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Missing info! (2)
Title: Bürgertum, Staatssymbolik und Staatsbewusstsein im Deutschen Kaiserreich 1871-1914
(in English: Bourgeoisie, state symbolism and state consciousness in the German Empire 1871-1914)
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Wolfgang Hardtwig
Language: German (High)
Source title: Geschichte und Gesellschaft: Zeitschrift für historische Sozialwissenschaften
Source number (date): 16 (1990)
Source pages: 269-295
Source edition (publisher: place): Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht: Göttingen (Germany)



Title: She didn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance
Medium: article in a vexillological source
Main author(s): Nat Hentoff
Language: English
Source title: NAVA News [nav]
Source number (date): 1985 Jul./Aug. (1985.07-08)
Source pages: 2



Missing info! (5)
Title: Two Flags Flying
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Keith C. Heidorn, PhD
Language: English
Source title: The Weather Doctor’s Weather Almanac
Source number (date): (1999.10)
Source edition (publisher: place): The Weather Doctor: (unknown location) (Canada)
Remarks: Available on line.



Missing info! (2)
Title: Die Flaggen des Bundeslandes Hamburg
(in English: The flags of the federal state Hamburg)
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Jörg Hertenstein
Language: German (High)
Source title: Hamburgische Geschichts- und Heimatblätter
Source number (date): 11 (1985)
Source pages: 153-158
Source edition (publisher: place): Verein für Hamburgische Geschichte: Hamburg (Germany)



Missing info! (3)
Title: Staatszeremoniell
(in English: State ceremonial)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Jürgen Hartmann
Edition (publisher: place): Carl Heymanns: Köln (Germany)
Language: German (High)
Edition date: 1990 (2nd ed.)



Missing info! (5)
Title: Colours of the Regular Army Infantry of the Line
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Eric Hamilton
Language: English
Source title: Military Historical Society Bulletin
Source number (date): 1 sp- (1968)
Source edition (publisher: place): Military Historical Society: (unknown location)



Missing info! (7)
Title: Heraldisk tidsskrift
(in English: Review of Heraldry)
Medium: periodical
Language: unknown
Publishing dates: 1960-

285 entries in this source:

