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Nicaragua - Political Flags

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The flags of PLC, FSLN, CCN, PC, PIM and PAMUC can be seen at <>. Other PC and PLC flags at <>.
Dov Gutterman, 26 January 2002

CCN is possibly the same as PCCN, Partido Camino Cristiano Nicaraguense, an evangelical political formation.
PIM (Partido Indígena Multiétnico), is a movement only active in RAAN and RAAS (Misquito Coast) - see: <>.
PAMUC (Partido Movimiento de Unidad Costena), is only active in RAAN.
Jarig Bakker, 22 March 2002

Alianza por la Republica

[Flag of Sandinistas]
image by Ivan Sache, 10 March 2005

Alianza por la Republica is a unification of five political parties (Partido Conservador (PC), Gran Unión Liberal (GUL), Movimiento Democrático Nicaragüense (MDN) , Social Cristianos and  Unidad Nacional (UN))  
Its flag - vertical V-R-B can be seen at: <>: "La bandera tricolor Verde, Rojo y Azul es la que representara ahora a las cinco organizaciónes politicas que suscribieron de manera oficial su unión en lo que se denomina Alianza por la republica, que participara en los comisios municipales, dejando abierta la opcion de que otras fuerzas politicas se le sumen."
Dov Gutterman, 6 March 2005

FNT - Frente Nactional de los Trabadajores

[Flag of Sandinistas]
image by Ivan Sache, 15 February 2008

"Frente Nactional de los Trabadajores" (FNT, Workers' National Front), founded on 28 April 1990, is  both a coordination of workers' union and a political party. Of Sandinist allegiance and often allied with FNSL, FNT won six seats in the national parliament in 2000; after the 2004 municipal elections, FNT had 11 Mayors and 110 Municipal Councillors in 62 municipalities. FNT is divided in eight workers' organizations, 76 federations and 665 unions; its membership increased from 137,000 to 161,000 from 1999 to 2005. Web site at <>.
The symbols of FNT are the red flag with the acronym FNT in black letters placed in the middle, together with the map of Nicaragua and the monument to the Popular Fighter (Source: <>).
After the images shown on the FNT website, I understand the above sentence as a description of both the flag (red with FNT) and the emblem (with  the map and the monument) of the movement. Image of the flag is after the photographies taken during the VIth Congress of the CTCP. CTCP is "Confederación de Trabadajores for Cuenta Propia" (Independent Workers' Confederation); the flag of CTCP, also shown on the photographies, is white with the CTCP emblem, made of agreen map of Nicaragua charges with the black letters CTCP-FNT and surrounded by a ring charged with the name of the confederation in black letters. (Source: <>).
"Confederación General UNE" ("Union Nacional de Empleados" - Employees' National Union) has a white flag with the black and white emblem of the union in the middle, surrounded by CONFEDERACIÓN GENERAL, above the emblem , in an arched pattern, and UNE, below the emblem, all the lettering being in red. The flag, which has a golden fringe, can be seen on photographies taken during a press conference by UNE.
Several other flags, belonging to confederations or unions member of FNT, can be seen on photographies shown on the FNT website, but the images are too small to be accurately described and assigned.
Ivan Sache, 15 February 2008

FSLN - Frente Sandinista de Liberacio'n Nacional

1) [Flag of Sandinistas]
image by Ivan Sache, 21 December 1998

2) [Flag of Sandinistas]
image by Randy Young, 21 January 1999

In Nicaragua, the Sandinist National Liberation Front used a horizontally divided red-black flag. The flag was widely used in mass demonstrations during the years of Sandinist power (I don't have the exact dates). The party is named after Augusto Sandino, a pioneer in the fight against the Somoza family, who ruled a dictature in Nicaragua over several decades. The Sandinist front has more or less collapsed in several rival factions after he left the power and I am not sure the flag is still used by one of these factions.
Ivan Sache, 21 December 1998

The Sandinista flag bears the letters FSLN in white in the centre. Many variations are known, and some were reported by the Flag Bulletin. Red and black are used as the Sandinista colors.
Jaume Ollé, 24 December 1998

The acronym stands for "Frente Sandinista de Liberacio'n Nacional".
Randy Young, 21 January 1999

I came across the sandino flag of 1932: a roughly 1:2 flag devided vertically red/black, red near hoist, a skull & crossbones on the black.
Knud A. Berg, 26 July 2006

Official website at <>. More information at <> and <>. The photo of the flag of 1932 is a photo of US Marines with the captured flag of Augusto César Sandino in Nicaragua in 1932.
E.R, 6 October 2006

I have encountered another Fsln derived flag. It is the Territorio Victorioso de Analfabetismo (Victorious Analphabetism Territory) flag seen at Spanish wikipedia. It is a flag of a Sandinista government campaign to erradicate Analphabetism (Illiteracy) in the country. This flag appeared in the neighborhood Laura Sofía Olivas Paz of the Municipality of Ocotal.
Source: Spanish wikipedia.
E.R, 21 July 2009

Movimento Once de Noviembre

image by Ivan Sache, 15 February 2008

Movimento Once de Noviembre (Movement of 11 November) was an armed group fighting the Somozist dictature in the 1960s. The flag of the movement, as shown on a colour photography, is white with a blue triangle placed along the hoist and the writing "ONCE DE NOVIEMBRE" in blue letters placed in the middle of the white part of the flag.
Source: El Nuevo Diario, 7 July 2006
Ivan Sache, 15 February 2008

PC - Partido Conservador

image by António Martins, 21 October 2002

image by Antóio Martins, 21 October 2002

PC - Partido Conservador has two flags:
A plain green as in <> and a green with initials as in <>.
Dov Gutterman, 26 Febuary 2002

The flag of the Partido Conservador is shown in two variants, one plain green and the other one green with the white letters PC.
The website of the Partido Conservador has the status of the party <>:
Article 3. The Partido Conservador has for emblem a green flag. It is identified by the acronym PC. The shield of the party is the torch of liberty surrounded by a circle bedaring the legend: Partido Conservador and the motto: Dios Orden Justicia (God Order Justice).
Ivan Sache, 10 March 2005

PLC - Partido Liberal Constitucionalista

image by António Martins, 21 October 2002

image by António Martins, 21 October 2002

PLC - Partido Liberal Constitucionalista (Constitutional Liberal Party, conservative)  is the leading party in NI.
Two versions of its flag.:
Plain red as in <>.
Plain red with initials as in <>.
Dov Gutterman, 26 Febuary 2002

Two flags are shown for the Partido Liberal Constitucionalista. According to the official status of the party, the plain red flag should be the only official flag of the party. Here is my translation of the article of the status concerning the flag at <>:
"Article 8 - Emblems
A. The flag: the main emblem of the party is made of a red rectangle with proportion 3:5. It should be hoisted permanently on the Party buildings, side by side with the national flag, as well as during actions and official ceremonies of the Party, according to the circumstances, places and opportunities to hoist it. The red colour identifies the PLC to its Flag, which should not bear letters, symbols and distinctive elements on its field or edges."

A few more elements on the Party: The Movimiento Liberal Constitucionalista, founded in 1968, became officially the Partido Liberal Constitucionalista in 1983 by Decree 1312. The amended status was approved during the ordinary session of the great national convention of the Party, hold on 11 July 2002 in Hotel Granada, Ciudad de Granada.
Ivan Sache, 5 November 2002