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Italy - Regional Political Flags - Index and Overview

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Regional Political Parties, Movements and Organizations

Listed below are regional parties. Parties that are active in all or most of Italy are listed on a separate page.

Abbr. Listed by local names Listed by English names

Rosso Mori


L'Alto Adige nel Cuore
a Manca pro s'Indipendentzia
Autonomie Liberté Participation Écologie
BürgerUnion für Südtirol
Comune Slovena
Costruire Democrazia
Die Freiheitlichen
indipendèntzia Repùbrica de Sardigna
Lega Nord
Moderati e Popolari
Movimento Autonomista Toscano
Movimento per l'Indipendenza della Sicilia
Partidu Indipendentista Sardu
Partito Autonomista Trentino Tirolese
Partito Sardo d'Azione
Progetu Repùblica de Sardigna
La Puglia prima di tutto
Riformatori Sardi - Liberal Democratici
Rosso Mori
Sardigna Libera
Sardigna Natzione Indipendentzia
Süd-Tiroler Freiheit
Südtiroler Volkspartei/Partito Popolare Sudtirolese
Unione Nord Est
Unione Padana
Unione per il Trentino
Union für Südtirol
Union Valdôtaine
Valle d'Aosta - other parties
Aosta Valley - other parties
Apulia First
Autonomy Liberty Participation
Citizens' Union for South Tyrol
Constructing Democracy
The Freedomites
Free Sardinia
Independence Republic of Sardinia
Moderates and Populars
Movement for the Independence of Sicily
North-East Union
Northern League
Padanian Union
Project Republic of Sardinia
Red Moors
Sardinian Action Party
Sardinia Nation Independence
Sardinian Independentist Party
Sardinian Reformers - Liberal Democrats
Slovene Community
South Tyrolean Freedom
South Tyrolean People's Party
To the Left for Independence
Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party
Tuscan Autonomist Movement
Union for South Tyrol
Union for Trentino
The Upper Adige in the Heart
Valdotanian Union

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In addition to the parties that are active in all or most of Italy, there are a large number of parties only active in one or sometimes a few regions. Not surprisingly, this is particularly the case in the Regions with Special Statute (Aosta Valley, Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Sardinia, Sicily) containing considerable ethnic minorities.

One can differentiate between:
- outright separatist parties (e.g. STF, IRS)
- parties wanting more autonomy for their region or province (e.g. MAT)
- parties comfortable with the autonomy rights (e.g. SVP, UV)
- presidential lists organized temporarily for the support of a regional presidential candidate
- ethnic minority parties (e.g. Slovenska Skupnost)
- general catch-all parties (usually Christian-democratic) that are only regionally active by chance (e.g. PID, Popolari Uniti)
- parties wanting more rights for the Northern (e.g. Lega Nord) or the Southern (e.g. MPA, Grande Sud) part of Italy
- municipal civic lists (liste civiche)

Not all of these are using flags, though. In particular the municipal lists only sometimes use flags, as do the presidential lists. In other cases, even rather persistent regional parties (e.g. in Aosta Valley or South Tyrol) obviously do not use flags or only rarely so.

Of course, local/regional or ethnic symbols might be adopted by the respective regional parties, usually in a slightly modified way. So for example, either the moor's heads or the tree of Arborea is used by regionalists and separatists in Sardinia.
M. Schmöger, 7 May 2013

Presidential Lists

Since 1995, for most of the Italian regions the so-called "Legge Tatarella" defines the modalities of the regional elections; the exceptions are the Aosta Valley and Trentino-Südtirol. Over the years, however, several of the regions have modified the original law.

So the elections are as follows:
- the election of the regional council and of the regional president are linked
- all parties/lists are linked to a presidential candidate
- while 80% of the council seats are allocated on a proportional basis, 20% of the seats are allocated on a majoritarian basis; and for this majoritarian part there is a "presidential list".

These presidential lists usually bear the name of the presidential candidate in their name (something like "Lista Renata Polverini"); in other cases the name just recalls the name of the region (something like "(Per la Campania"). As usual and necessary, they have a particular symbol for the ballot; this might be rather simple or more elaborate.

In addition to this presidential list for the majoritarian part of the election, there are also sometimes additional "civic lists" (liste civiche) in support of the presidential candidate, more or less independent of the other supporting parties. These have their own symbol as well.

In both cases, although having their own symbols, it's far from clear if the respective lists (for simplicity, I call both of them presidential lists) have flags. In several cases, I have found flags. In others, the list itself wrote me that they do not have flags. In most of the cases, however, I am just not sure, and can only state that I have not found any evidence for a flag. One of the reasons for not using a flag probably is the short lifespan of the presidential lists: they are organized for a couple of months only, basically for the electoral campaign.

Four of examples of these presidential lists, from Lazio, Lombardia and Calabria are presented.
M. Schmöger, 21 May 2103