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Title: Le bandiere Asafo
(in English: Asafo Flags)
Medium: kit
Main author(s): Daniela Vespoli; Francesco Vespoli
Edition (publisher: place): Multicultura: (unknown location) (Italy)
Language: Italian
Remarks: Available on line. Series laboratori didattici.


Missing info! (5)
(in English: Saint George Victorious. (The image of St.George Victorous in Russia))
Medium: book
Main author(s): Георгий В. Вилинбахов | Georgiĭ V. Vilinbaqov; Т. Вилинбахова | T. Vilinbakhova
Edition (publisher: place): (unknown publisher): Санкт-Петербург | Sankt-Peterburg (Russia)
Language: Russian
Edition date: 1995
Pages: 159
Remarks: Colour illustrations; hard cover.


Missing info! (2)
Title: Vexilología municipal: Castilla y León
Medium: article in a vexillological source
Main author(s): Vicente Cadenas y Vicent; (others)
Language: Castillian (a.k.a. Spanish)
Source title: Banderas [ban]
Source number (date): 51 (1994)


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Title: Storia della Bandiera dello Stato della Città del Vaticano
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Language: Italian
Source title: Mondo Vaticano — Passato e Presente
Source number (date): (1995)
Source edition (publisher: place): Libreria Editrice Vaticana: Vaticanum / Vaticano (Vatican)
Remarks: Available on line.


Missing info! (5)
Title: Việt-nam Dan Chú Cong Hoa
Medium: book
Edition (publisher: place): Edit. en Leng Etrang: Hà Nội (Viet Nam)
Language: Vietnamese
Edition date: 1956
Pages: 8
Remarks: Listed in [brz75] as #139.

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