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# Description
FLB-1365   US Army
FLB-1366   US Army Vet.
FLB-1367   US Army Retired
FLB-1698   USA Enduring Freedom Vet.
FLB-1646   USA Iraqi Freedom Vet.
FLB-1598   US Army Warrant Officer
FLB-1589   US Army Aviator
FLB-1588   Army Master Aviator
FLB-1639   US Army Military Police
FLB-1459   Combat Engineer Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1355   Combat Infantryman
FLB-1570   USA WWII Vet.
FLB-1638   Vietnam Era Veteran
FLB-1626 Vietnam All Gave Some...
FLB-1498   USA Korea Vet.
FLB-1347   Korea CIB
FLB-1444   USA Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1344   Vietnam CIB
FLB-1560   USA Gulf War Vet.
FLB-1405   Expert Field Medic
FLB-1374   Combat Medic
FLB-1603   Combat Engineer Veteran
FLB-1464   CBI Vet.
FLB-1333   US Army w/Tank
FLB-1436   1st Arm. Div.
FLB-1435   2nd Arm. Div.
FLB-1437   3rd Arm. Div.
FLB-1395   1st Cav. Div.
FLB-1531   1st Cav. Korea
FLB-1452   1st Cav. Vietnam
FLB-1417   1st Inf. Div.
FLB-1448   1st Inf. Div. Vietnam
FLB-1434   2nd Infantry Div.
FLB-1540   2nd Inf. Korea
FLB-1413   3rd Infantry Div.
FLB-1524   3rd Inf. Korea
FLB-1430   4th Infantry Div.
FLB-1449   4th Inf. Vietnam
FLB-1521   5th Inf. Div. Vietnam
FLB-1599   7th Inf. Div.
FLB-1526   7th Inf. Korea
FLB-1429   9th Inf. Div.
FLB-1450   9th Inf. Div. Vietnam
FLB-1439   11th ACR
FLB-1460   11th ACR Vet.
FLB-1410   Americal Div.
FLB-1543   23rd Inf. Div. Vietnam
FLB-1652   24th Inf. Div. Victory
FLB-1527   24th Infantry Korea
FLB-1398   25th Infantry Div.
FLB-1528   25th Inf. Korea
FLB-1451   25th Infantry Div. Vietnam
FLB-1653   29th Inf. Div.
FLB-1529   40th Inf. Korea
FLB-1530   45th Inf. Korea
FLB-1509   196th Inf. Vietnam
FLB-1510   199th Infantry BDE Vietnam
FLB-1586   11th Light Inf. Bde. Vietnam
FLB-1585   198th Light inf. Bde. Vietnam
FLB-1519   1st Field Force Viet Vet.
FLB-1541   5th Regt. Combat Team Korea
FLB-1595   75th Ranger Regt. Vietnam
FLB-1397   Special Forces
FLB-1456   Special Forces Vietnam
FLB-1537   Special Forces Airborne
FLB-1396   1st Special Forces A/B
FLB-1592   5th Special forces Vietnam
FLB-1557   MACV SOG Vietnam
FLB-1594   S.O.G. Vietnam
FLB-1337   US Paratrooper
FLB-1412   11th Airborne Div.
FLB-1402   82nd Airborne
FLB-1453   82nd Airborne Vietnam
FLB-1401   101st Airborne
FLB-1454   101st Airborne Vietnam
FLB-1399   173rd Airborne
FLB-1455   173rd Airborne Vietnam
FLB-1433   187th Airborne
FLB-1542   187th A/B Korea
FLB-1516   USARV Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1629   555th Parachute Inf. Triple Nickel
FLB-1517   MACV Vietnam
FLB-1518   1st Logistics Vietnam
FLB-1512   Army Sec. Agency Vietnam
FLB-1600   Army Sec. Agency Korea
FLB-1601   Army Sec. Agency Cold War
FLB-1513   18th MP Vietnam
FLB-1522   1st SIG Vietnam
FLB-1511   1st AVA Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1514   18th Engineer Vietnam
FLB-1515   20th Engineer Vietnam
FLB-1567   Buffalo Soldiers
FLB-1438   US Army Air Corps
FLB-1519   1st Field Force Viet Vet.
FLB-1520   2nd Field Force Viet Vet.
FLB-1368   USAF
FLB-1630   USAF Retired
FLB-1631   USAF Vet.
FLB-1369   USAF Vet.
FLB-1370   USAF Retired
FLB-1632   SMSgt USAF Retired
FLB-1553   USAF w/Medal
FLB-1335   USAF w/Jet
FLB-1583   USAF CMSGT Retired
FLB-1584   USAF MSGT Retired
FLB-1587   USAF Command Pilot
FLB-1500   USAF Korea Vet.
FLB-1446   USAF Vietnam
FLB-1563   USAF Gulf War Vet.
FLB-1658   USAF Red Horse Shield
FLB-1659   USAF Red Horse Circle
FLB-1649   USAF Iraqi Freedom Vet.
