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Moldova - Flag Laws

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[Moldovan Flag, Proportions 1:2] [FIS Code] 1:2 image by Alex Danes, 20 December 2010

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The Flag Law (2010)

The Moldovan Parliament has issued a new Law about the state flag, dated 17 September 2010, published in the official gazette "Monitorul Oficial" 26 November 2010. The text, in Russian language (also available in Romanian), available here: RO, RU. Also includes colour drawings and a large black and white construction sheet.

The arms are now placed on both sides on the flag (mirrored on the backside) and the construction sheet is very detailed, enough to precisely place the coat of arms on the flag. Also the colours are defined in various systems, including Pantone.
Antonio Gutiérrez, 19 December 2010

The law is very detailed, it establishes the state flag (also national flag (c+s+w) and naval ensign), the military colors (state flag + battle cry, unit's name and tassels), presidential standard (square purple flag, coat of arms in the middle with aquila or and a bordure of blue-yellow-red-yellow squares = 1/9*size), president of the Parliament's standard (same except red instead of purple), prime minister's standard (same, except blue instead of purple), and the standard of Minister of Defense, design not established yet (temporary standard is the state flag of Moldova).
Alex Danes, 19 December 2010

Annex 2 attached to this Law defines the colours of the arms to include brown 4645 and green 3415 in the Pantone Matching System.
Alex Danes, 22 December 2010

As far as I can tell, the new law seems to be the result of a strong collaboration with "The National Heraldic Commission". The law deals with:

  1. State Flag
  2. Description
  3. Rules of respect
  4. Permanent hoisting rules
  5. Temporary hoisting rules
  6. Hoisting on transportation means (vessels, vehicles, planes, trains)
  7. Hoisting aboard
  8. Rules of hoisting together with other state's flags (the EU flag can be hoisted only together with the state flag)
  9. Rules of hoisting together with other flags of RM:
    Priority order:
    (a) civil
    (b) state
    (c) war
    (d) Presidential standard
    (e) President of the Parliament standard
    (f) Prime Minister's standard
    (g) Ministry of Defence standard
    (h) national authorities and institutions of RM, hierarchically
    (i) flag of Chisinau
    (j) flag of Gagauz ATU
    (k) municipal, alphabetically
    (l) raional (counties), alphabetically
    (m) territorial and administrative units subordinated to municipalities and raions, hierarchically and then alphabetically
    (n) flags of corporations
    (o) private
    (p) historical
    (q) ethnic
    (r) national colors.
  10. Reproduction rules
  11. Hoisting and using restrictions
  12. National flag
  13. National ensign
  14. National colors (blue, yellow, red)
  15. Military colors ("drapel de lupta")
  16. Standard of the President
  17. Standard of the President of the Parliament
  18. Standard of the Prime Minister
  19. Standard of the Minister of Defense
  20. Hoisting on a flagpole rules (the table gives dimensions, correlated with flagpole's height)
  21. Hoisting of a flag fixed on a rod
  22. Hoisting on a wall
  23. Suspended (vertical) hoisting (the coat of arms must be looking towards exterior or outer edge)
  24. Hoisting on cars
  25. Mourning hoisting
  26. Calendar and timetable of hoisting
  27. In 3 months time, the Cabinet must issue a specific regulation for this law.
  28. Revoked laws, decrees, decisions.
Alex Danes, 22 December 2010

Flag Law - 2001

In 2001 the flag of Judetul Balti (Moldova) was adopted: white-red vertical bicolor, ratio 1:2
Victor Lomantsov, 16 May 2002

The Moldovan flag was established by Regulation No. 17-XII of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova dated 12 May 1990 (prior to independence on 27 August 1991), with the opening Article (not numbered) reading as follows:

"The National Flag of the Republic of Moldova - the tricolour - is the official symbol of the Republic of Moldova. It symbolizes the past, present and future of the state, reflects its democratic roots, its historical tradition, equality of rights, and (the) friendship and solidarity of all citizens of the Republic. The national flag of the Republic of Moldova - the tricolour - is a rectangular panel consisting of three equal, vertical stripes arranged in the following sequence from the pole: dark-blue (azure), yellow and red. In the centre (of the flag) on the yellow stripe is placed the state coat of arms of the Republic of Moldova. The width of the coat of arms is equal to one-fifth of the length of flag, (and) the relationship between the width and the length of the flag is 1:2."

Christopher Southworth, 20 June 2004

According to the old law:
(or this one, in bad English):

The State Flag of Moldavian S.S.R. – the Tricolour - represents a rectangular piece of cloth, formed [consisting] of three strips of equal dimensions, disposed [arranged] vertically in the following sequence of the colours from the stick [hoist]: blue (azure), yellow, red. In the centre, on the yellow strip is printed the State Arms of the Moldavian S.S.R. The proportion between the width of the Arms and the length of the Flag is 1:5, the proportion between the width and the length of the Flag is 1:2. [...]
The reproduced image of the State Arms of the Moldavian S.S.R., no matter of its dimensions, has to correspond totally to the proportions [and design] of the black and white or coloured image, [annexed here]" (only in Romanian version).
Thus, the colors were pretty vague, depending on paper and ink aging. The annex shows the reverse without coat of arms.
Alex Danes, 22 December 2010

Flag Law - 1994

The law concerning the flag was restated in the Constitution, adopted July 29, 1994 (note without any mention of the dimensions):

Article 12. National Symbols
(1) The Republic of Moldova has her own flag, coat of arms and anthem.
(2) The State flag of the Republic of Moldova is a tricolour. The colours are arranged vertically in the following order from the flagpole: blue, yellow, red. The coat of arms is printed on the central yellow stripe of the tricolour.
(3) Moldova's coat of arms consists of a shield divided horizontally into two parts: the upper part is red, and the lower part is blue with a superimposed aurochs head showing between its horns an eight-pointed star. On its right the aurochs head is flanked by a five-petalled rose, and on its left by a slightly rotated crescent. All heraldic elements present on the shield are of golden (yellow) colour. The shield is laid on the breast of a natural eagle holding in its beak a golden cross, in its right claw a green olive-tree branch and in its left claw a golden sceptre.
(4) Moldova's State anthem shall be established by organic law.
(5) The flag, the coat of arms and the anthem are State symbols of the Republic of Moldova, and are protected by law as such.
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Jérôme Sterkers, 5 February 2002