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Miscellaneous Flags (Israel)

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Israel support flag "We stand with Israel" (USA)

["We stand with Israel" flag] image located by Martin Karner

An US-made Israel support flag with the motto "We stand with Israel", with the motto in two lines on the blue stripes of the Israel national flag. Flag size 3x5 ft. (91x152 cm), polyester. (source)
Martin Karner, 11 October 2023

Israel support flag "In this home we stand with Israel" (USA)

["We stand with Israel" flag] image located by Martin Karner

An example of an US-made Israel support flag with the slogan "In this home we stand with Israel". Designed as a garden flag made of polyester with metallic cross bar and flagmast to put it in the ground. Flag size: 47x33 cm.
The design consists of an altered Israeli flag in the center, with a Golden and enlarged Star of David. The flag is framed at the top and bottom by elements of the US flag, three rows of white stars on blue on top and seven red and white stripes at the bottom.
The motto is divided into three lines over the flag. There are also variants without pole, or fixed on a staff, or fixed on a cross bar for vertical hanging. (source, source)
Martin Karner, 11 October 2023

Gilad Shalit solidarity flags

[Gilad Shalit flag] image by William Garrison

Gilad Shalit solidarity flag (in William Garrison's possession). Flag-pole sleeve on the left side.
The Hebrew inscriptions: Above on the right: "Gilad Shalit". Below: "And bring the boys/sons back to their borders", or: "And the boys/sons returned to their borders" (?)

Gilad Shalit (גלעד שליט, born 28 August 1986) is a former POW (prisoner of war) soldier of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who on 25 June 2006, was captured by Palestinian militants in a cross-border raid via a tunnel beneath the Gaza-Israeli border. Hamas held him captive for over five years, until his release on 18 October 2011 as part of a prisoner-exchange deal. This flag/banner was displayed to remind Israelis not to forget the long-imprisoned soldier. Apparently, something promoted by the "" c. 2010 (habanim = the boys/sons).
William Garrison, 12 October 2023

[Gilad Shalit flag] image located by William Garrison

Gilad Shalit solidarity flag. Hebrew inscription: "Gilad still lives" (Gilad adaiin khai). (source)
located by William Garrison, 16 October 2023

Israel flag "Freedom in our country"

["Freedom in our country" flag]     image located by William Garrison

An Israeli national flag with the Hebrew inscription "Freedom in our country" (khufesch beartzenu) on the lower blue band (For the writing on the obverse side see right image). (source)
William Garrison, 27 October 2023

Israel flag "toda raba"

[Toda raba flag] image located by William Garrison

Israeli flag with a tilted Star of David and the writing toda raba (thank you very much / thank you so much). The "bowing" star should express gratitude towards the Israeli military personnel (see newsletter photos: picture, picture).
(source: Jerusalem Post newsletter, 1 November 2023)
located by William Garrison, 2 November 2023

Flag of Nova music festival

[Nova music festival flag] image located by William Garrison

The light-blue-field flag of the "Nova" music festivals that are promoted by the Tel Aviv based "Eventer Company", ca. Oct. 2023. In the middle of the flag is the Nova logo: with the word "Nova" surrounded by short white lines/rays figuratively symbolizing a star exploding in space. Also on the flag, surrounding the logo, there are at the left two crescent moons that are a "pale white/light blue" color, while the right two crescent moons are a "sunrise" red-orange color. A Nova is a sudden increase in brightness of a star before shrinking back down to normality. More powerful than a nova, a supernova is an explosion that heralds the demise of a star.

Nova music festivals originally developed in Brazil about 1998 and the "Tribe of Nova" organization produces music festivals in various countries. I am uncertain as to the legal status of the "Nova" trademark; there seems to be a number of "Nova" music-festival copycats. There have been previous "Nova Rock" music festivals. There was a "Nova Fest" held in Fairfax, Virginia (USA) that was titled: "The Northern Virginian 10th Annual International Film and Music Festival" in April 2023.

