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U.S. 16 Stonington
16 Stars / 16 Stripes  
Stonington (Unofficial)

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[U.S. 16 Star / 16 Stripe Stonington (Unofficial) Flag]

U.S. 16 Stonington
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Local tradition maintains that ladies of a Congregational Church in the town of Stonington, Connecticut produced the hand-sewn flag between June 1796 and 1803. They took the unusual step of giving it 16 stars and stripes, even though after 1794 the U.S. flag was by law required to have 15 stripes and 15 stars, one for each state. In 1796, when Tennessee became the 16th state, the sewing circle apparently anticipated the addition of both a star and a stripe. The official flag design did not change, however, until 1818, making this an unusual specimen.

U.S. 16 Stonington
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