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Mecklenburger Hochseefischerei (German Shipping Company)

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[Mecklenburger Hochseefischerei] image by Eugene Ipavec, 16 Apr 2009 See also:

Mecklenburger Hochseefischerei

"Mecklenburger Hochseefisherei" (i.e. Mecklenburg High Seas Fishery; 1993) had taken over RFFR in 1993 and is owned, since 1998, by the Dutch company Parlevliet & Van der Plas.
This page shows the house flag on third row, first picture, clickable (date of foundation given: 1991): Again, the white field with ascending and descending stripes in the national colours, suggesting a saltire (the ascending stripe in front), accompanied by black initials without serifs: "M" (hoist), "H" (top), and "F" (fly).
Jan Mertens, 29 Mar 2009

Rostocker Fischfang-Reederei

[Rostocker Fischfang-Reederei] image by Eugene Ipavec, 18 Mar 2009

This set of initials makes house flaggers think of GDR fisheries. There is a connection, indeed. Please look up DFK on FOTW-ws first: dedicated to VEB Deutsches Fischkombinat 1950-1989. This page shows a DFK post-GDR successor: namely the last one on the second row, subtitled "1990". Clicking on the flag reveals a larger image captioned (in translation) "shipping company flag of DFK Rostock successor" (above) and "Rostocker Fischfang-Reederei GmbH" (i.e. Rostock Fishery Shipping Co., below).
We again see the archivexillum or white flag with the ascending and descending diagonals, the former one in front of the latter, and without the GDR emblem which led people - me included - to believe the diagonals were in fact parts of a saltire.
Black initials spell out the new company name: "R" (hoist), "F" (top), "F" (fly), and "R" (bottom). To obtain symmetry the word "Fischfang" was artificially split.
The company was founded on 15 Nov 1990 and, if I am not mistaken, transformed into the "Mecklenburger Hochseefisherei" (i.e. Mecklenburg High Seas Fishery; 1993) which was in its turn bought by Parlevliet & Van der Plas (NL), 1998.
Jan Mertens, 17 Mar 2009

Rostocker Kühltransport-Reederei

[Rostocker Kühltransport-Reederei] image by Eugene Ipavec, 16 Apr 2009

If I am not mistaken RKR is the last item on this page to be mentioned: second of third row, clickable, identified as one of DFK Rostock's post-GDR successors and captioned "Rostocker Kühltransport-Reederei GmbH" i.e. Rostock Refrigerated Transport Shipping Co. Ltd.
DFK archivexillum in "Western" style: white field seemingly bearing a saltire which really consists of two diagonal stripes in the national colours, the ascending stripe placed in front of the descending one; black initials "R" (hoist), "K" (top), and "R" (fly).
Date (of foundation, I suppose) given: 1991.  Additional information found: none, as yet.
Jan Mertens, 12 Apr 2009

VEB Deutsches Fischkombinat (1950-1989)


Founded in 1950, DFK was operator of almost 200 ocean going fishing ships, consisting of two major fleets, one based in Rostock, the other one based in Sassnitz. Both used the same house flag.
Volker Moerbitz Keith, 7 Feb 2001

On 8 May 2004 I sent a link to a page which has a new home, only a few cap insignia have been added.

Flag 1959

[Deutsches Fischkombinat 1959] image by Eugene Ipavec, 8 Mar 2009

The first is white, German colours in saltire, black initials added: 'D' in the hoist, 'F' at top, 'K' in the fly. The ascending diagonal is put in front. No state emblem although it was to appear on the state flag and the civil merchant flag that very year.
Jan Mertens, 21 Feb 2009

Flag 1962

[VEB Deutsches Fischkombinat 1950-1989 (East Germany)] 2:3 image by Volker Moerbitz Keith

Flag: white flag with saltire in German (black-red-gold) colours, left top and right the letters D F K, in center the German Democratic Republic emblem.
Volker Moerbitz Keith, 7 February 2001

According to source given above ate of introduction given as 1962.
Jan Mertens, 21 Feb 2009

Flag 1973

[VEB Deutsches Fischkombinat, variant (East Germany)]
image by Jens Pattke, 3 Feb 2002

Source: Ullrich Scharnow, transpress Lexikon Seefahrt, transpress VEB Verlag für Verkehrswesen, Berlin (East), 1988, 5th edition.

Jens Pattke, 3 Feb 2002

VEB Fischkombinat Rostock

[VEB Fischkombinat Rostock] image by Eugene Ipavec, 8 Mar 2009

Third is identified as 'VEB Fischkombinat Rostock' i.e. 'People's Owned Combined Enterprise Fish Rostock', dates 1973-1978. This explains the initials 'FKR'. During 1978-1990, the name was 'VEB Fischfang Rostock' i.e. 'People's Owned Enterprise Fishery Rostock' appararently without changing initials.
Jan Mertens, 21 Feb 2009

VEB Fischkombinat Sassnitz

[VEB Fischkombinat Sassnitz] image by Eugene Ipavec, 8 Mar 2009

The saltire flag on the last row (clickable): "VEB Fischkombinat Sassnitz" bis 1978, danach als VEB Fischfang Sassnitz bis 1990' i.e. People's State Owned Combined Enterprise Fish Sassnitz till 1978, then People's Owned Enterprise Fishery Sassnitz till 1990, according to above site, introduced in 1973. This DKF variant shows saltire and state emblem, differing only in the initials 'FKS'. Sassnitz is a ferry- and fishery harbour on Rügen Island.
The webpage under review does contain additional logos identified as "Reedereiflagge" (i.e. shipping company flag) but here I am not on sure ground - so to speak - as I cannot check now whether these really flew.
Jan Mertens, 28 Feb 2009

Institut für Hochseefischerei und Fischverarbeitung

[Institut Hochseefischerei Fischverarbeitung (Rostock)] image by Eugene Ipavec, 8 Mar 2009

I leave aside a number of flags dated 1991 to return to 1985 which saw the introduction of a white flag with a single descending saltire in the national colours and the state emblem in the upper hoist. This was the 'Institut für Hochseefischerei und Fischverarbeitung' i.e. Institute for High Sea Fishery and Fish Processing established at Rostock-Marienehe.
Jan Mertens, 21 Feb 2009

Fishery Inspection Pennant

A note on the Fisheries Inspection Pennant we also have in our pages here.
"In use 1955-1990" as Norman Martin writes, citing Kannik 1957. The pennant is already shown in Kannik 1956. Specifically for the name I checked Herzog 1982 , p. 301 shows it as 'Dienstwimpel der Fahrzeuge der Fischereiaufsicht' i.e. service pennant of fishery inspection vessels. Oddly, the website gives it under 1979 as the controlling organ of DFK Rostock, adding the official name of this body 'Fischereiaufsichtsamt der DDR' i.e. GDR fishery inspection authority.
Jan Mertens, 21 Feb 2009

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