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Unidentified Flags or Ensigns - Page 1 (2022)

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Below is a series of images of flags that have been provided to FOTW; some we have recognized, and some we have been unable to recognize. If you can help us identify any of these flags, please let us know! Contact the: UFE Editor.

Identification Key:

= Positive ID (Positive Identification)
= Tentative ID (Tentative Identification)
= Some Speculation

Unidentified Flags on this Page:

  1. Possible Russian Rebel Militia Flag? (c1920s)
  2. Unknown flag of Mauritania (MR)
  3. Unknown Flag at a 2010 Football Match
  4. Unknown Golan Heights Armor Unit
  5. Unknown Japanese Unit Flag of the 12th Regiment
  6. Unknown House Flag
  7. Unidentified German Iron Cross Flag
  8. Unknown Sudan Flag
  9. Unknown Japanese Flag
  10. Unknown Red Flag seen in Abu Dubai
  11. Unidentified Bahrain Government Flags
  12. UFE Seen in Luxembourg
  13. Unidentified Israeli Green Flag
  14. Unknown flag on Captains Cap Badge
  15. Two Unknown Iranian Flags
  16. Unknown Iranian Flag
  17. Convoy Demonstration Flag (Victoria BC)

Unidentified Flags on Page 2

  1. German Imperial Pennant Badge
  2. Iranian flag with stylized gold "Allah" logo
  3. Two Unidentified Iranian Flags
  4. Unknown (Yellow/White/Brown) Tribar Flag
  5. Unidentified Flag with Seven Gold Stars
  6. Old German Yacht Flag 1933-45
  7. Three Unknown Cap Badges with Flags
  8. Unidentified US(?) Flag
  9. Mysterious Silk Trinity Flag
  10. Unknown "Free Syrian Army" Sub-Unit
  11. Unknown Israeli Political Party
  12. National Socialist Movement Unknown Variation
  13. Ukrainian Anarchist Flag
  14. Possible Iranian Health and Medical Education Ministry Flag
  15. Unknown Green Iranian Military Flag
  16. Unknown Light-Olive-Green Iranian Army Flag
  17. "Nazi Guard Dog Flag" (Poland)
  18. Bizarre People's Republic of the Congo Flag

Unidentified Flags on Page 3

  1. Unidentified pro-Russian militia (Ukraine)
  2. Ukrainian Wounded Veterans Association?
  3. Help with Identifying Three Banners
  4. Ukrainian Blue Lives Matter Flag?
  5. Israeli "United Jerusalem" Flag?
  6. Unidentified Green Iraqi Flag
  7. Unknown Popular Mobilization Unit?
  8. Unidentified Ukraine Army Unit Flag
  9. Strange Japanese World War II Era Flags
  10. Iranian Security Nuclear Engineering Flag?
  11. Six Unidentified Ministries of Qatar
  12. Unknown Extremist Death Head Flag

Unidentified Flags on Page 4

  1. Anti-Israel, Anti-Jew, and Anti-Semitic Flag?
  2. A St. Andrews Cross Flag Puzzle
  3. Flag found in a Mexican Church
  4. Possible Home Secretary of Prussia (DE)
  5. Alsace-Lorraine Separatist Flag
  6. Independentist Chechen flag (RU-CE)
  7. Unidentified Military Unit (Ukraine)
  8. Unknown Kurdistan Flag
  9. Unidentified Flag Captured by Kurds

Unidentified Flags on Page 5

  1. Image from Ukraine Invasion
  2. Unidentified Saudi Navy Units
  3. Some Help with Unknown Text on US City Flags?
  4. Kaiserliche Marine Flag Identification
  5. Possible Ship Pilot Flag (Canada or U.K. or ??)
  6. Unknown Flag Seen in Salou
  7. Israeli Political Party UFE?
  8. Three Strange Ukrainian Flags
  9. New York Yacht Club Flag?
  10. Unknown Ukraine Military Unit Flag

Unidentified Flags on other pages

22-1. Possible Russian Rebel Militia Flag? (c1920s) Positive ID

Image located by William Garrison, 8 January 2022

Might this flag already exist somewhere within FOTW? Some Russia militia gathering to dance to the "Death-Skull Polka" with a tuba-player accompaniment c. 1920s? (source). Photo is titled "Drummers Prepare To Face The Opposition, 1920."
William (Bill) Garrison, 8 January 2022

