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Confederate States of America (1861-1865)

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 flag 1st National
7 Star
 flag 1st National
11 Star
Confederate Stars/Bars 11.5 Star flag 1st National
11.5 Star
 flag 1st National
13 Star
 flag 1st National
15 Star
 flag 2nd National
 flag 3rd National
Arkansas 37th Infantry Regiment flag Arkansas
37th Infantry

 flag Army of
Northern Virginia
Army of Trans-Mississippi flag Army of
 flag Bonnie Blue
 flag Cherokee Braves
Choctaw Brigade flag Choctaw

Crossland Banner Crossland
 flag General Bradley Johnson HQ
 flag General Lee

General Richard Taylor flag General Richard Taylor
Gilliss-Biderman flag Gilliss-Biderman
General William J Hardee's Corps Flag Hardee's
Confederate States Marine Corps flag Marine Corps
Maryland 1st Infantry National My Maryland flag MD 1st Infantry
My Maryland
Maryland 1st Infantry Regimental Bucktail flag MD 1st Infantry
Maryland 2nd Infantry National flag MD 2nd Infantry
Maryland 2nd Infantry Regimental flag MD 2nd Infantry

Confederate 1861 Naval Jack flag Naval Jack (1861)
 flag Naval Jack (1863)
1st Kentucky Orphan Brigade flag Orphan Brigade
General Leonidas Polk's Corps Flag Polk's
Confederate Revenue Service flag Revenue Service
Van Dorn flag Van Dorn
Confederate Heritage Not Hate flag Heritage Not Hate

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