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List of mapped territories

Topnyms in bold face are main country maps.

Oceania (⚐⃡)21000
Asia (⚐⃡)18000
Africa (⚐⃡)17000
South America (⚐⃡)17000
South America (Peruvian-Bolivian Confederation)(⚐⃡)17000
Inca Empire (⚐⃡)17000
Russia (federal districts)13000
Soviet Union (as of 1940-1956) (⚐⃡)13000
Canada (⚐⃡)11000
Brazil (⚐⃡)10600
Middle East (⚐⃡)10200
Europe (⚐⃡)10000
The former US, from Give me Liberty, in (other locations)10000
United States (⚐⃡)10000
Russia (european part), in Russia8200
South Africa (as of 1885)8000
South Africa (former divisions)8000
South Africa8000
Saint Helena7600
French Polynesia (historical kingdoms)5500
Norway (⚐⃡)4600
Sweden (landskap)4600
Sweden (län) (⚐⃡)4600
Central America and Caribbean (⚐⃡)4300
Bolivia (special departments) (⚐⃡)4000
Bolivia (⚐⃡)4000
Papua New Guinea3750
South America (Mapuche regions) (⚐⃡)3200
United Kingdom (⚐⃡)3000
Spain (maritime provinces) (⚐⃡)2500
Spain (provinces)2500
Spain (autonomous communities) (⚐⃡)2500
France (departments)2400
France (traditional provinces)2400
France (regions)2400
Malaysia (western detail)2400
Finland (hist. maakunta / hist. landskap)2300
Finland (lääni / län) (⚐⃡)2300
Solomon Islands2250
Germany (as of 1871)2200
Portugal (traditional provinces)2200
Portugal (1999 ref. adm. regions)2200
Portugal (districts and autonomous regions)2200
Chile (oceanic provinces)2000
Ecuador (⚐⃡)2000
Central region, in Thailand2000
Northeastern region, in Thailand2000
Northern region, in Thailand2000
Southern region, in Thailand2000
Morocco (1968-1976)1900
Morocco (colonial)1900
Yugoslavia (1945-1991) (⚐⃡)1800
Vanuatu (regions in 1985-1994)1700
Poland (⚐⃡)1600
Egypt (delta detail)1500
Wallis and Futuna1420
Liberia (⚐⃡)1350
Costa Rica1300
Palau Islands1300
United Arab Emirates (⚐⃡)1200
South Korea (⚐⃡)1100
Nicaragua (⚐⃡)1100
Ireland (provinces)1000
Ireland (counties)1000
Austria (⚐⃡)950
Saxonian Duchies, in Germany900
Sri Lanka900
Comoros (⚐⃡)800
Ohio, in United States800
Belgium (regions and communities) (⚐⃡)740
Belgium (provinces) (⚐⃡)740
Switzerland (⚐⃡)710
historical Brittany, in France700
Lazio + Abruzzo + Molise, in Italy700
Toscana + Umbria + Marche, in Italy700
Pichincha, in Ecuador600
Puerto Rico540
El Salvador (⚐⃡)524
Canary Islands, in Spain (⚐⃡)480
Lofoten + Vesterølen, in Norway470
Santarém District, in Portugal470
Setúbal District, in Portugal470
Beja District, in Portugal470
Braga District, in Portugal470
Castelo Branco District, in Portugal470
Faro District, in Portugal (⚐⃡)470
East Timor470
Noord Brabant province (arrondissements), in Netherlands (⚐⃡)450
Manabí, in Ecuador (⚐⃡)440
Pelagonia region, in Macedonia430
Eastern region, in Macedonia430
Southeastern region, in Macedonia430
Polog region, in Macedonia430
Northeastern region, in Macedonia430
Vardar region, in Macedonia430
Southwestern region, in Macedonia430
Dutch Antilles420
United Arab Emirates (eastern detail) (⚐⃡)400
Středočeský kraj, in Czechia360
Jihočeský kraj, in Czechia360
Plzeňský kraj, in Czechia360
Karlovarský kraj, in Czechia360
Ústecký kraj, in Czechia360
Liberecký kraj, in Czechia360
Královéhradecký kraj, in Czechia360
Pardubický kraj, in Czechia360
kraj Vysočina, in Czechia360
Jihomoravský kraj, in Czechia360
Olomoucký kraj, in Czechia360
Zlínský kraj, in Czechia360
Moravsko-Slezský kraj, in Czechia360
Zug Canton, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)340
Bratislavský kraj + Trnavský kraj, in Slovakia300
Trencianský kraj, in Slovakia300
Zilinský kraj, in Slovakia300
Prešovský kraj, in Slovakia300
Košický kraj, in Slovakia300
Banskobystrický kraj, in Slovakia300
Nitrianský kraj, in Slovakia300
Graubünden / Grigioni / Grishun Canton (circles), in Switzerland (⚐⃡)280
Graubünden / Grigioni / Grishun Canton (districts), in Switzerland280
Albula district, in Switzerland280
Bernina district, in Switzerland280
