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Portuguese Sport Flags

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About portuguese sport flags

Some portuguese sport flags are described by Adolf Durán in “Portugal: Banderas Corporativas (II)” Banderas 43 (1992.06): 26-27 [drn92], not without error.
António Martins, 26 Jul 1999

These flags can be seen at the clubs’ facilities, where competitions are being held and flown by adepts in many other locations throughout the country (and beyond it — seems that portuguese emmigrant abroad, some 3 or 4 million, may not know who’s the President of Portugal, but they sure know who’s on the “11” of their favourite soccer team…)
António Martins, 26 Jul 1999

Municipal flag influence

Sport club’s emblems in Portugal usually resemble partially or completely the arms of the places where they come from. An example of these is Rio Ave (Vila do Conde).
Jorge Candeias, 04 Mar 1999

But there are much worse examples, some even hard to distinguish from the respective municipal flag, like Grupo Desportivo de Lagoa.
António Martins, 06 Mar 1999

This is also a common phenomenon: the permanence in the club’s emblems of obsolete municipal coats of arms of which the most evident is that of Futebol Clube do Porto.
Jorge Candeias, 04 Mar 1999

Trophies on clubs’ flags

Concerning the flag the flag of Boavista (for example), and considering its recent victory, I would have expected some charge added to highlight it — a golden star or something like this.
Ivan Sache, 25 Oct 2001

That’s not in our tradition. Probably because the “usual suspects” have some tens of titles and it would clutter their flags and symbols, or probably because nobody thought of that, the fact is that nobody adds stars or other design elements to their symbols when winning titles around here…
Jorge Candeias, 25 Oct 2001

Portuguese Rollerskating Federation
Federação Portuguesa de Patinagem

FPP flag
image by António Martins, 10 Aug 2004

In the white background is a Christ Knights’ Order cross with the national arms in center and two crossed hockey-sticks. Above the emblem semicircular legend that says: «Federação Portuguesa de Patinagem».
Jaume Ollé and Jorge Candeias, 15 Jun 1999

Portuguese Equestrian Federation
Federação Equestre Portuguesa

FEP flag
image by Jorge Candeias, 28 Aug 2003

The flag is blue with the logo in yellow. The logo consists of a picture of a horse’s head looking back, inside a horseshoe-shaped bordure, where the words FEDERAÇÃO EQUESTRE PORTUGUESA are displayed.
Jorge Candeias, 28 Aug 2003

The Federação Equestre Portuguesa (Portuguese Equestrian Federation) is the body that rules over equestrian sport, olympic or not, in Portugal. Founded in 1927, it is a member of the International Equestrian Federation. Equestrian sport, although not very popular in Portugal (it’s a bit of an aristocratic pass-time, or at least that’s its image), has brought to the country some of its best sporting titles ever, including several olympic medals of all three metals. In the competitions organized or sponsored by the FEP, its flag is a common sighting.
Jorge Candeias, 28 Aug 2003

Portuguese Volleyball Federation
Federação Portuguesa de Voileibol

FVP flag
image by António Martins-Tuválkin, 9 June 2005

I had this logo in store since 2002, waiting to know the flag. Last weekend in Oporto I finally saw it hoisted at the (regional) HQ of the Portuguese Volleyball Federation: as expected, it is a white flag with the logo on it - complete with full name, of course.
The logo is blue, consisting of the letters "FPV", set in a highly stylized face, the ascending branch of "V" simulating a volleyball net and above it a disc filled with a simplified version of the portuguese national flag (eq. div and yellow disc for emblem).
For further information click FPV webpage!
António Martins-Tuválkin, 9 June 2005

Portuguese Golfing Federation
Federação Portuguesa de Golfe

FVP flag
image by Jorge Candeias, 25 Jan 2006

The newspaper "Região Sul" published in 26 November 2003 a piece about the creation of an official House of Golf in the Algarve that was illustrated by a photo showing the two gentlemen that signed the protocol and three flags. These are:
In the left we've got the flag of the European Golfing Federation
In the centre, we have the portuguese national flag.
In the right, almost hidden outside the picture, there's a flag that can be identified through the similarity of the visible part of its charge and the emblem that is hanging in the wall, which belongs to the FPG, Federação Portuguesa de Golfe, or Portuguese Golfing Federation.
It's a white flag (what a surprise!) with the FPG emblem centred. The emblem consists of the portuguese shield with stylized towers in place of the castles, surrounded by the name of the federation in golden caps and crowned by two crossed golf clubs, also golden.
Jorge Candeias, 25 Jan 2006

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