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Flags of Non Governmental Organisations (Israel)

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The Regional Council for Unrecognized Negev-villages

The Regional Council for Unrecognized Negev-villages, is not a local authority but an organization.
One of the problems with settled Bedouins is the fact that as former nomads sometimes they settled where they saw fit without giving any thought to legalities such as land ownership, building codes etc.
This brought to situation that there are many "unrecognized" (or "illegal") villages which are not part of any local authority and are not allowed to get any municipal or state services.
The State demand that those villages will be removed from their place and the settlers will find new homes in one of the existing Bedouin "recognized" villages, however those demand were rejected by the settlers.
One of the bodies that represent those villages is "The regional Council for Unrecognized Negev-villages". Even thou they have an "official-like" name, it is not a local authority but an association of the (self-proclaimed) local committees of those villages.
Following the footsteps of the "official" regional councils, this one also adopted a flag whose photo can be seen at
Dov Gutterman, 5 March 2005

Israeli Bar Association

I'm in the midst of taking the Israeli bar examinations (the ones for those trained out of the country). They're held at the Israeli Bar Association on Chopin Street in Jerusalem, which flies both the Israeli and Bar Association flag both out front and inside (Bar flag on the left as you look at it).
The flag is a blue logo on white. You can see the symbol at, on the top left. The logo is the Hebrew letter Ayin with scales of justice coming out the top. I think the side of the Ayin also serves as the bottom of the Hebrew letter Lamed on top as well, and the scales rest on that.
The Hebrew name for the Bar Association is Lishkat Orchei HaDin which literally means "Chamber of Lawyers". Lamed is the first letter of Lishkat (Chamber of) and Ayin is the first letter in Orchei HaDin (Lawyers – Literally, "those who edit the law"). Hence the symbol, which seems to date back at least thirty years or so. Not sure about the flag.
The symbol seems to be very widely used: lapel pins, on ties, trophies, the bar certificates etc. ...
Nathan Lamm, 21 January 2010

The emblem itself is used since the early 1960s and probably since the Bar Association was established (in 1961/62) in order to replace the previous "Juridical Council" that was founded in the Mandate era (1933).
Dov Gutterman, 22 January 2010


[ZAKA flag] image located by William Garrison

ZAKA is a voluntary organization of community emergency-response teams; such as for search-and-rescue teams for lost hikers, clean-up at terrorist-attack scenes, and ambulances (My knowledge of Jewish religious customs is very weak, but I understand these ZAKA teams go to terrorist-attack scenes and mop up the blood and tissue of victims and dispose of the remains in some religious ritual, rather than just wash everything down the local street drain).
The flag is blue with the logo on it. (source)
William Garrison, 24 January 2021

Ma'agalim organization

[Ma'agalim flag] image located by William Garrison

Caption: Flag of the "Ma'agalim", an Israeli national educational non-profit organization that empowers 11th and 12th-grade at-risk youth from the geographical and social peripheries of Israel and helps them undergo a process of personal growth; c. March 2021.
William Garrison, 17 March 2021

March of the Living

[MOTL logo] logo image located by Esteban Rivera

An event known as the March of the Living (MOTL, מצעד החיים) is held every year on January 27, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It was the date that Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Red Army in 1945.
In Germany, a 3 km march is held, from Auschwitz to Birkenau, to remember the victims of the Holocaust (השואה). It's a symbolic recreation of the death march that Jewish prisoners were forced to take as the Allied Forces approached Auschwitz.
For additional information go to MOTL official website.
Esteban Rivera, 3 May 2022

Commemorative flag 30 years March of the Living / 70 years Israel

image by Pete Loeser, 22 May 2022
based on this photo located by Esteban Rivera

There's a commemorative flag for March of the Living, in which both, the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and 30th anniversary of the first MOTL in 1988, are observed.
The flag is a white horizontal flag with the commemorative logo in the middle in light blue (video here).
Esteban Rivera, 3 May 2022

HaShomer HaChadash ("Pioneer Israel")

[HaShomer HaChadash] image located by William Garrison

Flag source:

Caption: The white-field flag of the "Aardvark Israel – HaShomer HaChadash" ("Pioneer Israel"); works to ensure a stronger Jewish presence in the Negev and the Galilee. Through its controversial pre-army program, volunteer guardsmen live on agricultural lands and patrol it from observation posts, preventing fires and theft.
William Garrison, 21 May 2022


[HaShomer logo] image located by William Garrison

Arkadaş Association (Israel-Turkey friendship)

