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Lebanese Communist Party (Lebanon)

الـحـزب الشـيـو&

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[Lebanese Communist Party (Lebanon)] 
[Lebanese Communist Party (Lebanon)]
[Lebanese Communist Party (Lebanon)]
image by António Martins-Tuválkin, 28 Dec 2008
image by António Martins-Tuválkin, 28 Dec 2008
image by António Martins-Tuválkin, 28 Dec 2008
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While watching the news on TV, I saw a variant of the Lebanese flag on a report about South Lebanon. It was red-white-red with the cedar on the white stripe, but the stripes were vertical and in something like a 1:1:4 proportion. The overall ratio was 2:3 or 3:5 (it was too brief to measure), so it was not like the vertical variant.
Thanh-Tâm Lê, 27 Feb 1999

It could be two flags [flown] together, one 1:1:1 and one all red.
Ole Andersen, 27 Feb 1999

Gaceta de Banderas, January 2002, contains images of Lebanese political parties, reported by Michel Lupant and drawn by Jorge Hurtado following his specifications. (...) The flag of the Lebanese Communist Party is a red flag with a black hammer and sickle (symmetrical to those on the Soviet flag) on the canton, immediately to its fly side a wide white stripe with, near the top but not as high as the hammer and sickle, the cedar from the Lebanese national flag. Proportions 2:3.
Santiago Dotor, 22 May 2002

Vexillacta #14, December 2001, shows the colour photography of the flag. It seems that the two narrow red and white stripes are of the same width, since the handle of the sickle is partially hidden by the white stripe, which probably overlapped the red one more than initially intended.
Ivan Sache, 22 May 2002

Michel Lupant actually brought these flags home for his collection, and showed them to us at the October 2001 meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Flaggenkunde. I took pictures of these flags. (...) The hammer and sickle as well as the cedar tree seem to be painted on the flag, the stripes are sewn together, which makes these flag look rather 'home-spun' (quite different from the other party flags). The white stripe is actually wider than the red one at the hoist, probably because the red stripe also has to provide space for the sleeve.
Marcus Schmöger, 24 May 2002

Flag of the Lebanese Communist Party in a photo from Yahoo News.
Zach Harden, 30 Jan 2004

Based on Michel Lupant's report in [gdb], I sent the flag of the Lebanese Communist Party (Parti Communiste Libanais) some time ago. The above picture, however, shows a (more usual) gold hammer and sickle rather than the black one reported by Michel.
Santiago Dotor, 02 Feb 2004

Michel Lupant's image was probably based on an actual LCP flag specimen brought by him from Lebanon. He showed this (among others) to the DGF members during the 2001 meeting at Goslar. I had commented on this specimen on 24 May 2002 [above].
Marcus Schmöger, 02 Feb 2004

This is a silly blog post, but it does have a flag picture of note. The top picture is of the flag of the Lebanese Communist Party. It seems a bit different from the FOTW version [Ed.: gold hammer & sickle, 1:1:2 proportions, larger cedar].
"jadjad," 17 Aug 2005

Television coverage of May 1 [2006] protests in Lebanon showed Communist protesters carrying flags slightly different from the versions pictured above. The flags had red stripes of equal proportions (like the vertical flag of Lebanon, but still roughly 2:3) and the hammer-and-sickle was in yellow or gold (Soviet-style). Unfortunately, I can't find any photos of it in the English-language media.
Michael K. Renalds, 03 May 2006

A photo taken during a demonstration in Brussels (Belgium), 8 August 2006, seems to show yet another variant of the party flag. Here the cedar seems to be centered, vertically and horizontally, within the white stripe, as seems to be the yellow hammer-and-sickle within the red stripe close to the hoist.
A photo taken by Hussein Malla (AP) in Beirut (Lebanon), 2 August 2008, seems to confirm this flag design. So does a photo (AP) taken in Beirut, 3 December 2006.
Ivan Sache, 20 Dec 2008