This photo, taken in 1917, shows the flag of the "Death Battalion" of the 38th Infantry Division. These voluntary death battalions of patriotic soldiers were organized in several regiments of the Russian army in World War I. They used skulls on their uniform as a symbol of readiness for death. In the centre of the flag was a picture of Jesus Christ with four skulls and crossbones in the corners. On the reverse side is the motto "We Ready To Die For Motherland."
Виктор Ломанцов (Victor Lomantsov), 8 January 2022

22-2. Unknown flag of Mauritania (MR) Positive ID

Image by Tomislav Šipek, 9 January 2022

This white Mauritania flag with the state emblem is unknown to me. Maybe it's the presidential flag? Does anyone know? (source).
Tomislav Šipek, 9 January 2022

The Mauritanian President does seem to be using the flag. (source)
Nozomi Kariyasu, 9 January 2022

It seems to only be around the president at this website.
Zachary Harden, 9 January 2022

22-3. Unknown Flag at a 2010 Football Match Some Speculation
Okänd Flagga 2010 på en Fotbollsmatch

Image from Tom Gede, 9 January 2022

Curious if anyone can identify this flag held up at a 2010 football (soccer) match between the Netherlands and Sweden? The yellow of the Östergötland flag, but different with a horizontal dark blue stripe and white bordering. (at 0:41)
It was held up as the Swedish side was signing Du gamla, Du fria, so it would seem to be something patriotic. It doesn't seem to correspond to any of the Swedish national areas, or any of the major cities, that I could check, anyway. Sometimes people have team flags, maybe that is the flag for the team? It sort of looks like one of the several team jerseys, but the ones I have seen have with a blue horizontal stripe have a smaller blue stripe above the blue stripe, and no white border to the blue stripe. So it is not the jersey design.
Tom Gede, 9 January 2022

My guess is that it is a variant of Götaland based on the Nordic Scandinavian Cross design flag. That is: add a white bordering stripe between the yellow background and the blue cross. Also, if you notice, it is very similar to what could be another proposal for Norrland based on the first proposal in inverted colors.
Esteban Rivera, 27 June 2022

22-4. Unknown Golan Heights Armor Unit Positive ID

Image from William (Bill) Garrison, 12 January 2022

Information has been moved to Social Security Branch (Israel)

22-5. Unknown Japanese Unit Flag of the 12th Regiment
Maybe artillery? Positive ID

Image from William (Bill) Garrison, 13 January 2022

The yellow-field flags of the Japan Artillery units are on FOTW here. But this photo shows a different yellow-field flag, perhaps it is related to the Artillery, as well. However, the logo on the red stripe is also solid-red - unlike the other yellow red-stripe flags. The photo source notes states that this flag is of the 12th Brigade, but doesn't specify which branch. A brigade is usually a pretty good size unit - but I see nothing about brigades on the FOTW Japan artillery page. Maybe someone can clarify this and identify the flag?
Source: Online MEMRI article "Deterring the Dragon": (Jan. 12, 2022). An article about China, but showing Japanese army flags. The caption reads: "JGSDF Camp-Utsunomiya commemorative event, April 2007. Flag of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, 12th Brigade." (source)
William (Bill) Garrison, 13 January 2022

It seems to be a deeper shade of gold and not red, judging from the JGSDF Utsunomiya Garrison 66th Anniversary Event Tour Record and the Kitaoji Agency, it seems the red and gold blend in together at times.
This is the JGSDF 12th Artillery Unit, based in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Pref. The original photo came from here, which also cites it was from the Camp-Utsunomiya 2007 event. The unit name would appear in the bottom hoist in the flag in a small white strip.
Zachary Harden, 2 February 2022

22-6. Unknown House Flag Some Speculation

Image from Alan Levy, 18 January 2022

I am a collector of law enforcement badges and I found a badge that I was told was from a steamship line. It has what I can only assume is a "house flag" in enamel in the center. The person I bought it from knew nothing more about it. I don't know if it was a passenger line, freight line or ferry service. I suppose it could have been ocean going or from the Great Lakes. From it's style, hallmark and construction I would estimate it to be about 1920's-1940's. The panel at the top of the badge reads "L.D. Co. Inc." If you can aid in it's identification, please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Alan Levy, 18 January 2022

