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4x6" Desk Flags

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United Nations Desk Set
Desk flags from CRW Flags are a favorite for school, home, and parade use. Display flags of places visited or show your heritage. Also ideal for banquets, conventions, gifts, awards and souvenirs for corporations, clubs, schools, colleges and associations. Most of our beautiful 4x6" silk-like flags are mounted on black staffs with gilt spear heads.
A few of the flags have different staffs or may be unhemmed.

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Price Code 1-11 12+ 72+ 144+
B $4.50 $3.60 $3.15 $2.95

discontinued - while supply lasts
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B - Bears Chicago
B - Bengals Cincinnati
    - Bills Buffalo
    - Broncos Denver
B - Browns Cleveland
B - Buccaneers Tampa Bay
B - Cardinals Arizona
B - Chargers San Diego
B - Chiefs Kansas City
    - Colts Indianapolis
    - Cowboys-Dallas
    - Dolphins Miami
B - Eagles Philadelphia
B - Falcons Atlanta
B - Forty-niners San Francisco
B - Giants New York
B - Jaguars Jacksonville
B - Jets New York
B - Lions Detroit
B - Oilers Houston (extinct)
    - Packers Green Bay
    - Panthers Carolina
    - Patriots-New England
B - Raiders Oakland
B - Rams St. Louis
    - Ravens-Baltimore
    - Redskins-Washington
B - Saints New Orleans
B - Seahawks Seattle
    - Steelers-Pittsburgh
    - Texans-Houston
    - Titans-Tennessee
    - Vikings-Minnesota
AFC/NFC desk set
AFC / NFC Sets
$10.00 each

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