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New Force, Italy

Forza Nuova

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  images by M. Schmöger, 10 August 2002

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"Forza Nuova" (New Force - This seems to be the most radical of the right-extremist parties currently, and especially the most attractive for younger people. It was founded 1997 in London by two right-extremists presumably involved in the 1980 bomb attempt in Bologna. The "Forza Nuova" maintains good contacts to other right-extremist parties in Europe, including the British "National Front" and the German NPD. Similar to the latter the "Forza Nuova" attracts not only former members of right-extremist groups banned in the 1990ies, but also many of the Italian skinheads. In the 2001 elections the party got 0,04% and 0,12% of the votes (Camera and Senato, respectively).
The logo shows on a blue field the Italian cockade together with the inscriptions "FN" (black) and "FORZA NUOVA" (white). Logo at
The flag is similar to the logo, but the field is either blue or black, and all inscriptions are white.
M. Schmöger, 10 August 2002

Other Flags used by Forza Nuova

image by M. Schmöger, 10 August 2002

image by M. Schmöger, 10 August 2002

image by M. Schmöger, 10 August 2002

 There exists another type of flag (unofficial or former flag?) reminiscent of the NSDAP flag: on a red field a white circle with the black letters "F" and "N". Furthermore, followers of the party use flags with a Celtic cross, either with white cross on black or with black cross on a white disk on a red field. A variant shows a red Celtic cross on the white stripe of a Tricolore.
Photos of the flags at,, , 30apr2.jpg, 4t.jpg, 5bt.jpg, bari2.jpg, cagliari.jpg, lanciano2.jpg, manif2.jpg, lanciano1.jpg, 5a.jpg, bari3b.jpg,, italien01.jpg, italien02.jpg,,, FN008.jpg, FN001.jpg, and forznuo2.jpg.
Sources (additional to the ones already mentioned): and
M. Schmöger, 10 August 2002

image by Tomislav Todorovic, 5 December 2010

image by Tomislav Todorovic, 5 December 2010

The NSDAP-style flag of the New Force with the letters FN on the disc also exists in variant with black and red colours reversed - in fact, this variant can be found much more frequently on the Web than the earlier one. The black letters FN, in somewhat different form, sometimes appear in the centre of the Tricolore, which in this case seems to have the aspect ratio visibly different from that of the national flag (about 1:2).

The photos of these flags can be found at:
Tomislav Todorovic, 5 December 2010

Forza Nuova (New Force) does indeed use a lot of different versions of their party flag. As far as I can see the NSDAP-style versions are the oldest. Newer ones appear every two years or so. Of course, some of the older flags are still used. The version with the "FN" on the Tricolore is quite obviously homemade; the Tricolore seems rather longish indeed, however, I would not guess it to be 1:2.
M. Schmöger, 19 December 2010

image by Tomislav Todorovic, 6 March 2013

image by Tomislav Todorovic, 6 March 2013

New Force also uses two flags charged with its logo, which is a white rhomboid charged with party name initials in black and placed in centre of a larger red rhomboid which also contains party name inscribed in white above and below the central device [1]. This logo is based on a common template used also by other European ultra-rightist movements which are members of the European National Front [2]. Of these flags, the one much more used has black field and the logo height equal with the flag width, although some photos seem to show a black fimbriation, which might easily be an optical illusion. The flag is also charged with two elongated right triangles with the right angle corners at the top hoist and bottom fly corners of the flag, respectively, which are colored in pattern of the national flag, innermost areas of both triangles being red. The photos of this flag can be found at:

The other flag has a smaller logo on white field (the size might vary somewhat), and both patterns in national colors now have green areas closer to the hoist than the red ones, while their shapes differ here: white triangles' heights are equal with that of the flag, outermost triangles are also proportionally larger, while the innermost areas are not triangles here, but rhomboids. The photos of this flag can be found at:

Photos of both flags used together at:

[1] New Force website:
[2] European National Front website at the Internet Archive:
Tomislav Todorovic, 6 March 2013

As far as I can see, the oldest line of flags were the "NSDAP-style" flags, i.e. red with white circle and black "FN" (and reversed). The third line of flags is what we currently show as the main images, i.e. the black or blue flags with the cockade. The current (fifth) flag is black with the trapezoidal party symbol in the center (red field with white party name, in the center a white field with black party abbreviation), in the corners ribbons in the national colours [1,2,3,4]. Sometimes, there is also a white version of this flag.

[1] flag no. 82 in Italian political flags collection Schmöger, received 2007 from FN Milano

M. Schmöger, 26 April 2013