So far we have "L.D. Co. Inc.," which matches the flag being "LD." Other than that, the police badge has a 700 mark. We've seen those before. For Police, is this 700 hours of flight, or 700 trips?
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 26 March 2022

I would assume that this is badge number 700, the officer's personal badge number.
Russ Adams, 26 March 2022

    Images by Pete Loeser, 28 March 2022

This is a real stretch, but there is a modern French ferry company called the LD Lines that runs ferry services connecting ports in the UK, Spain, France and Ireland. Their house flag uses the same colors, possibly the same initials (LD?), some similar design elements, and might be related? Perhaps this was an old badge used by the company security police on LD ferries or at their port facilities? I expect I'm really bird walking here.
Pete Loeser, 28 March 2022

Has nobody seen the inscription "POLICE" at the top? It is furthermore a police star like used in many European countries. "D" might be "department". Strange is only the number "700" at the bottom. Perhaps 700 imprisonments?
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 28 March 2022

I note that various old editions of Lloyd's Register of Shipping are on google books. It'd be a slow process, but anyone enthused enough could probably go through the companies register at the back of these to hunt for an LD Co Inc from the 1920s or 1930s.
James Dignan, 29 March 2022

22-7. Unidentified German Iron Cross Flag Positive ID

Image from David Barnhill, 19 January 2022

Content moved to Fictitious Flags (Germany)

22-8. Unknown Sudan Flag

Image from William Garrison, 19 January 2022

A white-field flag, with 2 lines of slogans and a logo. (source)
William Garrison, 19 January 2022

22-9. Unknown Japanese Flag Positive ID

Image from Steve R., 28 January 2022

Any information appreciated,
Steve R., 28 January 2022

Unknown flag, submitted as Japanese, but I am not convinced the script is Japanese. Some characters look Chinese. Perhaps one of our Chinese or Japanese - reading list members can translate the script?
Rob Raeside, 29 January 2022

It must be Japanese - not only the central emblem has a Japanese look, but the text begins with the characters 日本 - i.e. "Japan" - as well.
Tomislav Todorovic, 29 January 2022

The kanji read, from right to left:



Japan Airlines Company Limited
Nakano Factory
Industrial Association for Serving the Nation

In 1940 the wartime Japanese Government dissolved the existing trade unions, replacing them with the Industrial Association for Serving the Nation (Sangyo Hokokukai), which was itself dissolved at the end of World War II in 1945.
Miles Li, 29 January 2022

22-10. Unknown Red Flag seen in Abu Dubai Some Speculation

Image located by: William Garrison, 31 January 2022

The caption on this photo of an unknown red Abu Dhabi/UAE flag read: "President Isaac Herzog inspects an honor guard with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, January 30, 2022 (Amos Ben Gershom/GPO)." I took a quick look at FOTW and did not see it.
Source: The Times of Israel: February 1, 2022.
William Garrison, 31 January 2022

It is very similar to the Armed Forces flag.
Rob Raeside, 31 January 2022

I think this is the UAE Armed Forces flag. The FOTW presented flag may have some errors, if done correctly there is would be white colour on badge (coat of arms) on fly of flag. It is the same hawk used with Land Forces flag on the same page.
Tomislav Šipek, 1 February 2022

Speculative image by: Pete Loeser, 1 February 2022

That does look very much like an ensign of the United Arab Emirates Military in the canton (The red vertical strip along the hoist doesn't show) and the eagle on the fly also looks like that of the Abu Dhabi Armed Forces. Perhaps this is a military command flag of some sort? I offer a speculative drawing based on the photo and other existing illustrations for when we positively identify the flag.
Pete Loeser, 1 February 2022

22-11. Unidentified Bahrain Government Flags Some Speculation

Image from William Garrison, 3 February 2022

There appears seven unidentified poorly viewable flags pertaining to Bahrain in this photo. I took a look at FOTW, but outside the Bahrain national flag (#11d), I could not find the others. As this meeting occurred at the Bahrani Defense Ministry headquarters in Manama, perhaps they are military-dept/unit related flags?
The caption on the first photo read: "Israeli Defense Minister 'Benny Gantz' right, and Bahraini Minister of Defense Affairs 'Abdullah Bin Hassan Al Nuaimi' shake hands after signing a memorandum of understanding at the Bahraini defense headquarters on February 3, 2022. (Ariel Hermoni/Defense Ministry)"
The caption on the second photo read: "Gantz signed the agreement with Bahraini Defense Minister 'Abdullah Bin Hassan Al Nuaimi', alongside Commander-in-Chief of the Bahrain Defence Force 'Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa', at the Bahraini Defense Ministry headquarters in Manama, Bahrain." (source).
William Garrison, 3 February 2022

