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Ecuador - Special Service Flag for municipal Buildings

Bandera Ecuatoriana Especial para izar sobre Edificios Municipalos

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[special service flag for municipal Buildings 22 stars (Ecuador)] 1:2 image by Željko Heimer, 19 Aug 2001

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Special Service Flag for municipal Buildings

I am not sure weather this flag is still used, but, according to one of the books on my collection (EASA: Banderas y escudos del Mundo), and I am pretty sure that, if used, it is an alternative flag, used together to the specific municipal flag. This flag has the same Ecuadorian tricolour, only that, on the centre of the blue band, a circular alignment of twenty, white, five-pointed stars . These stars represent the provinces of Ecuador (Azuay, Bolívar, Cañar, Carchi, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, El Oro, Esmeraldas, Galápagos, Guayas, Imbabura, Loja, Los Ríos, Manabí, Morona Santiago, Napo, Pastaza, Pichincha, Tungurahua, Zamora Chinchipa).
Guillermo Aveledo, 9 Oct 1999

You are right. The law is dated 5 December 1900 and then there was a 12 stars circle of occupying three bands; later more stars were added, and currently (1999) are 21, but only until some years ago (when Sucumbios province was created) the stars are 20. I have a pattern with 12 stars; they are in big size and distributed in all three stripes. About 19 stars I'm not sure that the stars are all in the blue stripe because I never saw this image.
Jaume Ollé, 12 Oct 1999

Ecuadorian civil flag is a banner of the 3 coloured bands with the ring of white stars centered on the blue.  There have been (at least) 3 different versions of that design:  a 1970s design with 19 stars, a version that flew for most of the 1980s with 20 stars (when Galapagos Islands became a province),& the current version (flown since 1989) with 21 stars in a ring (after Sucumbíos split off from Napo, & became a province likewise itself)
Robert Lloyd Wheelock, 14 Oct 1999

According to Album 2000 [pay00] - Municipal Flag. -S-/--- (1:2) - National flag with a ring of white five-pointed stars in the middle of the blue stripe. According to Robert Lloyd Wheelock the current number of stars is 21 (since 1989). The flag with 20 stars was used in 1980's, and one with 19 stars in 1970's. Other lesser number might have been in use previously, Jaume Olle mentions 12 star flag adopted in 1900, that had stars reaching out of the blue stripe The image in Album is therefore incorrect - having only 19 stars.
Željko Heimer, 1 Aug 2001

The Flaggenbuch (1939-41) section dedicated to Ecuador shows it with 17 stars.
Ivan Sache, 2 Aug 2001

With the admission of Orellana as the 22nd Province into the union of Ecuador, its civil flag should now have 22 white stars. In my opinion it should be regarded as Ecuador's civil flag and not as Municipal Flag.
Robert Lloyd Wheelock, 14 August 2001

This flag is according to law dated 5 December 1900 which states that the national flag, when is hoisted in an Ayuntamiento (Local Council Headquarters) won't bear the arms but a ring with stars (one star for each province, then there's several versions until the current 22 stars). "Banderas" show the version with 12 stars occupying 5/7 of the hight. Jorge Hurtado sent me later the version with 21 stars that are very small, all within the blue stripe (Hurtado drew this last  flag in proportion 2:3 but I believe that the official proportions must be 1:2).
Jaume Ollé, 19 August 2004

Previous Flags

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[special service flag for municipal Buildings 17 stars (Ecuador)] 1:2 image by Željko Heimer, 2 Aug 2001

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[special service flag for municipal Buildings 19 stars (Ecuador)] 1:2 image by Željko Heimer, 1 Aug 2001

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[special service flag for municipal Buildings 20 stars (Ecuador)] 1:2 image by Željko Heimer, 1 Aug 2001

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[special service flag for municipal Buildings 21 stars (Ecuador)] 1:2 image by Željko Heimer, 1 Aug 2001