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Eastern Mongolia

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People's Republic of Eastern Mongolia

Eastern Mongolian flag prior to Independence (1945-1946):

[Eastern Mongolian flag prior to Independence]
image by Jaume Ollé, 22 December 2009

National flag of People's Republic of Eastern Mongolia (1946-1947):

[People's Republic of Eastern Mongolia]
image by Jaume Ollé, 22 December 2009

Variant of flag:
[People's Republic of Eastern Mongolia]
image by Yuri Pirogov, 03 January 2013

The Eastern Mongolia, Hulunbuir, the former General Kingan Province of Manchukuo and the present Northwestern part of the Province of Jilin of PPC declared the region independence on 15th Jan 1946 with the national flag of horizontal stripes of red , pale blue and red , the middle stripe twice the width of the red stripes and charged with a yellow quirt and pick crossed and a star in the center.
They rejected overtures from both Chinese Communists and  their civil war enemies Chinese Nationalists. The Eastern Mongolian Government, its attempt to win allies in Mongolia blocked by Stalin, tried to win a promise of autonomy within China but finally defeated by Chinese Communists under Lin Piao in May 1947 and the government was dissolved and added to Innner Mongolia of PPC.
During 1945-1946 prior to Independence Declaration they used the red flag with yellow fimbriated red star and crossed quirt and pick in canton without Mongolian national colour pale blue.
Nozomi Kariyasu, 22 December 2009

Some datas on Eastern Mongolian flag is given above, but no images was provided.
Additional info. Really the flag did not resemble the red flag of Russia. First variant probably red flag. Next version of the flag was consisting of three equal horizontal fields with the star depicts a crossed mattock and horsewhip on the central blue strip. It was named "peasant-herdsman flag" in the book of Xiaoyuan Liu: Xiaoyuan Liu. Reins of Liberation: An Entangled History of Mongolian Independence, Chinese Territoriality, And Great Power Hegemony, 1911-1950 - Stanford University Press, 2006 - 474 p.
IMAMA is Inner Mongolian Autonomous Movement Association in Zhang-jiakuo, organised by chinese communists. Then the GMD regime was of course absent from the scene, exept that the IMAMA's "peasant-herdsman flag" flag flew side by side with the national colors of the Republic of China.
On April 23rd, Minguo 36th year (1947), Inner Mongolian autonomy campaign league (IMAMA) was abolished, and the autonomous government of Inner Mongolia was founded. On May 3rd the same year, the autonomous government of Inner Mongolia's first government committee meeting decided May 1st as the memorial day of the establishment of the autonomous government of Inner Mongolia, and decided to use the former flag of IMAMA as the government's flag.
This flag and national flag of the Republic of China are shown in the map of Inner Mongolia, dated 1947. Modern image. There is another flag of Inner Mongolia (1945)
Image only.
It's unclear to me which flag it is.
Yuri Pirogov, 03 January 2013

The photo clearly shows that the plain field flag is charged with the mattock and horsewhip, which were mistaken for hammer and sickle by the author of the text.
The Wikipedia image is obviously erroneous - black strip instead of blue and yellow symbols instead of white. Their shapes are reproduced well, though.
Tomislav Todorović, 03 January 2013

Some more links (in Chinese):
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Yuri Pirogov, 03 January 2013

Eastern Mongolian Independent Republic

In Evans' Observers Book of Flags (1959) [eva59] I read: "The flag of the Eastern Mongolian Independent Republic resembles the red flag of Russia [Soviet Union], except that the emblem below the star depicts a crossed mattock and horsewhip, representing the peasants and the Mongol horsemen." So far I found nothing on it in my books about this.
Jarig Bakker, 12 April 2000

I think it was the flag of Inner Mongolia (in China).
Victor Lomantsov, 4 April 2001

The Eastern Mongolian Independent Republic was an attempt to establish a state in the Mongolian inhabited western portion of Manchuria. The area was not part of Inner Mongolia at the time, although afterwards the Peoples Republic of China did incorporate it into Inner Mongolia from 1947 to 1969, and again from 1979 to the present. (Source: James Minahan, Nations Without States [mnh96])
Ned Smith, 23 April 2001