issue 1:
p.2-6: [wrm60]; p.16-18: [ten60]; p.27-36: [vwh60]; p.39: [ach60];
issue 2:
p.60-71: [stz60];
issue 3:
p.90: [ach61]; p.90-92: [ten61]; p.92-94: [tlu61]; p.115-118: [ach61a]; p.119-122: [ten61a]; p.130-131: [kld61]; p.131-132: [ach61b];
issue 4:
p.138-146: [kwh61]; p.147-149: [eri61]; p.152-156: [wff61]; p.161-170: [pye61]; p.171-172: [num61]; p.183-184: [wss61];
issue 5:
p.185-189: [ten62a]; p.193-196: [grp62]; p.197-204: [ach62]; p.208-209: [kld62]; p.215-223: [vwh62]; p.230-231: [paa62]; p.231: [ten62];
issue 6:
p.243-245: [kwh62]; p.246: [ach62a]; p.247-251: [gil62]; p.254-256: [eri62]; p.257-258: [stz62]; p.261-268: [ach62b]; p.278: [ach62f]; p.279-280: [ach62c];
issue 7:
p.287-289: [sly63]; p.293-306: [hax63]; p.309: [ran63]; p.310-211: [ach63b]; p.311: [ach63]; p.313: [hlm63]; p.313-316: [ten63]; p.316: [sly63a]; p.316-318: [ach63c]; p.319: [ach63a]; p.319-320: [hzl63]; p.321-323: [ach63d];
issue 8:
p.345-349: [aco63]; p.350-356: [sch63a]; p.357-358: [urj63]; p.365-366: [slt63]; p.374-276: [krg63];
issue 9:
p.383-384: [ten64b]; p.384-386: [ach64]; p.386-388: [sly64]; p.388: [hlm64]; p.389-390: [ten64a]; p.390: [ten64]; p.393-394: [hei64];
issue 10:
p.425-428: [mjh64]; p.446: [nyg64]; p.447-448: [ach64a];
issue 11:
p.45-47: [ach65]; p.47-49: [ten65]; p.49-50: [hlm65]; p.50-52: [sly65]; [hah65];
issue 12:
p.57-61: [krg65]; p.62: [mth65]; p.83-88: [sch65]; p.101-104: [ach65a];
issue 13:
p.105-107: [sly66]; p.107-108: [hlm66]; p.107-112: [ten66]; p.112-113: [ach66]; p.114-116: [hga66]; p.139-141: [kwh66];
issue 14:
p.153-169: [vwh66]; p.180-184: [sch66];
issue 15:
p.215-221: [sly67]; p.222-223: [hlm67]; p.223-225: [ten67]; p.225-226: [ach67a]; p.226-230: [sly67a]; p.242: [ach67];
issue 16:
p.292-293: [wss60]; p.295: [ped67];
issue 17:
p.297-302: [num68]; p.323-324: [ten68]; p.324-325: [ach68]; p.325-327: [hlm68]; p.329-333: [hed68];
issue 18:
p.359: [paa68]; p.360: [sie68a]; p.361-366: [vjb68]; p.385-392: [ach68a];
issue 19:
p.405-406: [ach69]; p.409-410: [ach69a]; p.412-413: [sch69]; p.413-414: [ach69b]; p.414: [hlm69]; p.415-416: [ten69]; p.423-440: [ach69c];
issue 20:
p.441-445: [ach69d]; p.445-449: [ach69e]; p.450-467: [trt69]; p.468-473: [sch69a];
issue 21:
p.29-39: [trt70a];
issue 22:
p.57-65: [buh70]; p.66-67: [ach70]; p.67-69: [ten70]; p.69-71: [hlm70]; p.71 + 74-76: [sly70]; p.72-74: [num70]; p.77-85: [cpp70];
issue 23 (?):
p.105-116: [ach71a];
issue 23:
p.117-126: [sch71a]; p.126-146: [trt71];
issue 24:
p.169-173: [sch71]; p.173: [ten71]; p.173-175: [ach71]; p.175-176: [hlm71];
issue 25:
p.201-229: [vwh72]; p.232-233: [sch72];
issue 26:
p.262-263: [ran72]; p.285-286: [hts72]; p.286-291: [sly72]; p.291-294: [ach72]; p.294-295: [ach72a];
issue 27:
p.297-305: [hax73a]; p.333-344: [pst73];
issue 28:
p.372-376: [fig73]; p.381-382: [bdy73]; p.383-384: [sly73]; p.384-386: [ach73]; p.386-388: [ach73a]; p.388-390: [trt73];
issue 29:
p.393-412: [xse74]; p.420-422: [sly74]; p.422-423: [ach74];
issue 30:
p.452: [sch74]; p.453-458: [ach74b]; p.463: [sly74a]; p.463-467: [ach74c]; p.467: [ach74a];
issue 31:
p.22-24: [deg75]; p.26-28: [ach75a]; p.39-48: [bhc75];
issue 32:
p.69-74: [hax73]; p.94-104: [cpp75a];
issue 33:
p.127-138: [bdy76];
issue 34:
p.153-154: [ach76]; p.155-160: [ach76a]; p.160-161: [ten76]; p.162-167: [trt76]; p.167-176: [knw76];
issue 35:
p.209-249: [kld77];
issue 36:
p.273-276: [sly77]; p.279-284: [bon77]; p.299: [deg77]; p.299: [ped77];
issue 37:
p.312-313: [sch78]; p.334-340: [hga78]; p.351-352: [ach78d];
issue 38:
p.353-362: [thq78]; p.366-371: [deg78]; p.376-379: [ach78b]; p.379-382: [sly78]; p.387-390: [hed78a]; p.397-398: [bbj78];