Imboden district, in Switzerland280
Hinterrhein district, in Switzerland280
Maloja district, in Switzerland280
Inn district, in Switzerland280
Landquart district, in Switzerland280
Moesa district, in Switzerland280
Prättigau/Davos district, in Switzerland280
Plessur district, in Switzerland280
Surselva district, in Switzerland280
Harjumaa, in Estonia250
Hiiumaa, in Estonia250
Ida Virumaa, in Estonia250
Järvamaa, in Estonia250
Jõgevamaa, in Estonia250
Läänemaa, in Estonia250
Lääne Virumaa, in Estonia250
Pärnumaa, in Estonia250
Põlvamaa, in Estonia250
Raplamaa, in Estonia250
Saaremaa, in Estonia250
Tartumaa, in Estonia250
Valgamaa, in Estonia250
Viljandimaa, in Estonia250
Võrumaa, in Estonia250
Guernesey (⚐⃡)230
Massachusetts, in United States225
Arrondisment of ’s-Gravenhage, in Netherlands200
Vaud Canton, in Switzerland190
Friesland province, in Netherlands175
Groningen province, in Netherlands (⚐⃡)175
Tōkyō-to, in Japan (⚐⃡)170
Tōkyō-to (Tama area), in Japan (⚐⃡)170
Tōkyō-to (23-ku area), in Japan (⚐⃡)170
Arrondisment of Breda, in Netherlands160
Arrondisment of ’s-Hertogenbosch, in Netherlands160
Overijssel province, in Netherlands150
Overijssel province (former municipalities), in Netherlands150
Luzern Canton, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)140
Drenthe province, in Netherlands140
Drenthe province (former municipalities), in Netherlands140
Palau Islands (Babeldoab detail)140
Uri Canton, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)130
Schwyz Canton, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)128
Schwyz Canton (districts), in Switzerland (⚐⃡)128
Zürich Canton, in Switzerland128
Skopje region, in Macedonia120
Neuchâtel Canton, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)100
Neuchâtel Canton (districts), in Switzerland100
Obwalden half Canton, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)100
Liechtenstein (⚐⃡)88
Bregaglia circle, in Switzerland77
Disentis circle, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)77
Lumnezia/Lugnez circle, in Switzerland77
Mesocco circle, in Switzerland77
Obrengadin circle, in Switzerland77
Ramosch circle, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)77
Sursees circle, in Switzerland77
Suot Tasna circle, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)77
Sur Tasna circle, in Switzerland77
Entlebuch district, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)70
Hochdorf district, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)70
Luzern district, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)70
Sursee district, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)70
Willisau district, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)70
Genève Canton, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)64
Nidwalden half Canton, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)64
Alvaschein circle, in Switzerland52
Bergün/Bravougn circle, in Switzerland52
Belfort circle, in Switzerland52
Dompleschg circle, in Switzerland52
Ilanz circle, in Switzerland52
Jenaz circle, in Switzerland52
Luzein circle, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)52
Ruis circle, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)52
Rheinwald circle, in Switzerland52
Schams circle, in Switzerland52
Safien circle, in Switzerland52
Schiers circle, in Switzerland52
Seewis circle, in Switzerland52
Għawdex island, in Malta50
Malta island, in Malta50
Calanca circle, in Switzerland40
Churwalden circle, in Switzerland40
Fünf Dörfer circle, in Switzerland40
Küblis circle, in Switzerland40
Maienfeld circle, in Switzerland40
Roveredo circle, in Switzerland40
Rhäsüs circle, in Switzerland40
Schaafigg circle, in Switzerland40
Thusis circle, in Switzerland40
Trins circle, in Switzerland40
Val Müstair circle, in Switzerland (⚐⃡)40
San Marino (⚐⃡)40
Macao (⚐⃡)21

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