, Military crest, Post pennant, Ship's Crest, South-east diagonal, State military crest, West-north diagonal; Updated: Ascending diagonal, Badge, Camp flag, Civil air ensign, Colour, Crest, Descending diagonal, East-west diagonal, Emblem (military and government, Grommet, Helm, Mail flag, North-east diagonal, North-south diagonal, Postal flag, Regimental colours, Seal, South-north diagonal, State flag, West-east diagonal, West-south diagonal, Wreath; Deleted: Postal pennant, Royal air mail pennant, Royal mail pennant
Update No. 80 Added: Anti-aliasing, Buff, Flag bag, Flying at the peak, Fountain fill, Gradient fill, His majesty's jack, (the) Jack, King's jack, (at the) Peak, Royal command flag, Shift colours; Updated: Armed services flags, Branch of service flag, Breadth, British flag, Broad pennant, Bunting tosser, Cantonal flag, Chaplain's flag, Colour matching systems, Compartment, Flags, Gaff, Navy jack, Peak, Union jack; Renamed: Bendlet, Bendy, British colour code, Sinister hoist (new alternative names),
Update No. 79 Added: Corsair ensign, Fan's flag/pennant, Flag adjunct, Flag badge, Flamme de fourragére, Hatching, Loop, Petra Sancta method, Sports supporter's flag/pennant, Supporter's flag/pennant; Updated: Colour, De jure, Destination flag, Flag lieutenant, Flag officer, Flag plate, Flag rank, Funeral flag, Gun pennant, Gun salute, Half-mast a flag, Hoist diagonal, Lanyard pennant, Lapel Flag, Parade flag, Proper, Rank flag, Rank plate, Sports flag; Renamed: The word pennant added to Institutional flags (official and unofficial); ICS flags added to International Code of Signals, American English spelling of colors added to Pan-arab colours and Pan-slavic colours, Postal pennant - added diminutive word Post
Update No. 78 Added: Asklepian, Ceremonial ensign, Ceremonial flag, Ceremony of consecration, Flag patron, Letter of Marque, Privateer, Privateer Ensign, ; Updated: Banner, Caduceus, Colour, Consecration, Gonfalon, Jolly Roger, Official flag, Princeflag, Privateer Jack, Quarantine flag, Range flag, Registration flags, Retreat ceremony, Reverse, Ring, Schellenbaum, Semaphore, Specification, Splittflag, Sporting banner, Sports flag, Square-tongued, Staff of Asclepius, Standard, State colours, State service flag, Sub-national flag, Symbol; Renamed: Ceremonial Ensign/Flag split into two terms
Update No. 77 Added: Blazoning, Flag triangle, Hanseatkruez, Hoist triangle, Inverted triangle, Place of honour, Point of honour, Reversed triangle, Simple triangle; Updated: Banderole, Blazon, Civic flag, Company colours, Hanseatic cross, Honour point, Impaled by dimidiation, Inset,  Landesfarben, Lapel flag, National colours, Pensel, Pile, Position of honour, State colours, Storm warning flag, Stumpmast, Swastika, Tinctures, Triangle, Type flag, Undy, Union jack, Wolfteeth; Renamed: Mixed tincture renamed to Mixed tinctures
Update No. 76 Added: Auxillary colours, Captured flag, Cone tapered, Enamels, Striped, Sunburst, Trade union flag, Tricolore (la); Updated: Active, Active and inactive, Ceremonial ensign/flag, Colour, Dreikleur, Flag pole, Heraldic beasts, Inactive, Multi-stripe, Political flag, Radiating, Stripe, Sun-in-splendor, tricolore (le), Tricolour, Trophy Flag, Unfurl, Unique flag, Venetian entasis taper, Visual centre, Appendix II, Appendix V; Renamed: Distinguishing Vane renamed to Distinguishing vane (pendant or pennant)
Update No. 75 Added: Centred, Fusily bendy, Inset, Lozengy bendy, Rogacina, Shaft, Shafted, Shifted towards, Visual centre; Updated: Barbed, Centred cross, Class flag, Couped, Garnished, Hafted, Handled, Hilted, Inset border, Lance, Lozenge, Lozengy, Magen David, Off-centred, Optical proportions, Orle, Pilot flag, Pommed, St. Andrew Cross, St. Patrick Cross, Shaft; Renamed: Off-set renamed to Off-set towards (with updates)
Update No. 74 Added: Anshent, Covering, Diagonal multi-stripe, Double-fimbriated, Flagheight, Horizontal multi-stripe, Knight bachelor, Knight banneret, Mourning pennant, Triple-fimbriated, Vertical multi-stripe; Updated: Ancient, Banneret, Bloody flag, Breadth, Bunting, Canton, Inner edge, Lance Pennon, Mourning flag, Multi-stripe, Outer edge, Papal cross, Pennant, Pennoncier, Radiant, Radiating, Red flag, Saltire, Stand
Update No. 73 Added: At the peak, Braced, Chessboard, Embraced, In bend sinister; Updated: Ascending diagonal, Bendwise, Bow flag, Crown of Rue, Descending diagonal, East-west diagonal, Fesswise, Fleur-de-lis, Fretty, In bend, In fess, In pale, In saltire, Interlaced, Palewise, Per bend, Per bend sinister, Per fess, Per pale, Per saltire, Saltirewise,

Definitions of Terms used in the above table:

  1. Update - changes and corrections made by the editors of the Dictionary of Vexillology, divided into:
    1. Added (new) keywords;
    2. Updated definitions which may make minor changes to term nomenclature, additions or deletions of definitions for a keyword, corrections to typographical errors, additions or changes to references to related keywords;
    3. Deprecated keywords.
    4. Renamed keywords involve name changes only, no changes to text.
  2. Editorial change - changes by FOTW to the page structure such as splitting letters into multiple pages, or the changes in page HTML names (resequencing).