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Tyumen Region (Russia)

Tûmenskaâ oblasth

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Тюменская область

Flag of Tyumen Region image by Tomislav Šipek, 30 January 2020
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Presentation of Tyumen Region

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  • Name (English): Tyumen Region • (Russian): Тюменская область | Tûmenskaâ oblasth
  • Capital (Russian): Тюмень | Tûmenh • (English): Tyumen
  • Area: 161 800 km2 (~62 500 sq. mi.) • Population: 1 352 000 inhabitants in 2000  (these figures not including Yugra and Yamal)
  • Status: Region (область | oblasth) within the Russian Federation
  • Federal District: Ural • Economic region: West Siberia
  • License plate code: 72 • Ham radio code: TN • ISO 3166-2 code: TYU
  • Flag adopted on 1996.03.26 • Coat of arms adopted on 1996.03.26

Tyumen Region (including Yugra and Yamal) was detached from Omsk Region in 1944.08.14.
António Martins, 18 Mar 2000

Description of the flag

Though the flag remains unchanged since May 1995, three laws were passed, with petty changes in terminology:

  1. Law on Flag and coat of arms - adopted by Duma (regional parliament) in May 11th, 1995, signed by governor Rokecky in May 24th, 1995
  2. Law on correction of the text (#36) - adopted in March 26th, 1996, signed in April 15th, 1996
  3. Law on correction of the text (#66)- adopted in January 30th, 1997, signed in the same day.
The changes were: Law on Flag and coat of arms (1995.05.11):
"Flag of Tyumen Region is a rectangular field consisted of three equal horizontal stripes; upper - white, medium - blue, lower - green; with a red"…"triangle in the left side (from the hoist) of the field. There are three crowns"…
Law of 1996.03.26:
 Makes alterations to “Law of Tyumen Region on Arms and Flag” (adopted by regional Duma 11.5.1995). The first paragraph of Article 9 of the Law now must be: "Flag of Tyumen Region is a rectangular field consisted of three equal horizontal stripes; upper - white, medium - blue, lower - green; with a red triangle near the hoist."
The other two paragraphs of the article 9 (about antlers crowns and about ratio) were not changed.
Victor Lomantsov, 17 May 2000 and 19 May 2000

Color shades

This web ad implies that the Tyumen region flag has a lighter blue than the Russian national flag.
António Martins, 05 Oct 2004

Tyumen antler crowns

The number of crowns reminds three subjects of the Russian federation: Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi autonomous district and Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district.» [both Yugra and Yamal are parts of Tyumen Region — ed.]
Pascal Vagnat, 06 Apr 1998, quoting M. V. Revnivcev (Vexilologie 102 [vex])

We have noticed that the stylized antler crown that appears thrice on the flag (and, once, in the arms) of Tyumen Region (Russia), shows also on the flag of Yugra, a part of the said region (though also considered to be a first order division). The other such part, Yamalo-Nenetsia, also follows this trend, though in a more discrete way: I just noticed that each element of the white pattern on the Yamalo-Nenets flag is indeed a squarish representation of that distinct Tyumen Crown. And a question would be, of course, what’s the story behind this particular crown.
António Martins, 02 May 2000

It is interesting to note that of these three crowns on the Tyumen flag, one is white (fimbriated yellow), standing for the Tyumen territory proper, and the other two are yellow, standing for Yugra and Yamal — however, in the flags of these two subdivisions the same device shows in white.
António Martins, 18 Mar 2000

The flag of Tyumen Region can be seen at:
Tomislav Šipek, 30 January 2020

1995 Flag

Flag of Yamalo-Nenets image by Tomislav Šipek, 30 January 2020

The [former] flag of Tyumen is interesting too. According to the description and to the official illustration the crown closest to the hoist should be silver (white) with a wide golden (yellow) edge. The remaining two crowns are golden (yellow) completely.
Pascal Vagnat, 06 Apr 1998, quoting M. V. Revnivtsev (Vexilologie 102 [vex])

Unofficial flag of 1992-1993?

Nenetsia flag image by Rick Wyatt, 02 Apr 1998

In 1992 or 1993 some regions self upgraded to constituent republics, and used ephemeral unofficial flags. One of the main republics was Tyumen, flag with three horizontal stripes blue, white and blue and vertical red stripe at hoist (blue reported as light blue).
Jaume Ollé, 15 Apr 2000

Again this design, now attributed to yet another region, after being said to be the flag of Yamalo-Nenetsia and Nenetsia… For the record, Yamalo-Nenetsia is part of Tyumen Region, but that proves nothing.
by António Martins, 18 Apr 2000

I’m sure that this flag is a fiction. I don’t know who is author… It was adopted never and existed never.
Victor Lomantsov, 17 Apr 2000

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