[Arkadas flag] image located by Martin Karner

The Arkadaş Association is an Israel-Turkey friendship organization in Yehud-Monosson, Israel. Arkadaş (pronounced Arkadash) means "friend" in Turkish. It was founded in 1997 by Eyal Peretz. Its main goals are to preserve Turkish Jewish heritage and promote friendship and tolerance between Israel and Turkey. In 2005, the association established a Turkish Jewish cultural center in Yehud. A monument to Atatürk in the garden of Arkadaş Association was dedicated in 2007 in a ceremony attended by the Turkish ambassador to Israel. The organization has over 4000 members since its inception, about 40 volunteers to run its operations and its twelve branches throughout the country.
The organization's flag shows on a white field the Turkish red crescent and star intertwined with the blue Star of David, so that the Turkish star lies in the middle of the Star of David. At the upper end of the Jewish star, on the right side, is the inscription "ARKADAŞ", at its lower end its Hebrew transliteration. Below all this is the Hebrew inscription "Community of Turkish immigrants in Israel". All writings are in black. The flag seems to have a 3:2 ratio.


[Arkadas logo] image located by Martin Karner

The logo, taken from the website (retrieved), shows the blue Star of David lying in the center of the red crescent, accompanied by the red star and a blue sort of banner, waving above the symbols. (source)

Martin Karner, 29 July 2023

Israeli Medical Association

[IMA flag] (8:11) image by Tomislav Todorovic

The white-field flag of the Israeli Medical Association with its Association's logo on it (in Hebrew & English) (source, with paywall / picture).
William Garrison, 15 August 2023

Analyzing the relative sizes of the logo and horizontal and vertical "margins" leads to the conclusion, that the flag ratio is the same as that of the Israeli national flag.
Tomislav Todorovic, 15 August 2023


[IMA logo] image located by William Garrison

Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization

[ZDVO flag] image located by William Garrison

Flag of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (with the organization's name in Hebrew). Caption: "The Israeli 'Invictus Games' team at Ben Gurion Airport on September 7, 2023 as they prepare to depart for the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, Germany. (Courtesy of the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization)" (source, picture)

From the ZDVO website: "The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (ZDVO) is a registered non-profit organization, established in the wake of the War of Independence (1949), with the purpose of providing the 3400 disabled veterans from this war with all their needs towards the long process of their rehabilitation. It is the only organization legally responsible for representing those veterans wounded and disabled while serving in defense of the State of Israel."

located by William Garrison, 11 September 2023


[Women's Corps Branch of Service Flag, obsolete (Armed Forces, Israel)] image located by William Garrison, 1 May 2022

See also:   Friends of the IDF (this page),  Association for the Soldier in Israel

B'nai Zion Educational Society

[B'nai Zion flag] image by António Martins, 29 January 2024

Flag of the "B'nai Zion Educational Society". Lettering set in Latin capitals, presumably white: "B'nai Zion" on the upper stripe, and "Educational Society" on the lower stripe, and in presumably blue Hebrew letters "ציון" (Zion).
This society is still active today, promoting Jewish and Israeli ideas for an English speaking audience. For more information see their website (source:
See also drawing from the flag book "הדגל" (HaDegel, The Flag / [niz48] in FOTW bibliography).
located by William Garrison/António Martins, 18 September 2023

The Star of David around the name Zion is not original to this society: See here the same basic design used in 1901 Keren Kayemet ephemera [or WW1 Flag Day Pin Badge].
António Martins, 18 September 2023

Youth Aliyah

[Youth Aliyah flag] image located by William Garrison

Flag of "Youth Aliyah", with its Hebrew name Aliyat Hano'ar (עלית הנוער) on it. This organization cares for the rescue and immigration of young Jewish people and children. It was founded in 1933 in Germany as a study training program, but soon became a rescue organization from the Nazi regime. For more information see here. (source:
located by William Garrison, 18 September 2023

United Hatzalah

[United Hatzalah flag]     [United Hatzalah flag] images located by William Garrison

The diagonal version of the flag and the logo of United Hatzalah medical service (source).

United Hatzalah ("united rescue", in Hebrew: ikhud hatzalah) is an Israeli free, volunteer-based emergency medical services organization throughout Israel with its headquarters based in Jerusalem. Its mission is to provide immediate medical intervention during the critical window between the onset of an emergency and the arrival of traditional ambulance assistance. It is one of many Hatzalah organizations in various parts of the world and the only one that includes women and non-Jewish volunteers. (source)
Source of right image above:
William Garrison, 12 October 2023/1 April 2024


[United Hatzalah logo] image located by William Garrison

Logo variant

[United Hatzalah logo] image located by William Garrison/Martin Karner

The photo with the helmet cover in the dramatic report on [PDF] shows a variant of the logo with the English writing "United Hatzalah".
Martin Karner, 12 October 2023

