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Poles and Brackets

House size varies - average is 28 x 40"
Garden size varies - average is 12 x 18"

[magnetic mailbox covers]
Mailbox Covers
Appliqued Single Sided 28x40" Hang Ups Wall Banner
[Spider-man banner flag]
[Wolverine man banner flag]
[Star Trek Next Generation banner flag]
Star Trek TNG

Boyd's Bears Banners
(discontinued - sold as is - while they last!)
Boyd's Bear Banner - Sebastian the Golfer
House Size
$9.00 (13 left)
Sebastian ... the Golfer
Boyd's Bear Banner - Ms Bruin the Teacher
House Size
$9.00 (7 left)
Ms. Bruin ... the Teacher
Boyd's Bear Banner - Wilson
Boyd's Bear Banner - Bailey's Birthday
House Size
$9.00 (4 left)
Bailey's Birthday
Boyd's Bear Banner - Hop-a-long
House Size
$9.00 (1 left)
Boyd's Bear Banner - Bailey's Bon Voyage
House Size
$9.00 (12 left)
Bailey's Bon Voyage
Boyd's Bear Banner - Santa in the Nick of Time
Santa... In The Nick Of Time
Boyd's Bear Banner - Emma
House Size
$9.00 (2 left)
Emma ...
Boyd's Bear Banner - Christian by the Sea
House Size
$9.00 (7 left)
Christian by the Sea
Boyd's Bear Banner - Homer Baseball Bear
House Size
$9.00 (5 left)
Homer ... Baseball Bear
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