From Weekly UFE Update Message: "Seven government department flags posted in February and no IDs? Really?"
Pete Loeser, 7 March 2022

They are derived flags+ can anyone hazard a guess what extra bits we see, that we can then add to Bahrain as base flag?
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 5 March 2022

I'd say we go with the Bahrain Defence Force Flag for Flag #11e. At least, it is quite similar to what is shown on Wikipedia, although I can't quite make out what writing should or shouldn't be on it. Is there Anyone who can read what it says?
Indeed Flag #11d looks like the Bahrain National Flag.
Flag #11g seems related to the Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medical Services Flag.
Flags #11a, #11b, and #11c all seem some sorts of general defence flags, although they all have a crown in the upper hoist, as does Flag #11f. All royal guards units?
(Then again, I'd say the darker color of Flag #11b suggests marines.) If only we could read all the separate texts.
Not as helpful as I would have hoped. Anyone else to move this forward a bit? Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 7 March 2022

Regarding these Bahrain flags, about a month ago I sent an email to the Bahrain Embassy in Washington D.C. and asked them if they could contact someone within their defense department for help in identifying the flags. So far, no response.
William Garrison, March 2022

#11e?    #11c?
Speculative images by Pete Loeser, 24 June 2022

With the update of Bahrain Defence Force flags we are getting a better feel for these Bahraini Military flags, but unfortunately some remain a mystery.
Peter Han is correct that #11d is the national flag, and I also believe, like him, that #11g is possibly the Bahraini Royal Medical Services Flag.
I think that #11e is a variant of the Bahraini Defence Force flag with some added gold text, probably قوة دفاع البحرين lettering below the BDF shield.
Flags #11a, #11b, #11c, and #11f all seems to have a gold crowns in their cantons and I suspect are all Headquarters Flags of specific BDF units. Flag #11c looks very similar to the Unknown Royal Bahraini Army Unit Flag with the addition of the Golden Crown in the canton area and unknown text. I added Bahrain Defence Force as a place holder on my speculative image.
Pete Loeser, 24 June 2022

images located by Esteban Rivera, 27 June 2022

The image we are working from is actually edited from this original picture which according to Bill's source was taken at the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), a meeting for military cooperation between the Israel Ministry of Defense and the Bahrain Armed Forces. There's a great possibility that not all the flags of the Bahrain Defence Force, BDF, were featured, but only Branch flags. All in all, there are (at least) 25 flags in total to be eventually identified, not just the seven shown in the cropped image.
However, with this in mind, here are some of my thoughts on the ones in the cropped photo:
- Flag #11a is most likely the "Infantry Branch" of the Bahraini Army
- Flag #11b is probably the Armoured Branch of the Army.
- Regarding #11c, the flag has a double inscription in Arabic both, above and below the crossed knives and is indeed another ceremonial flag (judging from the golden bordering, for indoor use) as discussed at Unidentified Royal Bahraini Army Unit Flag on the Behraini RBF page.
- Regarding #11d, as already pointed out by Pete, it is Bahrain's national flag.
- Regarding Flag #11e, the inscription in Arabic below reads "القيادة العامة" which I believe in English reads General Command, meaning General Staff, and is most likely a rank flag for the Chief of Staff. It also acts as a "Bahraini Defence Force - Ceremonial Flag"

with eagle     with tiger (#11f-2)
images located by Esteban Rivera, 27 June 2022

- Regarding #11f, it is perhaps a Special Forces/Commando Unit, eagle insignia. There's yet another flag with the same pattern but with a tiger instead of an eagle, which we could label "#11f-2" for identification purposes.

image located by Esteban Rivera, 27 June 2022

- Regarding #11g, I believe it is not the Bahraini Royal Medical Services Flag, but rather one for the Engineers Branch of the Army. Notice in the image attached one can see that the flag has a crown above a tower as its insignia, while the Bahraini Royal Medical Services Flag displays two revolving snakes around a tower-like dagger. The shared brown field confused the identification.
Esteban Rivera, 27 June 2022

