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For many people, flag cases only come to mind in the event of a death. However, we've found our flag and display cases to be perfect for a variety of "more positive" occasions such as: Military and public service retirements, Eagle Scout and other special recognition, flags flown over the Capitol building in honor or in memory of a special occasion, and the storing of collectibles and memorabilia. And of course, our cases are always appropriate for both active duty and retired military deaths. When displayed in the home, a commemorative flag case is a sacred remembrance of those who gave of themselves to keep our nation strong and free. It is also a proper shrine for the 5x8' or 5x9.5' flag used to honor the veteran. The family will revere this heirloom for generations.
Executive flag case
Our Executive case features Cherry finished hardwood with a lovely beveled-glass front embossed with a high quality gold foil Great Seal of the United States. The Executive may be wall mounted or free standing. Easy-access, removable back panel.
(25 3/8" x 12 9/16" x 4 1/4")
#4 Executive   $135.00 each
( 5x8' or 5x9.5' U.S. flag )    
Veteran flag case
Veteran Oak

Veteran Cherry flag case
Veteran Cherry
With our standard quality construction, the Veteran case offers a clean, contemporary design with a decorative face edge. Elegantly display your flag in this glass-fronted unit by wall mounting or leave free standing. Easy-access, removable back panel. Available in solid Oak or hardwood with a Cherry finish.
(25 3/8" x 12 9/16" x 3 3/16")
#10 Veteran   $88.00 each
( 5x8' or 5x9.5' U.S. flag )    
Capitol flag case
The Capitol case accommodates a folded 3' x 5' flag. Wall mounted or free standing, the Capitol displays your flag through a glass front. A superb addition to any home's decor. Easy-access, removable back panel. Available in solid Oak or hardwood with a Cherry finish.
(16 1/2" x 8 3/8" x 3 3/16")
#11 Capitol   $77.00 each
( 3x5' U.S. flag )    
Economy Plastic flag case
Economy Plastic
Attractive durable flag cover for temporary storage
of triangular folded flags.
Clear vinyl front, blue background with red edging. Zipper closure.
Will hold up to a 5x9.5' flag.
Economy   $9.00 each

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