issue 39:
p.416-425: [kld79]; p.447-448: [paa79];
issue 41:
p.23-42: [ach80]; [knw80];
issue 42:
p.57-68: [sch80]; p.69-75: [ach80a]; p.83-86: [hax80];
issue 44:
p.153-185: [hga82a]; p.190: [kld82a];
issue 45 (?):
p.201-205: [ach82b]; p.205-206: [ach82c]; p.206-214: [nss82]; p.215-217: [knw82];
issue 45:
p.218-229: [ttt82]; p.229: [tnn82]; p.230-231: [pra82]; p.232: [eri82a];
issue 46:
p.261-264: [hus82]; p.265-274: [eri82]; p.293: [spn82];
issue 47:
p.297-299: [ach83]; p.299-300: [spn83a]; p.299-308: [nss83]; p.315-324: [ttt83]; p.325-330: [xse83];
issue 48:
p.370-371: [ten83]; p.372-373: [hus83a]; p.377-378: [spn83]; p.381: [bdy83a];
issue 51:
p.9-10: [ach85]; p.11-22: [nss85]; p.34-37: [cpp85]; p.39-42: [pad85a];
issue 52:
p.79-85: [fud85]; p.86-88: [pad85];
issue 53:
p.105-113: [tgs86]; p.114-116: [bdy86a];
issue 54:
p.137-140: [ach86]; p.140-141: [ten86]; p.141-150: [nss86]; p.150-154: [nev86]; p.155-174: [loy86]; p.184-187: [pad86]; p.188-189: [bdy86]; p.189: [spn86]; p.313-314: [cpp88a];
issue 55:
p.202-202: [vwh87]; p.203: [ten87a]; p.204-210: [ach87]; p.211-222: [bbj87]; p.223-224: [lga87];
issue 56:
p.258-263: [bgt87]; p.275-277: [ten87]; p.278-282: [sun87]; p.301-305: [pad87];
issue 57:
p.352-354: [bdy88a];
issue 58:
p.361-363: [bdy88b]; p.364-377: [nss88]; p.377-382: [nev88a]; p.404-408: [pad88];
issue 59:
p.428-438: [cpp89];
issue 60:
p.457-461: [thc89]; p.477-479: [jng89]; p.480-483: [bbj89b]; p.486: [pad89];
issue 62:
p.41-55: [nss90]; p.55-58: [nev90]; p.58-61: [bdy90a]; p.62-69: [sie90]; p.70-83: [bdy90];
issue 63:
p.105-112: [tgs91];
issue 64:
p.141-153: [nss91]; p.154-158: [cpp91]; p.168-182: [bdy91]; p.198-200: [bny91];
issue 65:
p.205-214: [ten92]; p.229-230: [bdy92a];
issue 66:
p.237-240: [cpp92]; p.241-256: [bgs92];
issue 67:
p.301-316: [bgt93];
issue 68:
p.333-343: [nss93]; p.343-345: [bdy93]; p.366-382: [bnx93];
issue 69:
p.397-412: [bdy94]; p.419-425: [cpp94];
issue 70:
p.448-470: [vwh94];
issue 71:
p.9-26: [fll95]; p.27-32: [nev95];
issue 72:
p.41-70: [bbj95]; p.91-93: [fee95]; p.95-96: [slt95];
issue 73:
p.105-110: [nev96]; p.111-117: [kkl96];
issue 74:
p.192-193: [slt96];
issue 76:
p.233-260: [bdy97]; p.269-273: [pad97]; p.274-281: [vto97]; p.282-283: [slt97]; p.283-284: [deg97];
issue 77:
p.321-322: [slt98b]; p.323-324: [slt98c];
issue 78:
p.354-366: [nss98]; p.383-384: [sid98];
issue 79:
p.393-411: [oss99]; p.412-420: [nev99];
issue 80:
p.425-444: [tgs99]; p.451-453: [bdy99a];
issue 81:
p.21-27: [nev00]; p.30-31: [cpp00];
issue 49#45;50:
p.21-30: [bdy84]; p.31-41: [fjo84]; p.42-50: [spn84]; p.107-138: [p8t84]; p.214-222: [deg84]; p.251-255: [fee84]; p.315-321: [cpp84]; [lud84];



Missing info! (1)
Title: Nye kommunevåpen i Norden — Norge
(in English: New municipal arms in the Nordic countries — Norway)
Medium: article in a vexillological source
Language: Norwegian (Bokmål)
Source title: Heraldisk tidsskrift [hts]
Source number (date): 26 (1972)
Source pages: 285-286



Missing info! (3)
Title: Geschichte der sächsischen Fahnen und Standarten
Medium: book
Main author(s): Johann Edmund Hottenroth
Edition (publisher: place): G.A. Kaufmanns Buchhandlung: Dresden (Germany)
Language: German (High)
Edition date: 1910
Pages: 171 + xii
Format: 27 cm
Remarks: «Benutzte Quellen und Hilfsmittel»



Title: The brandywine flag
Medium: article in a vexillological source
Main author(s): John M. Hartvigsen
Language: English
Source title: The Flag Bulletin [tfb]
Source number (date): XXXVIII-2 = 186 (1999)
Source pages: 50-68

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