Sar-El – Volunteers for Israel

[Sar-El flag] image located by William Garrison

The flag contains the flag of Israel with broadened white borders above and below. On the top border is the inscription: "Sar-El: The National Project for volunteers For Israel" (picture).
On its website the organization states its purpose as "Sar-El supporters come from around the world and from within our country to contribute to the security of the State of Israel by assisting on IDF bases in a logistical support role." As one volunteer detailed the work on the website: "My group was assigned to the Southern Command base in the Negev about 20 miles southwest of Beersheva. I volunteered for work in the field, which involved finalizing maintenance on tanks and armored personnel carriers and then closing them up in what amounted to industrial grade zip-lock bags." (Website, Wikipedia)
William Garrison, 10 November 2023

Logo (simple)

[Sar-El logo] image located by Martin Karner

Logo (expanded)

[Sar-El logo] image located by William Garrison

Friends of the IDF

[FIDF flag] image located by William Garrison

Established in 1981 by a group of Holocaust survivors, the FIDF is a nonprofit organization that aims to help IDF soldiers with their cultural, educational, financial needs. The FIDF supports the soldiers, before, during and after their military service as well as families of fallen soldiers and wounded veterans. (Website)


[FIDF logo] image located by Martin Karner


[FIDF USA logo] image located by William Garrison

Hebrew inscription: "Friends of the IDF in the USA".

FIDF Impact! Program

[FIDF Impact! flag] image located by William Garrison

The Impact! four-year scholarships are given to former combat soldiers from low socioeconomic backgrounds, enabling them to achieve their dreams of higher education. This program also provides funds to cover soldiers' living expenses while they study. (source)


[FIDF Impact! flag] image located by William Garrison

located by William Garrison, 4 January 2024

See also:   Association for the Soldier in Israel,  Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (this page)

Tel-Hai Trustees

[Tel-Hai Trustees flag] image located by William Garrison, 29 March 2024

Flag of the "Tel-Hai Trustees", an organization for the remembering of the battle of Tel Hai in 1920 (Info about the battle: Wikipedia). The flag shows the "Roaring Lion" monument of Tel Hai (see original photo), the lion symbolizing the heroic defense of Tel Hai and their eight fallen combatants, among them their commander Yosef Trumpeldor (see also Betar (Youth organization)). The blue circle around the lion contains the writing "Tel-Hai Trustees" in Hebrew and Latin letters.
Website Tel-Hai Trustees:
Photo source:
Martin Karner, 29 March 2024

Lobby 1701

[Lobby 1701 logo] image located by Martin Karner
logo (source)

Lobby 1701 is a citizens' group that has appealed to the international community to demand the implementation of United Nations Resolution 1701. The resolution called for a permanent ceasefire between the Iranian-backed proxy group, Hezbollah, and Israel, which ended the Second Lebanon War in 2006. It also specified the creation of a demilitarized zone between Israel's northern border and the Litani River in Lebanon. Despite the presence of UNIFIL, the United Nations International Force in Lebanon, Hezbollah has violated Resolution 1701 for the past 17 years, turning southern Lebanon into its stronghold with an estimated 150'000 rockets and missiles aimed at Israel. Since October 7, some 80'000 residents have been evacuated from 43 communities in the Upper Galilee and northern Israel. Lobby 1701 is calling on the international community to use all its diplomatic means to pressure Hezbollah to abide by Resolution 1701 and withdraw its forces to the Litani River.
Website Lobby 1701:
News article about Lobby 1701:
Martin Karner, 29 March 2024

Yad Labanim Organization ("White Hand")

[Flag Yad Labanim] image located by William Garrison

Hebrew inscription: "Organization Yad Labanim" (irgun yad labanim)


[Flag Yad Labanim] image located by William Garrison

Hebrew inscription: "Organization Yad Labanim | Organization for the commemoration of the martyrs of the IDF and care for families"


[Logo Yad Labanim] image located by William Garrison

"Yad Labanim was founded in 1949, immediately after the War of Independence. We are a non-political, non-military organization working with the entire spectrum of Israeli society. Yad Labanim is the only organization that works to perpetuate the memory of Israel's fallen heroes, helping their families establish a living legacy in their honor. We provide assistance, guidance, and counseling to grieving families from every sector of Israeli society, including Jewish, Circassian, Bedouin, and Druze Israelis, creating a community that embraces and supports them every step of their lives. Members of the organization are bereaved parents and siblings who volunteer their time and experience to help each other." (source)
located by William Garrison, 18 May 2024

Hands of Peace (2003 – 2024)

[Flag Hands of Peace] image located by William Garrison


[Logo Hands of Peace] image located by Martin Karner

The purple-field flag of the Israel "Hands of Peace" organization that promoted "friendship building" between Israelis and Palestinians; c. 2020. In the middle of the flag a white-colored logo shows two open hands releasing a "peace dove". Since the Oct. 7, 2023 Hamas invasion of southwestern Israel, the Israeli military has been fighting Palestinian militants in Gaza and the West Bank. Although the organization did not refer to the war, it shut down on March 31, 2024.
Mission statement:
Closing info:
William Garrison, 25 May 2024

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