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Pakistan - Sip‚h-e-S‚haba Party

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Party Sip‚h-e-S‚haba

[Party Sip‚h-e-S‚haba] by Jorge Hurtado

Seen on a visit to Pakistan from February to March 2001, several variants are known (shown below).
Michel Lupant, published in Gaceta de Banderas, October 2001

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Variants of the Flag

[Party Sip‚h-e-S‚haba] by Jorge Hurtado

[Party Sip‚h-e-S‚haba] by Jorge Hurtado

[UFE] by Santiago Dotor

In a recent TV report about a demonstration in Pakistan against US intervention in Afghanistan, I spotted a flag which I have been unable to find in FOTW. It is somewhat reminiscent of that of Jammu and Kashmir, but certainly different. It shows a green field with white crescent and star pointing to the bottom fly, with a canton made of seven (perhaps only five) stripes blue-white and the remaining half of the hoist (i.e., beneath the canton) red. The star is somewhat elaborate. I am in doubt as to the proportions of the flag, looking at the image I would think it was 1:2 rather than 2:3, but I seem to recall the hoist defacements certainly looked like two square areas as in my image,
Santiago Dotor, 19 September 2001

This flag has been reported before as a flag used in Pakistani-occupied Kashmir, perhaps even the flag of the Pakistani Kashmir. I'm not aware of any connection with the Taliban or Bin Laden's group.
Jorge Candeias, 19 September 2001

I believe the contributor is comparing this flag to that of the Azad Kashmir.  It is in fact quite different from the Azad Kashmir flag.
Santiago Dotor, 20 September 2001

[UFE] by Jorge Candeias

I've seen today this flag in the reports about demonstrations in Peshawar. It appeared here and there in the middle of a sea of Jamiat e Islami flags. I was paying close attention this time, and I came to a couple of conclusions somewhat different to Santiago's. For one, I'm almost positive that the stripes in the canton are white and black instead of blue and white. And then, it seemed to me that the "star" is curved rather than angular, sort of flower-like.

I do agree with Santiago's assertions about sizes and ratios. The red and black and white areas at the hoist are positively square, leaving another, larger, square at the hoist. The crescent, though, was placed as in the Pakistani flag, pointing 45ļ up and toward the fly, and the whole crescent+"flower" device seemed to me a lot larger than in Santiago's image.
Jorge Candeias, 28 September 2001

I also saw those images with several similar flags. I still have the impression that the stripes are dark blue, but not so dark as to be mistaken with black. I also agree about the orientation of the emblem, with respect to the recent TV images. However I am very sure that the first one I saw days ago had the emblem pointing to lower fly, as in my image. Most probably these flags do not have specifications, so that different handed- and industry-made versions co-exist. I believe the key elements to clear up would be the colour of the canton stripes and the orientation of the central emblem.
Santiago Dotor, 1 October 2001

I've seen this flag often, but never long and close enough to get a good look of the symbol. Until just now. I just saw in one of our channels' late night news a flag being waved in front of the camera and the symbol was very clear. And the conclusions are:
- The number of "points" is indeed 5. There's no doubt left about it;
- The "star" is not really a star, but quite flower-like instead;
- The shape of each point/petal is semicircular;
- The depressions are pointed
Of course, there's the possibility that this is simply a variation. But I'm absolutely positive that in that specific flag these were the characteristics of the symbol. It looked pretty professionally-made - no amateur stitching or painting.
Jorge Candeias, 15 October 2001

[UFE] by Juan Manuel Gabino VillascŠn

This flag seems to be a variant of UFE 1 - it was seen on the TV news in Mexico. Black and white stripes over an orange square, the rest is green.
Juan Manuel Gabino VillascŠn, 13 October 2001

[UFE] by Juan Manuel Gabino VillascŠn

Another version lacks the red-orange square.
Juan Manuel Gabino VillascŠn, 13 October 2001

[UFE] by Juan Manuel Gabino VillascŠn

This flag has inside the star the name of Mohammad plus other inscriptions.
Juan Manuel Gabino VillascŠn
, 26 October 2001