Does this MoU have a brain we could pick about this?
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 28 June 2022

Regarding the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), it is simply another step in the process of the Bahrein-Israel bilateral relations (in Arabic) after normalization (in Arabic) - specially after the Abraham Accords (in English).
BTW, I sent a much bigger batch of images than the ones here, both on the UFE pages and the Bahrein pages, but they simply did not make the cut...
Esteban Rivera, 28 June 2022

I'm not sure what are we talking about here? - The only MoU I know about is a legal form called a "Memorandum of Understanding," but is it used as a meeting title here?
Pete Loeser, 4 July 2022.

That is the correct interpretation. It's a bit hard to follow because it's no longer mentioned right above.
It's a reference to a "The image we are working from is actually edited from this original picture which according to Bill's source was taken at the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), a meeting for military cooperation between the Israel Ministry of Defense and the Bahrain Armed Forces." I'm using the fact that there's not actually a precise source mentioned, hence I'm suggesting to ask the relevant person, if there is one.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 28 July 2022

In referance to the "not making the cut" comment above, unfortunately, there were too many pictures of similar looking folded flags that did not show enough of the designs to identify them, so I didn't use them all. I refer any of you wishing to see them all to Esteban's 27 June 2022 posting to list.
Pete Loeser, 29 July 2022

22-12. UFE Seen in Luxembourg Positive ID

Image from Esteban Rivera, 4 February 2022

The following image seems to be related to either a local organization or a European organization. I known that doesn't sound like much, but I hope that by looking at the picture maybe someone can identify it. (image) (source)
In the original picture, there are four flags, from front to rear (left to right) as follows, the flag arrangement according to protocol is inverted, that is, first and last the UFE in question, whereas the European Union should be second and the Luxembourg should be third):
- Luxembourg
- European Union
- UFE (same as the first one)
Esteban Rivera, 4 February 2022

This is a company flag, belonging to the Luxembourg-based company Labgroup: Labgroup provides since 1977 information management & archiving services to organisations and institutions.
Olivier Touzeau, 4 February 2022

22-13. Unidentified Israeli Green Flag Positive ID
Tourism group or Military Memorial Flag?

Information moved to Northern Command (Israel)

22-14. Unknown flag on Captains Cap Badge Positive ID

Image from Linda Kennedy,17 February 2022

I am writing from New Zealand. I am the GGG Grandaughter of Captain Dugald Archibald Kennedy, an early colonial captain of our waters. He was captain of the Airedale (run aground in 1871 in New Plymouth NZ) the Wonga-wonga (first steam ship up the Whanganui river , NZ) plus several others. He was also married to Harriet Martin, daughter of Captain Martin, of the Nelson.
I was wondering if someone in your friend group might know about this cap badge. It is allegedly Captain Kennedys, but we can't figure out what line it belonged to or if it is military. Do you maybe have some idea ? We have an English crown, the blue flag and the anchor... and that's about it! Does having a crown indicate the line was under royal patronage? Or maybe it was Captain Martins? Many questions.
Linda Kennedy,17 February 2022

This is, of course, a standard British merchant naval officer's cap badge as worn by the officers of those ships belonging to a particular company (as was occasionally seen this period - and still is as far as I know). The identity of the company whose house flag is shown is well outside my area of knowledge, however, the Anchor Line of New Zealand would seem to fit the bill even though their current flag is somewhat different?
Christopher Southworth, 18 February 2022

[Message from Linda Moffatt, Library Technician, The Vaughan Evans Library of the Australian National Maritime Museum - Forwarded by Ian MacDonald, 6 March 2022]
"In answer to your enquiry this is the information found by our Museum Associate, Lindsey Shaw.
The cap badge almost certainly relates to the Panama, New Zealand & Australia Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. I found the [following] information and it includes the company crest from a dinner plate!
Dugald Archibald Kennedy 1830-1908 (aka Archibald Dugald Kennedy; Archibald Kennedy) arrived in New Zealand in March 1854 as 2nd Officer of the Nelson, under Captain Edward Martin. He married Harriet Martin (Captain Martin's daughter) in 1855.
His ships include Lady Grey (1855-57); Wonga Wonga (1857-59); Lord Ashley (1859, 1861); Lord Worsley (1861); Airedale (1861, 1862, 1869, 1871); Phoebe (1863, 1877); Easby (1874, 1875); Hawea (1881); Hauroto (1883, 1886, 1888, 1889).
The cap badge features the Royal crown which means the shipping company had a Royal charter to carry the mail. It is not a military (Navy) badge."
Linda Moffatt, 3 March 2022

