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Merit Badge Requirements
Genealogy Merit Badge

1. Explain the meaning of genealogy and genealogical resources.
2. Begin a pedigree chart with yourself and fill it in as far as you can at the beginning of your project. Add any additional names, dates, or places that you find.
3. Show yourself as a child on a family group record form, and show one of your parents as a child on another family group record form.
4. Interview an older relative to obtain information about your family. This interview may be in person, by telephone, or by letter. Add any information obtained to your pedigree chart and family group records.
5. Obtain at least one genealogical document showing proof of some information on your pedigree chart or family group records. This document may be located in your home, a courthouse, an archive or library, etc.
6. Tell how you would evaluate genealogical information.
7. Do ONE of the following:
(a) Do a time line for yourself or for a close relative.
(b) Keep a journal for 6 weeks, writing in it a least once weekly.
(c) Write a short history of yourself or of a close relative.
8. Do ONE of the following:
(a) Tell how the development of computers is affecting the world of genealogy.
(b) Tell how the development of photography (including microfilming) has influenced genealogy.
(c) Tell how personal and family history have begun to influence the way society looks at local, national, and international history.
9. Contact ONE of the following and ask a question relating to its genealogical services or activities; report the results:
(a) A lineage society
(b) A surname organization
(c) A professional genealogist
(d) A genealogical education facility or institution
(e) A genealogical record repository of any type (courthouse, genealogical library, state archives, state library, national archives, etc.).
10. Tell where you would find current information about genealogical records and research methods.

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