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World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO

Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle

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[World Intellectual Property Organization]
Document originally produced by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the owner of the copyright.
image received by Peter Loeser, 15 April 2011

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The World Intellectual Property Organization / Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle promotes international protection of intellectual property and fosters cooperation on copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs and patents.
Blas Delgado Ortiz, 24 June 2000

Some information about the WIPO from their website:
"The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is dedicated to developing a balanced and accessible international intellectual property (IP) system, which rewards creativity, stimulates innovation and contributes to economic development while safeguarding the public interest.
WIPO was established by the WIPO Convention in 1967 with a mandate from its Member States to promote the protection of IP throughout the world through cooperation among states and in collaboration with other international organizations. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.
The Director General is Francis Gurry."
Pete Loeser, 22 March 2011

Previous flag

[Former flag of WIPO]
image by Blas Delgado Ortiz, 24 June 2000

My collection of UN Agencies' flags are based both on William G. Crampton's "Flags & Coats of Arms" and the official logos of each agency.
The blue color is taken from a UN logo at its website:
Blas Delgado Ortiz, 24 June 2000

There is a visual evidence of existence of WIPO flag. Behind the Secretary General there two flags, the UN flag at left, and WIPO flag at right.
More photos at:
Zoltan Horvath, 22 March 2011

It also shows the emblem use on our WIPO page in front of the WIPO Director General. The even bigger find is the Article 6ter of the Paris Convention which is an international registry of emblems ... INCLUDING FLAGS!!! <>
So as to the question of the WIPO having a flag. I refered to the 6ter Database search, 6ter Express, on the WIPO website.<>
[Search Summary]
Results of searching in SIXTER for:
OR/"World Intellectual Property Organization": 43 records
-Armorial bearings 0
-Flags 0
-State Emblems 0
-Emblem 33
-Sign /Hallmark 0
-Abbreviation 4
-Name 6
So no official flag registered. But given that a logo is an emblem that represents an organization and is for use in multiple areas, ie. letterhead, advertising, websites, etc., use of a logo/emblem on a flag would seem natural thus would beconsider what? semi-official? de facto official? (or either apppropriate designators for its status?) Of course as some one pointed out if it is in use.
Steve Shumaker, 23 March 2011

It seems that there is a WIPO flag, according to this text:
"The foundation stone for WIPO's new office building was officially laid on November 7. During the ceremony several symbolic items - to intrigue and instruct future generations - were placed in a steel cylinder embedded in a concrete block, which will become part of the structure of the building. Included were the WIPO Convention, the WIPO flag, a WIPO medal, the UN Charter, a copy of the bill of sale of the land, the brochure about the architectural competition, a selection of architect's blueprints, a copy of the contract with the general contractor, a USB key with photographs of the construction site from its start-up in April 2008, the official gazette of that day (Feuille d'Avis Officielle), Swiss coins from 2008 and the ceremony program...."
Valentin Poposki, 23 March 2011

New Logo

WIPO has adopted a new logo to replace the one which appears on the flag sample shown. Although I have not yet seen a revised flag, I imagine that this will follow. The new logo can be seen on the organisation's website at
Stephen Adams, 22 March 2011

The WIPO web site states that a flag was placed in a steel cylinder in the foundation stone, when their present building was built:
However, at the moment, I'd say there's no firm evidence that the logo we show on a flag graphic with the initials WIPO and OMPI was flown on a flag, particularly as images of the logo with WIPO on its own are the most prevalent throughout the internet databases, although there is evidence of the existence of the WIPO OMPI logo in signage and elsewhere.
See the WIPO web site, where the evolution of their new logo is explained: (a great piece for Pseud's Corner), but curiously omits the WIPO OMPI logo.
Colin Dobson, 22 March 2011

Some information about its new logo:
There is an official announcement in WIPO site:
The new logo adopted on April 26, 2010, when the 40th anniversary of the entry into force of the WIPO Convention was celebrated.
The new logo forms the cornerstone of a new visual identity for the Organization, in line with the new directions being taken to keep pace with the rapid evolution of intellectual property in the 21st century.The new logo reflects the Organizationâ019s dynamism and innovative spirit, and is a powerful symbol of WIPO's revitalization and strategic reorientation. It is based on a graphic representation of the WIPO headquarters' building, an iconic structure familiar to all WIPO member states and stakeholders. The color blue links the Organization with the United Nations. The seven curved lines represent the seven elements of IP, as set out in the WIPO Convention.
I also have found an other article with image of new logo:
I have not found any image about a new flag.
Zoltan Horvath, 22 March 2011