FLB-1633   Flat Top Sailor
FLB-1634   Sea Power
FLB-1336   US Navy w/Ship
FLB-1379   US Navy
FLB-1353   USN Veteran
FLB-1372   USN Retired
# Description
FLB-1561   USN Gulf War Vet.
FLB-1562   USN WWII Vet.
FLB-1640   U.S.N. Deep Sea Diver
FLB-1499   USN Korea Vet.
FLB-1647   USN Iraqi Freedom Vet.
FLB-1656   Tin Can Navy
FLB-1591   U.S. Naval Aviation
FLB-1359   POW/MIA Stamp
FLB-1109   Vietnam '59-'79
FLB-1107   Death Before Dishonor
FLB-1287   Ruger Eagle
FLB-1388   Remington
FLB-1489   CIB
FLB-1445   USN Vietnam
FLB-1483   USN CPO Retired
FLB-1485   USN MCPO Retired
FLB-1443   US Submarine Vet.
FLB-1468   The Best Marine...
FLB-1196   Seabees
FLB-1487   USN Seabees
FLB-1523   Seabees Vietnam
FLB-1554   USN Seals Vietnam
FLB-1341   Seal Team
FLB-1418   USN Corpsman
FLB-1643   USCG
FLB-1546   USCG Aux.
FLB-1394   USCG Vet.
FLB-1431   USCG Retired
FLB-1502   USCG Korea Vet.
FLB-1447   USCG Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1650   USCG Iraqi Freedom Vet.
FLB-1371   US Merchant Marine Vet.
FLB-1334   USMC
FLB-1682   USMC Script
FLB-1635   Marine Corps GOD Country Corps
FLB-1636   U.S.M.C. American by Birth...
FLB-1414   Once a Marine...
FLB-1375   USMC Vet. Red
FLB-1378   USMC Vet. Black
FLB-1377   USMC Retired Red
FLB-1376   USMC Retired Black
FLB-1564   USMC WWII Vet.
FLB-1501   USMC Korea Vet.
FLB-1425   USMC Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1565   USMC Gulf War Vet.
FLB-1488   USMC 225 Years
FLB-1426   USMC Exped.
FLB-1551   USMC Red
FLB-1552   USMC Black
FLB-1549   U.S.M.C. Red
FLB-1550   U.S.M.C. Black
FLB-1547   USMC Seal
FLB-1548   USMC Seal Round
FLB-1648   USMC Iraqi Freedom Vet.
FLB-1389   Marine Mustang Red
FLB-1391   Marine Mustang Black
FLB-1390   Recon Marine Red
FLB-1392   Recon Marine Black
FLB-1481   1st Airwing Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1532   1st Marine Korea
FLB-1362   1st Marine Div.
FLB-1457   1st Marine Vietnam Red
FLB-1466   1st Marine Vietnam Black
FLB-1361   2nd Marine Div.
FLB-1360   3rd Marine Div.
FLB-1467   3rd Marine Vietnam Black
FLB-1458   3rd Marine Vietnam Red
FLB-1363   4th Marine Div.
FLB-1411   5th Marine Div.
FLB-1364   6th Marine Div.
FLB-1463   Silver Star
FLB-1462   Bronze Star
FLB-1393   Purple Heart
FLB-1503   Purple Heart Korea
FLB-1461   Purple Heart Vietnam
FLB-1234   WWII Purple Heart
FLB-1235   Korea Purple Heart
FLB-1602   WWII Purple Heart
FLB-1644   Purple Heart Gulf War
FLB-1645   Purple Heart Iraqi Freedom
FLB-1558   Flag
FLB-1465   Master EOD
FLB-1440   CCC
FLB-1352   Ruptured Duck WWII
FLB-1505   WWII
FLB-1357   WWII Korea Vet
FLB-1506   50th Anniv. Korea
FLB-1508   Korea War 50th
FLB-1507   Korea War Vet.
FLB-1504   Korean War
FLB-1356   WWII/Korea/Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1358   Korea/Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1348   Korea Vet.
FLB-1497   Vietnam War
FLB-1576   Vietnam Vet. Proud
FLB-1340   Vietnam Vet. Jungle
FLB-1354   Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1660   44th Medical Brigade Vietnam Vet.
FLB-1423   Vietnam/Desert Storm Vet.
FLB-1416   Desert Storm Vet.
FLB-1380   Desert Storm Vet.
FLB-1597   Op. Enduring Freedom-10th Div.
FLB-1383   Operation Joint Endeavor
FLB-1534   Frequent Flyer Vietnam
FLB-1545   Vietnam Remembrance
FLB-1373   POW/MIA
FLB-1575   POW/MIA Flag
FLB-1359   Dog Tags
FLB-1108   U.S. Air Force-Eagle
FLB-1324   Seal Badge
FLB-1106   USN Fighter Weapons Sch. Top Gun
FLB-1236   USMC Spade Flags
FLB-1026   Chained Eagle
FLB-1403   POW/MIA Black&Red 4"
FLB-1028   POW/MIA Black&White 4"
FLB-1400   In Memory
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