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In Memory of Raúl Orta Pardo (1959-2010)

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Raúl & Michel Lupant   Raúl    

Raúl, Giannina Prorvenzali, and Nestor Garrido (AVS Board Members)

FIAV Display Line of Flags
Cristina Fernandez Alegria displays AVS flag
Buenos Aires ICV 21

Raúl Jesús Orta Pardo

 AVS Flag    His Personal flag
  • Born 25 June 1959 in Caracas (Venezuela) - died on 22 June 2010, three days before what would have been his 51st birthday, and sadly just a week after the passing of his elderly mother.
  • He was the youngest of three brothers and sisters, and as a youngster was very active in the scouting movement and a devote catholic.
  • He liked music, especially jazz. He was a compositor and played piano
  • He became the Chief of the Department of Heraldry for the Venezuelan Air Force, and was the first and only vexillologist and heraldist who worked in that function.
  • In 2000, he opened an interest group about flags on Yahoo for Spanish speakers called "Venezimbol."
  • Venezimbol evolved into a vexillological association called the "Asociación Venezolana de Simbología" (Venezuelan Association of Symbollogy, or AVS).
  • Raúl was the first president of AVS and remained in that office until his death.
  • Raúl took great pride in being a semiologist, heraldist, and especially a vexillologist. He always signed himself on the list as "Truly and Venezimbollogically Yours, Raúl Jesús Orta Pardo."
  • Although he was a member of the FOTW list, he often weighed in through his friend Dov Gutterman, who relayed information from Venezimbol.
  • In 2005, the "Asociación Venezolana de Simbología" became a member of FIAV, with Raúl as its president.
  • The AVS flag first went into the FIAV Members Display Line of Flags at the Buenos Aires ICV 21 conference, when AVS was officially admitted into FIAV, but Raúl could not attend, and AVS' official representative at the congress that year was Gustavo Tracchia.
  • His personal flag consisted of a 2:3 rectangle divided into three oblique strips from the upper hoist corner, yellow, blue and red. His personal arms was placed in the canton. He explained the stripes had a double meaning: the Holy Trinity (yellow for God the father, blue for God the son and red for the Holy Spirit) and Venezuela (red for her past, blue for her present and yellow for her future). The radial design of the stripes reminded us that all paths end up at the same place.

Messages from/for his FOTW Family and Friends:

Because I only get the news from Venezimbol once a week, I had not realized that our dear friend and founder, Raúl Jesús Orta Pardo, died tragically on Monday June 22. Raúl lived for Venezimbol and heraldry. I regret giving you this news and wish to continue with this forum, as he would have liked. To our beloved friend. A hug.
Dov Gutterman, Qiryat Haim, Haifa, Israel

Although, unfortunately, I never had a chance to meet Raúl in person, I used to call him often at home and we talked for hours. I'm happy to say his legacy will continue, in his memory, Maikel Arista-Salado of Cuba is creating a new publication called "Pro Signvm" and it's symbol will be a votive lamp done in Raúl's honor. Rafael Yates Sosa of Mexico, who coined the name, indicated that Raúl was a great source of knowledge and his enthusiasm seemed without limits. Raúl will be really missed.
Gus Tracchia, First Vice President of NAVA, Venezuela

Raúl was a vexillological pioneer in his country and a light for others to follow in their love for flags. He was very enthusiastic and extremely polite, always trying to help others in their study of flags. He was the driving force and soul behind AVS (Asociación Venezolana de Simbología), and he worked hard to make AVS a serious and rigorous vexillological association. He was always learning, always listening, while teaching and sharing his knowledge. His last article published in "Banderas" (SEV's bulletin), number 116, was about the seven star vs. the eight star versions of the Venezuelan flag, which truely described the situation in his country, where Raúl himself was having a tough time due to the political situation. He finally could not struggle any longer and passed away at the age of 50. I'm sure he would be proud to be remembered as first a good Catholic and a good vexillologist, and that's how I will remember him.
Jose C. Alegria, Gijón, Asturias, Spain

I had my first conversations by e-mail with Raul in 2002. We used to exchange opinions about flags of both Venezuela and Argentina. He was a kind person, and he was always interested in the family and personal side of his e-friends. I had the honor of being a witness of the FIAV ceremony in Buenos Aires in 2005 when Venezimbol become a full FIAV member. I will never forget the happiness in Raul´s messages when I sent him the photos of that ceremony. He was a great man and we will miss him.
Francisco Gregoric, President, Argentine Vexillological Association (AAV), Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 2005, on my way to Buenos Aires I visited Raúl in Caracas. I always remembered his welcome at airport. I saw him immediatly through the crowd because he was waiting for me waving a small FIAV flag. During the next four days we visited together, talking about flags and many other things. I enjoyed every minute of the visit; he was so warm and friendly. He was an heraldist and simbologist unequalled. He was enthusiastic and well-informed, and vexillology was his passion. He presented me to the AVS membership on that visit.

Later, it was Raúl who suggested that FIAV adopt medals, ribbons and pins to be presented to Laureates of the Federation and Fellows of the Federation (FIAV). He sent us illustrations, and his proposal was adopted at the Twenty-First Session of the FIAV General Assembly held during the 23 International Congress of Vexillology in Yokohama (Japan). Thus, we will never forget him and his contributions to vexillology.
Michel Lupant, FIAV President, Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium

in memoriam ce 2010  Image recoloured by Mark Sensen

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