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The Vampires Are Among Us (movie)

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This motion picture is a crazy comedy, which was made in Yugoslavia in 1989. The story takes place in a small town in eastern Serbia, where the staff of local police station face a series of unusual robberies: after the funerals, bodies and coffins disappear from the graves. Rumours about the vampires begin to spread immediately, but some people suppose that the living robbers shall be blamed - and that is the meaning of the movie title: a citizen said that sentence to a policeman suggesting him that idea.

The investigation soon reveals that all the suspects are connected to a Doctor Schwarz, the participant of an international conference about the organs transplantation which takes place in the local hotel at the same time. The policemen manage to get an insider, a young lady who drives Doctor Schwarz's van with the stolen bodies, not knowing what is the cargo, just paying him in that way for a boxer's heart he successfully transplanted to her (together with the ability to kick like a boxer!). With her help, they reveal the doctor's infernal plan: to bring the dead people back to life and form an army of zombies which would conquer the world for him and his gang of neo-Nazis. The policemen then fabricate a car accident in which one of them is "killed" while hurrying to the "date" with the insider lady, whose "grieving" makes Doctor Schwarz to promise her to bring her "boyfriend" back to life. Doctor's men steal the "body" after the "funeral" and take it to his secret laboratory, not knowing that the policeman was wired so as to transmit his location. Before the beginning of the experiment, the "deceased" policeman manages to detach a wire which connected him to doctor's machine and attach it to the doctor; as the result, when the doctor turns the machine on, he inflates in a cartoon-like manner and explodes, while the "deceased" policeman and the insider lady manage to defeat the rest of his gang before other policemen arrive to arrest them. In the end of the movie, the "deceased" policeman is the best man at two weddings: that of the insider lady and the chief of the police station, and that of the chief's ex-wife and the man who had said the title sentence of the movie when the investigation began.

Basic informations about this motion picture (very poor, though) can be found at the Internet Movie Database:
Tomislav Todorovic, 31 August 2007

Doctor Schwarz's gang

[red field, white circle behind a black skull with long teeths]
Tomislav Todorovic, 31 August 2007

The flag of Doctor Schwarz's gang is as comical as everything else in the movie: based on the Nazi flag, but replaces the swastika with a black "vampire" skull, which has very long upper eyeteeth and no lower jaw. The flag was made for vertical hoisting and the disc with the skull was set off-centre, close to the hoist (top) edge. It was seen only during the scenes in the secret laboratory, where it was hung on the wall above the electric chair attached to the doctor's machine, on which the "deceased" policeman was put. However, Doctor Schwarz and other members of his gang wore armbands with the same design on the sleeves of their Nazi-style uniforms in several other scenes of the movie as well.
Tomislav Todorovic, 31 August 2007

Since there are no vampires, wouldn't it seem more logical to see this as simply a skull with the lower jaw, at least the lower teeth, missing?
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 31 August 2007