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Unidentified fictional flags and ensigns

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Philadelphia Experiment 2
Flags seen in 'Nazi' America

[Nazi flags, with a large swastika bent into the shape of a diamond.]

The Simpsons
Unidentified flags

[Green-white-blue tricolor]
image by Željko Heimer, 15 January 2003

[A green-white-blue tricolor in the offices of the Teacher Of The Year Commitee.]

[Red-white-blue tricolor, with gold dividing lines]
image by Eugene Ipavec, 27 May 2006

[Red-white-blue tricolor with gold dividing lines, showing behind mayor Quimby.]

Battlestar Galactica [1978]
Unknown flag

[Unknown flag]
image by Eugene Ipavec, 17 November 2008

[The show displayed prominently a white vertical flag with a dark-golden circle made up of tiny triangles in a complex pattern.]

Unidentified United Nations flag

[Defaced UN flag]
image by Marc Pasquin, 17 Decemer 2011

[A sky blue flag with a white United Nations emblem located between an American flag and a Soviet flag flag was frequently seen in the series.]

unidentified flag or ensign

[Flag from L'Atalante]

[L'Atalante is pictured with a swallow-tailed flag with a light disc shifted to the hoist, bearing a dark uppercase "R".]

unidentified flag or ensign

[black, green, white pirate flag]
image by Eugene Ipavec, 18 July 2005

[A black-green-white tricolor with a black skull and cutlasses is pictured on the cover of the book.]

unidentified flag or ensign

Szymon Pawlas, 16 October 2007

[A red flag with a green bar and a blue hoist triangle with a white border appears in the movie.]

The Expendables
unidentified flag


[Flag of the island, or of the general.]

unidentified flag or ensign

[American flag with whirlpool galaxy canton]
by John Bartley

[A United States flag with a whirlpool galaxy in the canton.]

Unidentified nation at the 3004 Olympics

image by Eugene Ipavec, 1 March 2005

[A Djibouti-style flag with the details different.]

A Good Day to Die Hard
unidentified flag or ensign

[In a protest outside a courtroom, a flag can be seen that looks like a vertical Russian flag held horizontally.]

unidentified flag or ensign

[dark blue with a
white-outlined bird silhouette in black over two crossed black
short-swords or machetes]
image by Eugene Ipavec, 27 August 2005

[Blue with a white-edged bird silhouette in black over two crossed black short swords.]

The Hunger Games
unidentified flag

[A flag can be seen when the tributes are about to be picked.]

Meo Flag

[white field, yellow design centered combining an m with a cat's head]
image by António Martins-Tuválkin, 5 April 2008

[A white flag with a golden Meo campaign logo.]

Once upon a time in Mexico
Unidentified flag

[Flag seen with president of mexico]
image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 22 January 2011

[Inside the residence of the president of Mexico and upon its façade a hanging flag is seen.]

Patapon 2
Unidentified flag

[A banner is carried by one of the characters in the game.]

Planet of the Apes
unidentified flag or ensign

[Chimpanzee flag]
image by Eugene Ipavec, 20 July 2005

[Over an arena flew a red flag chimpanzee head in black, facing the hoist.]

Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman
a Grasshopper Flag

[The text mentions the flag of Hultor Bräm — either his personal flag or the flag of his horde.]

Unidentified Ori flag or ensign

[blue hanging banner with a black logo]
image by Eugene Ipavec, 31 August 2006

[A flag was shown hanging on a low armature standing on a balcony next to the Oreci.]

Ekos Unidentified Flag of Ensign

[red-white-red vertical triband, black swastika centered]
image by Marc Pasquin, 28 October 2006

[In one scene, behind the Fûrer, both on his left and right are standing two squarish banners, hoisted from crossbars.]

Tarzan, the ape man
Unidentified flag or ensign

[A white flag with a light green trefoil could be seen on a ship in the film.]

Unidentified ensign

[Unidentified ensign]
image by Jorge Candeias, 14 April 2001

[A green flag with a black writing-like charge.]

Universal Soldier
Unidentified flag

[A diagonally red over yellow flag with a yellow star with cyrillic text over it can be seen behind the commander of the terrorists.]

unidentified flag next to the Buy n Large Corporation flag

[Of the two flags in the film, one is a flag of Buy 'N Large; the meaning of the other is not clear.]

Doctor Who
unidentified flag-like object

[In Aliens of London and World War III, there a flag-like object in a frame.]