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Aguada (Puerto Rico)

Villa de San Francisco de Asís de la Aguada

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by Blas Delgado Ortiz, 14 June 2001

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The Flag

At site (now defunct - see: Reported Wrong Flags) there is image of the flag of Aguada in Puerto Rico. The flag is vertically yellow - purple - white; in the centre of the yellow bar a white star; in the center of the purple bar a white cross ending in 4 stars and in a arc on top of it the name AGUADA (capitals); on the white bar on the right a blue triangle pointing downwards with a bird flying upward (dove, hawk?).
At the Lexjuris site (see: Reported Wrong Flags) the Aguada-flag is divided in three parts, all running diagonally.
Can someone resolve the problem whether the bars are vertical or diagonal? (My guess is that the blue triangle with the Dove is causing the confusion on the Lexjuris site
Jarig Bakker , 25 January 2000

Well, I visited the sites myself and they look quite a bit different. One appears to be an "official" site, and the other more "real", since it looks like a photograph of real flag. Maybe it has suffered changes?
As for the explanation of the flag, I can get this clean: "Over the white field, there is a blue triangle, and on the blue triangle, a white dove, symbol of the peace that unites all the peoples in a brotherly link " [something like a brothers hug].
The center is not purple, it is red ("bandera tricolor: blanco, rojo y amarillo.") (I see that from the pictures too, maybe it is our "latin" interpretation of colours).
The bird in the blue triangle is a dove ("sobre el tria'ngulo azul una paloma blanca").
Unfortunately, there is no mention about wheter the bars are vertical or diagonal.
Moreover, the cross in the lexjuris is black, but the one in the other site is white!
the creator is Pedro Ve'lez Adro'var.
Nicolas Rucks , 25 January 2000

The text does not indicate at all whether the stripes are vertical or otherwise. Actually it is even more confusing, since it names the colours from the fly to the hoist rather than the opposite way as usual
Santiago Dotor , 25 January 2000

The flag of the Villa de San Francisco de Asís de la Aguada is a tricolor one: white, red and yellow (in no specific order). This flag was designed by Pedro Vélez Adrover. White stands for human beings purity and the quietness of the crystal  waters of Culebrinas river and the Columbine wells. Over the white background is a blue triangle with a white dove in the center, symbol of peace that unites all peoples in a fraternal hug. Red stands for the martyrdom of the Franciscan friars of El Espinal; above the red background arises a cross as the victorious standard of the birth of Christendom in Puerto Rico, and surrounding the cross the name of the city of Aguada. Yellow stands for its inhabitants' happiness and hospitality, and over the yellow center a star, as a symbol of the people's hope that fight for attaining a greater development and progress. Again, a mistake of Lexjuris, which presented the flag with the cross tilted and without the "Aguada" legend above it. The actual description of the flag mentions the legend.
Blas Delgado Ortiz, 6 April 2001 and 14 June 2001

Above is the correct flag of the Aguada. We found it in a publication of the Municipality of Aguada.
Juan Colón De Jesús, 9 June 2001

Reported Wrong Flags

by Blas Delgado Ortiz, 3 April 2001

Wrong flag according to site

by Thanh-Tam Le, 11 January 1999

Wrong flag according to Lexjuris site

Coat of Arms

by Nelson Román, 15 July 2004

Aguada (literally: water-station, to water) -  The shield of Aguada is the seal that the Municipal Government officially uses.  It was given to the "Villa de San Francisco de Asís de la Aguada" by the Royal Bill of Grace of January 14, 1778, by King Charles III. With it, they recognized the personality of the "Villa" as part of the Island of San Juan Bautista de Puerto Rico.  It carries then symbols of history, religion and culture.  The cross, with the interlaced arms of the Redeemer and our Father Saint Francis, signifies the badge of the Order of Lesser Frays of San Francisco, which means: "peace and fraternal hug between man and the Redeemer".  The sun below the cross symbolizes the light that brightens the world. He who believes in Light and in Truth shall not be blind forever.  The lower part of the shield consists of five Columbine ships that symbolize the second voyage of Christopher Columbus, who arrived to our island on November 19, 1493, by the "Guaniquilla' coast, where he calmed his thirst in the Aguada wells. (Very contested, but probably the most plausible site of the actual landing).  The mural crown in the upper part of the shield signifies the title "Muy Leal Villa" (very loyal village), that was given to this town by King Charles III, in the Royal Bill of Grace of January 14, 1778.  The official colors of the shield are: red, which stands for the fraternal love that kindles all Aguada; gold stands for the Spanish royalty in Puerto Rico; green stands for our land's hope and fertility; black's the beam that redeemed the world; blue's the sky and the kingship of the Creator; white's the Redeemer's purity and the purity of our people toward the cultural patrimony.
Source: "Banderas y escudos municipales" (Flags and Municipal Shields) by Anisa Productions Inc.
Blas Delgado Ortiz, 31 May 2001