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(New England 1687-89)

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Seeking to consolidate royal authority in North America as well as in England, King James II proclaimed a united Dominion of New England in 1686. As governor he appointed Sir Edmund Andros, who arrived in Boston the following year to take up his office. The Dominion, consisting of the New England colonies plus New York, was exceedingly unpopular with the colonists, who by this time were well used to self-government. When the Glorious Revolution broke out in England in 1688 the colonists rose against Andros, he was deposed along with the King and the Dominion was dissolved. The so-called Governor Andros flag was probably the company color of the military guard that accompanied him to Boston. The design bore in the center of the cross the gilt monogram of the crown, with the letters J.R. for Jacobus Rex.

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