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Large Military Patches

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FLD #s
$11.00 each
[Military Patches] [Military Patches]
# Description
FLD-1687   Defenders of Freedom 5"
FLD-1053   101st Airborne 7"
FLD-1186   Flag & Eagle 6½" x 8½"
FLD-1027   POW/MIA Tower 8"
FLD-1225   Eagle w/Globe 7½"
FLD-1034   If You Haven't Been... 7"
FLD-1284   U.S. Flag 6 x 9½"
FLD-1071   173rd Airborne 7"
# Description
FLD-1055   3rd Mar. Div. 7"
FLD-1029   Chained Eagle 7"
FLD-1056   1st Cav. 7½"
FLD-1054   1st Mar. Div. 7½"
FLD-1052   POW/MIA 7"
FLD-1070   25th Inf. Div. 7"
FLD-1132   Pistol-Packin' Mama 9½"

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