The Israel Nova music festival 7 Oct 2023 attack: A Nova open-air music festival was held 6–7 October 2023 near the kibbutz Re'im, which is located in the desert about midway near the eastern Gaza-Israel border. Festival goers were allowed to enter the open-field fairgrounds a couple of hours before midnight for partying before listening to bands the following day, Saturday the 7th. The event's ticket promoter was the Tel Aviv based Eventer Company. It advertised the event as: "Tribe of Nova Presents: Supernova Sukkot ... 6–7 Oct 2023 ... Universo Paralello ... World Tour: Israel Edition ... Nova." It was scheduled to coincide with Jewish holidays: the final day of Sukkot (Friday, 6 October 2023) and Simchat Torah (Saturday, 7 October). Sukkot is one of the three major festivals in Judaism and is both an agricultural festival of thanksgiving and commemoration of the forty-year period during which the children of Israel wandered in the Sinai desert after leaving slavery in Egypt (ca. 1446 BCE), living in temporary shelters (called sukkot) as they traveled. The outdoor, open-field music festival was attacked by Hamas-Palestinian militants [and civilians] shortly after sunrise on Saturday the 7th. Out of some 3000 concert goers, 364 festival attendees were killed and another 45 were kidnapped and forcibly moved into captivity back inside the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. At the same time other Hamas militants [and civilians] also attacked and killed or captured another 800+ Israeli settlers and soldiers, foreign visitors and guest workers along the shared border.
The Israel Oct. 2023 festival was "one of three unique pre-festival events taking place worldwide, as Nova approached the 17th edition of the Universo Paralello festival to be held during the celebrations of the new civil year [1 Jan 2024] in Praia de Pratigi, located on the southern coast of Bahia, Brazil, within the mystical rainforest."

As at most concerts, there was likely a souvenir stand selling Nova flags, t-shirts, etc. The Nova festival flag (see above). In the sunrise hours of Oct. 7, 2023, a female raver was filmed swaying with the Nova flag (photo #2a & #2b). An undated (early Dec. 2023?) photo (#3) shows several Israeli soldiers holding a Nova flag found somewhere along Gaza's northwestern Mediterranean coast, possibly looted by Hamas militants rummaging through the Nova music festival. A Nova flag (#4) is seen at an Eventer Company music-memorial planning meeting (late Oct. 2023?) for the 11–12 Nov 2023 memorial music concert held in Sdot Yam near Caesarea, Israel.

[#2a] #2a      [#2b] #2b

[#3] #3        [#4] #4

Sources: (flag source / restricted access)

William Garrison, 28 December 2023

Israel flag with different religious and ideological symbols

[Israel multi-religion flag] image located by William Garrison

Israeli national flag with different religious and ideological symbols and rainbow colours. We can't discern the writing on the central symbol. The symbols around the Star of David (beginning with the cross, clockwise): Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Baha'i, Multi Gender, Socialism (?). (source)
located by William Garrison, 2 November 2023

Personal remembrance flag for Israeli Golani soldier

[Remembrance flag] image located by William Garrison

Personal remembrance flag for a fallen Israeli soldier from the Golani Regiment. The flag is a Israeli national flag, added with a photo of the fallen soldier and a green olive tree depiction. The tree symbol is the typical olive tree depicted on the Golani Regiment units, with the inscription "Golani" below it. The flag was presented on occasion of a visit of the organization "Friends of the IDF" ( at the family of the soldier. (picture, source)
located by William Garrison, 4 January 2024

See also:   Friends of the IDF

Pink Heart Israel Flag (Abused Israeli women)

[Pink heart flag] image located by Esteban Rivera

In the wake of the current Israel-Hamas war, a picture is seen featuring the Israeli flag and instead of the Star of David, it features a heart, all in pink. In this context, it refers to abused Israeli women in Hamas' captivity.


Esteban Rivera, 6 January 2024

Canada-Israel friendship flag

[Canada-Israel flag] image located by William Garrison

Canada-Israel friendship flag, probably made in Canada, with the Canadian national flag in the hoist, accompanied by the Israeli national flag in the fly. Both flags are truncated diagonally. Flag ratio ca. 2:1. (source; picture from 20 Nov 2023)
located by William Garrison, 15 January 2024

Belgium-Israel solidarity flag

[Belgium-Israel solidarity flag] video located by Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 7 April 2024

Flag from the Belgian Group "Belgium stands with Israel". Israeli national flag with Star of David in Belgian colours (black-yellow-red). On the top blue stripe the inscription in Latin letters: "Belgium stands with Israel". On the bottom blue stripe the same wording in Hebrew (Belgia omedet am Israel; עם also having the meaning of by, with).
located by William Garrison, 6 April 2024

Flag with logo

[Belgium-Israel solidarity flag] video located by Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 7 April 2024

Sources: (Video from 2015, flags showed at 1:22 and 2:04) (news report from 11 Oct 2023, picture)

Variant or former flag

[Belgium-Israel solidarity flag] video located by Martin Karner, 8 April 2024

Variant (or former) flag. Belgian national flag with white inscription: "BELGIUM STANDS WITH ISRAEL".
Source: (Video from 2014, flag shown at 0:02 and 0:20, picture)

Youtube channel of "Belgium stands with Israel":

located by Martin Karner, 8 April 2024