#14a  #14b  #14c  #14d
Images located to make speculative flag drawing by Pete Loeser,17 February 2022

I add to the above information a little history. The "Royal" story starts when the "Intercolonial Royal Mail Steam Packet Company" of Sydney in 1857 was awarded a government subsidy to deliver mail between Australia and New Zealand. It's attempt was less than stellar. In 1863 an English company, the "Royal Mail Steam Packet Company," and the "Intercolonial Royal Mail Steam Packet Company" both were awarded new subsidies to pick up the mail from Panama and bring it to the Sydney and New Zealand ports. These two companies both merged to become the "Panama New Zealand & Australian Royal Mail Company Limited" and purchased four brand new steamers which could carry both passengers and the mail. They began their service in 1866 but soon found themselves in financial and legal trouble due to the unexpected fuel costs necessary to sail between Panama, New Zealand and Australia. It was a rather short business experience. They went out of business two years later in 1867 and a long court battle followed. (source)
So armed with this information I proceeded to try and make a speculative image of the "Panama New Zealand & Australian Royal Mail Company Limited" flag. Follow along:
- Image #14a is of the company logo on the dinner plate. A close study convinced me the company flag had a fouled anchor.
- Image #14b is a Thomas Dutton painting of the Screw steam ship "Tararua", belonging to the Panama, New Zealand and Australian Royal Mail Company Limited. (source). From it I got the colors of the flag and shape.
- Image #14c I grabbed a stock picture of a white navel anchor and pasted it on a speculative flag field.
- Image #14d I then added a more detailed anchor, but without a better drawing of the company flag, this is all guesswork. Hopefully one of our more talented illustrators and researchers can fix it.
Pete Loeser, 6 March 2022

22-15. Two Unknown Iranian Flags

William Garrison, 19 February 2022

I cannot identify the two flags on the left. The caption: flag (1) a white-field flag, and flag (2) a green-field flag. The flag on the right side is the Iran national flag, all behind Spokesman of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Ramezan Sharif ; c. March 2020. May be related to the "Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences" (which is supervised by the IRGC), as he referred to it during his speech. (source)
William Garrison, 19 February 2022

22-16. Unknown Iranian Flag
Possibly Basij?

Image located by William Garrison, February 2022

The caption on this flag reads: "An unidentified turquoise-blue-field flag behind Basij Brigadier General Gholamreza Soleimani, while delivering a speech on 22 Nov 2019 in IRIB's Kosar Hall." (source).
William Garrison, February 2022

22-17. Convoy Demonstration Flag (Victoria, BC) Positive ID

image by Rob Raeside, 10 February 2022

Amid the Confederate Battle flags, Yellow rattlesnake flags, swastika defaced Maple Leaf flags and other usual right wing rubbish at the Convoy Demonstration in Victoria on 2022-02-05, there was a flag that I haven't seen before. It was roughly 3 ft. x 6 ft. in size, obviously commercially printed, not sewn, black banner with diagonal white stripe from the top of the hoist to the bottom of the fly. The white stripe was roughly as broad as the arms of the white and blue saltre in the Confederate Battle flag. Does anyone know the significance of this banner?
Michael Halleran, 9 February 2022

detail   original posting (click to enlarge)
Photos from Zachary Harden, 17 February 2022
[Editorial Note: The actual flag has a black field although these photos make it appear blue.]

This flag belongs to the group "Diagolon," who have made an appearance at the Ottawa protests. Attached is a picture of their flag, along with group information, posted by the Portland Flag Association using sources provided in this Instagram posting.
Zachary Harden, 17 February 2022

Zachary provided a screen capture from Instagram showing the flag and some Diagolon members. According to the Urban Dictionary, Diagolon is a proposed nation composed of territory from former American States and Canadian Provinces, which when mapped, form a Diagonal line from Alaska to Florida.
Rob Raeside, 17 February 2022

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